Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Gammatron: This is a collab story between Apapa1515 and I. basically; it's a TDI, Megaman, Bleach, and Ben 10 Alien Force story. We own nothing except for the OCs.

"Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario," A cool-looking man with black hair and silver highlights in it, a green vest with pockets on it, black shirt, and blue jeans greeted, "I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"

He moved to wooden dock.

"Here's the deal, 22 campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp…"

His phone rang.

"Hang on, "Chris said as he answered it, "Yeah…Uh-huh…WHAT? Dude, that is not awesome! What do you mean I have to…MY PAY GOT WHAT? ...Uh-huh...Uh-huh...Ooh! Now this is going to be awesome!"

He hung up and grinned at the audience.

"Slight change of plans, kiddies! It's going to be a whoppin' 40 campers! They'll compete in challenges against each other, and then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the loser boat-ha ha-and leave Total Drama Island...for good!

He moved to a campfire pit.

"Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive...a marshmallow," Chris continued before he took a bite of one marshmallow, "In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which let's face it: they're probably blow in a week. To survive, they'll have to battle... Black flies..."

The scene changed to a swarm of flies buzzing around.

"...Grizzly Bears..."

A grizzly bear scared the flies off.

"...Disgusting Camp Food..."

The scene changed to a plate with a giant grub with a mustache.

"Hey now!" The grub winked.

It went back to Chris.

"...And each other! Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of camera situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!"

"It's time to meet our first eleven campers. We told them they'd all be staying at this five star resort, so if they seem a little T.O'd, that's probably why," Chris gave a sadistic smile as a boat came up.

A girl came off it. She was a young brunette with a green blouse, braces, glasses and her hair in a ponytail.

"Beth, what's up?" Chris asked.

Beth ran up and gave Chris a hug.

"It's so incredulous to meet you," Beth said as she released him and observed his height, "Wow; you're much shorter in real life."

"Uh...thanks..." Chris slowly stepped away from her, "And here comes DJ."

The next contestant to come to the cock was a tall African-Canadian. He was well built and much taller than either Beth or Chris.

"D.J.", Chris greeted the young man in front of him.

"Yo Chris," D.J. said as he gave Chris a high five.

He then looked around with a confused look.

"Hey, are you sure you got the right place here? Where's the hot tub at?"

"Yo, dawg, this is it. Camp Wawanakwa," Chris replied.

DJ muttered while moving to the end of the dock, "Looked a lot different on the application form..."

The next was a girl Goth with black and moonlight-blue hair, a black vest, a black and blue skirt, a blue shirt, and black boots with long black and blue stripped stockings.

"You mean we're staying here?" the girl asked.

"No, you're staying here, my crib is an air stream with A.C., that away," Chris grinned.

"I did NOT sign up for this," the girl said as she glared at Chris with venom in her eyes.

"Actually, Gwen..." Chris held up a large stack of papers, "...You did."

Gwen took the contract, ripped it up, and threw it in the water.

"The great thing about lawyers is, they make LOTS of copies," Chris gave his sadistic smile once more as he held up a copy of the papers.

"I am not staying here," Gwen said as she turned to the boat.

"Cool, I hope you can swim though, 'cuz your ride just left."

The boat was already leaving the island.

Gwen kicked Chris' leg, "JERK!"

The next on was a boy around 16 with brown hair, emerald eyes, a green jacket with a black line and a '10' in a black circle on the line, a black shirt, and blue jeans. He also had a high-tech green watch.

"Ben, nice to meet you, bro," Chris said, "The producer's bro told me he knew you."

"Yeah. He helped me with a few problems with my watch," Ben replied before he walked over to the other campers, "Hi. I'm Ben Tennyson."

"Hi. I'm Beth."

"Yo. Name's DJ. Welcome to Canada, dude."

Gwen just snorted.

"You know, I have a cousin with your name," Ben said.

The next one on was a boy around 17 with black hair, a black shirt over a grey shirt, and blue jeans.

"Hey there, Kevin," Chris said as he banged fists with the teen, "Sup?"

"Not much," Kevin replied.

"How do you know the host, Kevin?" Ben asked as Kevin walked over to them.

His reply was a simple push by Kevin into the water. He came out and shook the water off. The next one off was a teen blond with a cowboy hat, a pink jacket without a shirt, a necklace, brown shorts, and sandals.

