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We Found Love in a Hopeless Era

Chapter 2: Jealousy to make it all worse

"Nick, my darling, have a drink!" Daisy exclaimed while handing her cousin a glass filled with vodka. "I'm so glad you could make it!" she said, planting a kiss on either side of Nick's cheeks.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." He smiled and kissed Daisy's nose.

Daisy's eyes wandered over to the man standing a few feet away. Daisy was breathless as her eyes witnessed sun-kissed skin, dirty blond hair, and sky blue eyes. Her mouth watered over the well toned body. Daisy's heart began to beat faster as her mind replayed the memory of water from the river running along Gatsby's perfectly sized biceps, down from his chest to his bare abs. She licked her lips as she remembered kissing his smooth, flawless skin. Gatsby was an indisputably magnificent specimen. She wasn't about to let him go. "Mr. Gatsby," she slowly made her way to him and cupped his cheek in her hand, "Jay. You came. I was afraid you weren't going to show up," tears immediately began to form at her eyes. "I don't know what I would have done if you didn't…" her voice quivered and she started sobbing. She leaned in to him, searching for comfort.

"Daisy, please don't." Gatsby held her shoulders, gently trying to push her away.

"Jay, my Jay…" she looked into his eyes. "Let's enjoy ourselves." She turned smiling to her cousin. "After all it's not often that Tom goes away on business!" Dancing to the rhythm of the music, she skipped to the waiter and drank the scotch he handed her.

"I'm sorry about that, Gatsby. I'm sure you know better than any of us how Daisy can be." Nick flashed an apologetic grin at Gatsby. Gatsby blushed 'Unbelievably adorable…'. He swallowed hard as he tried focusing again.

"That's quite alright old sport. It's nothing I'm not use to." Gatsby gave him a reassuring smile. He moved closer to Nick, trying to casually brush shoulders together. He needed it. He wanted so badly to have any form of friction with his love interest. He needed any excuse to see him, to smell him, and to hear him speak. What better place to be accidentally shoved into Nick than a place filled with party animals? He was so close yet so far away. Not too soon, Jordan's voice rang through his ears and Gatsby fell from his cloud.

"Well hello Nick." Jordan seductively uttered to Nick with a flirtatious glint in her eyes.

Nick instantly got nervous as he stared at every curve of Jordan's. "How are you, Ms. Baker?" he smiled foolishly at her.

"Better now that you're here." She bit her lip and lightly dragged her finger down his chest. Tugging at his tie, she brought them closer together and whispered "Should we go somewhere more private?" Nick swallowed hard.

Gatsby was fuming as he witnessed Jordan slime all over HIS Nick. His jealousy was getting the better of him. He glared intently at the two. They were practically having sex in public. Gatsby was about to object but was silenced when a slender arm snaked itself around his. Daisy smiled up at him. "Oh, Nick, you just got here! Please stay a while. Spend some time with me! I hardly see you anymore." She pouted childishly at her cousin.

Feeling guilty Nick complied. "Of course I'll stay Daisy." Although disappointed, Nick smiled at her. Gatsby felt relief. He was thankful Daisy had interrupted. He couldn't suppress his grin. He concealed his happiness in Daisy's hair and gave her a quick kiss as well to thank her. Daisy shyly blushed.

Jordan sighed. "I'll just have to steal him away later." she pulled Nick to a reserved table followed by Daisy and Gatsby.

The party grew louder. People started dancing and tossing back drinks. Wanting to be close, Jordan and Nick decided to dance. Normally, these parties had loud and fast dance music. Daisy, though, was more of a romantic. She was in love and she wanted to show it. The music was slow and loving.

Gatsby watched every move they made. As he drank his jealousy down, he cursed at their proximity. He was slowly dying inside. Every smile, every laugh, every sign of happiness from the pair stabbed away at his heart. It deeply pained him to see someone other than him make Nick happy.

Daisy hadn't taken her eyes off of Gatsby throughout the party. She noticed Gatsby's melancholic expression but failed to understand what was displeasing him. She began to worry. Gatsby never seemed unhappy even when something was wrong. What could possibly be bothering him? She was certain he was looking at Jordan and Nick. Illusions began to form in Daisy's head. She came to the conclusion that Gatsby was upset because they weren't dancing. A smile crept on her face. "Oh Jay, you're such a passionate man." Gatsby was startled and looked at Daisy in confusion. Daisy was blushing. She boldly took his hand in hers and stood, gently tugging him along. "Let's dance!"

Gatsby was slightly nervous. What would Nick think once he saw them dancing? Certainly nothing close to what he felt when he watched them. Reasoning that Nick wouldn't be anything but happy for him he relaxed into Daisy's arms. Turning slowly with Daisy, he habitually glanced over at Nick.

When Nick noticed a pair of familiar eyes staring at him, he met them with his. Barely noticing that Daisy and Gatsby had joined the dance floor, he smiled approvingly at Gatsby. Gatsby swallowed hard. He yearned for those chocolate eyes to only look at him. He smiled shyly back at him. Nick maneuvered closer to them. "Glad you decided to join us."

Before Gatsby could reply, Daisy interrupted. "You're not the only one allowed to have some fun, darling!" she winked at him.

"Enjoy it while it lasts." Jordan said with a smirk while Nick twirled her and they continued to move away from the two.

Nick knew Jordan's comment had an underlying message. Curious to know he asked, "What did you mean by that?"

"Don't tell me you don't know!" Nick gave her a blank stare. "Daisy is planning on having an affair." She whispered. "She was waiting for Tom to leave for the perfect moment. She's interested in Gatsby. After all, you don't easily forget the first man you made love with." She smiled.

"O-oh..." Nick blushed. He had known Daisy and Gatsby had dated but he never knew they had gone as far as making love. He mentally slapped himself. He should have expected it from his cousin. Yet he liked to think Daisy had some pride and Gatsby…something unpleasant grew in Nick's gut. Maybe it was just pity. Daisy had made Gatsby fall madly in love with her and then married Tom. He loved his cousin but that just didn't seem fair. He didn't want to think about it. Instead he decided to put that matter aside and continue to enjoy himself.

Gatsby watched Nick as he talked with Jordan. He felt crushed at the blush that crept on his lovely face. 'He does look cute though.' Once again he was interrupted from his thoughts.

"Jay…I wanted you to come because I wanted to talk to you. I still have feelings for you. I still love you!" she turned his face and locked eyes with him. "I made a mistake marrying Tom. The day hasn't come when I don't think about you, about the times we spent together. Remember those moments we would spend in the river? You would hold me, kiss me, and tell me how much you loved me… remember?" hopeful eyes stared at him, cornering him. He wouldn't be able to escape from this.

"That was a long time ago but I remember. I remember kissing you during the blossoming season. The trees would let leafs fall when the wind blew. The weather was warm yet the smallest touch from me would make you shiver." They both smiled at each other. "I also remember leaving and reading in the newspaper that you had married Tom Buchanan." He turned serious. Daisy frowned at the mention of her husband. "You broke your promise. You said you'd wait for me."

Daisy held a finger to his lips to silence him. "I had to Jay." Her eyes were watery. "How many times must I tell you that rich girls don't marry poor boys? Besides, I don't love Tom. You were the only one in my heart." She looked at all the people around her. "Can we talk somewhere more private?" Gatsby was hesitant. "Please?" He gave in and nodded. All happiness came back to Daisy's face as she dragged Gatsby behind her.

Swiftly making their way past everyone, they arrived at Daisy's room closing the door behind them. Daisy sat on the edge of the bed, patting the space next to her, inviting Gatsby to sit. He conceded and sat down. His eyes fell on her lips. They were identical to Nick's lips. Gatsby was lost in his thoughts. Those lips were vivid and pouty with a beautiful flushed color to them. "Jay, do you still love me?" Daisy uttered softly, holding his face in her hand.

Gatsby confused himself with his own thoughts and the alcohol wasn't helping. 'Nick… Of course I love you Nick.' "Of course I love you." He whispered.

Her heart raced. "Oh Jay!" she sealed their lips in a chaste kiss.

Gatsby didn't pull back. He was too caught up in feeling to listen to reason. By design, he deepened the kiss. Licking her bottom lip for entrance, he gently pushed her down onto the bed and carefully propped himself up. Daisy wrapped her arms around his neck and parted her lips to taste him. He slowly ran a hand down her side, leading it between her legs. Daisy moaned into their kiss. He was punched back into reality when he didn't feel the bulge he longed to touch. Gatsby finally pulled back from the kiss and stared at the face that was Daisy's.

"What's the matter?" she stared at him with hunger.

"N-nothing…" what was he suppose to tell her? He couldn't just tell her he was thinking about her cousin. He was already troubled enough by the growing tightness of his pants.

"Jay, make love to me." She pulled him back down and brushed her lips against his.

He was cornered once again. Feeling guilty, he let himself be taken by Daisy. 'Nick…' he shut his eyes, imagining the one he desired. Remembering how happy Nick had been while dancing with Jordan flared his jealousy even further. 'I can make you happier.' With that goal set, he eagerly continued his mission.

Night set in while they were sitting and grew strong when they danced. Half an hour passed since Nick and Jordan had last seen the other two. Tired from dancing so much, the couple made their way to the table and sat panting lightly.

"You're quite the dancer, Ms. Baker." Nick smiled at her while he quenched his thirst.

"As are you." She winked at him. "What time is it?" she wondered feeling tired.

Nick glanced at his watch. "A quarter to two." His eyes opened wide in amazement. "I should be going soon. I have work tomorrow."

Jordan laughed. "You're very responsible. That's dull."

"I have to be dull if I'm going to make a living." he smiled at her. "I should find Gatsby. He gave me a ride. Not to mention he needs to sleep too. Lately he's been staying up a lot." Nick scrunched his eyebrows in worry.

Jordan noticed his expression. "You really care about him don't you?"

"He's done nothing but look out for me so I'm doing the same." He smiled.

She smiled in comprehension. "He's lucky to have a friend like you."

"I think I'm the lucky one. Oh well, I'll go find them."

Gatsby panted heavily. A thin sheen of sweat covered his and Daisy's bodies. His hands gripped into the bed on either side of Daisy. He was situated in between her legs, thrusting at a steady pace. As the pleasure increased, the pace grew swift. He grunted as thoughts of Nick moaning under him filled his head. He knew Daisy was the one he was in at the moment and he felt guilty. He shouldn't be giving her false hopes. He didn't love her. He couldn't avoid it. The damage had been done. He was hard and he needed release. Gatsby was sexually deprived. Every night he would dream with Nick and every night he didn't have him. He needed sexual relief. Daisy was the closes thing to Nick he would get to.

Daisy moaned as Gatsby's thrusts became quicker and erratic. "Ah! Jay, I-I love you!" she said, feeling closer to her orgasm.

Gatsby didn't respond. He bit his lip to keep himself from moaning Nick's name. Ashamed, he looked at the door ahead of him. He tried finding something appealing to it in the hopes of avoiding Daisy's lust filled look. He continued to thrust into her, feeling close to the edge and closed his eyes in concentration.

Hearing what seemed to be Daisy's voice, Nick stopped in front of her room. "Daisy?" slowly he turned the knob and pushed the door open. The scene before him stunned him, leaving him speechless. He couldn't look away. Gatsby was impaling his cousin. Beads of sweat slowly trickled down his chest. His lips were moist and red. With every thrust his abs tightened. He voiced his pleasure in low groans. Nick became conscious of how intently he was studying Gatsby. His cheeks instantly became flushed.

Gatsby could feel the heat rising inside him. The pleasure was heavy in his abdomen. He could feel the coils tightening as he imagined Nick whimpering his name through stifled moans. Slowly opening his eyes, he beheld a Beauty. A deep blush embellished Nick's mellifluous cheeks. His wet tongue ran across his dry, slightly parted lips. His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed. Most importantly, his bright eyes stared intensely at HIM. Gatsby was on cloud nine. Nick was bliss. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Gatsby released his seed deep within Daisy with a loud moan. He thrust a few more times, riding his orgasm.

Nick gasped softly. Gatsby had known he was there but he continued and achieved release. A tingling sensation crept throughout his body as Gatsby held his gaze on him.

Daisy heard the soft gasp and looked up to find its source. "Nick!" she frantically tried covering herself, pushing Gatsby off of her.

Nick snapped out of his trance at Daisy's alarmed yelp. Embarrassed, he rapidly walked away.

"Nick, wait a minute!" she hurried to the door, pulling on her night gown. Nick was nowhere in sight. "Oh no!" she began to sob as her eyes threatened to shed tears. Gatsby walked over after covering himself. Daisy hugged him. "What are we going to do?" He sighed and gently stroked her hair, trying to calm her down.

After putting distance between him and the others, Nick turned a corner, leaning his back against the wall. 'Shit.' He cursed at himself. What was he thinking just standing there and watching them, watching Gatsby all the more! He sighed, trying to calm his pounding heart. It was futile. The previous scene replayed endlessly. Nick looked down when he realized how tight his pants had grown. Even to his own surprise, he was aroused.

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