"Chris McLean! What's up, man? It's an honor to meet you, man."

"The Geoffster! Welcome to the island, man."

"Thanks, man."

"If he says "man" one more time, I'm gonna puke," Gwen muttered.

"Ditto," Kevin nodded.

"Everybody, this is Lindsay!" Chris introduced the next contestant.

The scene then cut to cowboy boots and then camera moved up her well developed body to her blond head as sultry R&B music plays in the background.

"Not too shabby!" Chris winked.

Lindsay then waved as she said sweetly, "Hiiii!"

She walked over to Chris.

"Okay, you look so familiar!"

"I'm Chris McLean."

His introduction didn't seem to register with a puzzled-looking Lindsay, so he tried to jog her memory.

"The host...of the show?"

Lindsay than replied, thinking she now knows, "Oh, that's where I know you from!"


The next one on board was a tall, muscular Mexican-Japanese teen in a red Hawaiian shirt, a necklace, and skin-tight black pants with red lines on the sides. His black hair covered in eyes.

"Yo, Chad," Chris grinned.

"...My name is Yasutora Sado..." the teen said.

"Eh. I'm just gonna call you Chad," Chris shrugged his shoulders.

Chad just nodded and walked over to the others.

"Dude...he's big..." Kevin whispered to Ben.

Ben just nodded.

The next one off was a rather busty girl in a pink shirt with a white bird on the left side of her chest, skin-tight blue jeans, long orange hair that ended at her hips, big purple-tinted, grey eyes, and two blue snowflake hairpins.

"Everyone, say hello to Orihime," Chris introduced her.

"Hello!" Orihime giggled as she walked over to the campers.

"Dude..." DJ said.

"I know..." Kevin awed.


"I know..."

"How did she get hers so big?" Lindsey asked.

"It comes from her eating habits," a voice replied, "At least, that's what the rumors say."

A black raven-haired, bespectacled teenager of average height stepped off the boat. He wore a white outfit with a cloak. He also had a charm on his left wrist.

"My name is Uryū Ishida," the boy replied as he fixed his glasses, "Hello, Orihime, Chad."

"Hello, Uryū-san!" Orihime giggled.

"Man! I see two hotties!" a voice called.

Everyone heard the voice yelped as two fists were heard whacking a coconut. Everyone turned to the boat to see a punk in blue jean shorts, a black skull shirt, a white shirt under it, a green Mohawk, and piercings on his body rubbed his head as a teen with orange hair, a black shirt with a flaming skull on it and blue jeans, a boy around 16 with silver hair, a purple jumpsuit, orange armor, red cables that resembled a scarf, orange and white gloves with no finger tips, and a scar on his head that hid behind a girl around 17 with silver hair, an orange jacket, orange and white sleeves, a white utility belt, and a purple jumpsuit with orange and white running shoes.

"Duncan! Dude! Ha-ha! You got hit by a girl..." Chris laughed.

Duncan jumped off the boat and brought Chris up to his face, "I don't like surprises..."

"Yeah, your parole officer warned me about that, man. He also told me to give him a holler anytime and have you return to "juvie...'"

Duncan then let him go, "Okay, then."

As Duncan walked over to the others, he pushed Ben off the dock.

"How's it goin', Kevin?" Duncan asked, fiving Kevin.

"Not bad," Kevin replied, "How was juvie?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Hello, Ashe," Chris said.

"Hello, Chris," Ashe bowed.

"Nice to meet your little brah Grey, Ashe," Chris chuckled.

The boy shook Chris' hand.

"HI, ICHIGO-KUN!" Orihime waved to the orange-haired teen.

Chris began to laugh.

"Strawberry? Your name is 'Strawberry?' DUDE!"

Ichigo kicked Chris in the face.


He then muttered to himself as he stomped over to the others.

The next one off was a girl around 14 with red hair that had a circle hair clip in it, a blue vest over a light-blue long-sleeved shirt, a blue skirt, and long black, skin-tight leg stockings.

"Hello," Chris said, "You must be the..."

He held up a card.

"...Netopian-Electopian?" Chris' left eyebrow rose.

The girl nodded.

"Actually, it's a special language for 'American-Japanese,'" a voice said.

A girl in a grey long dress that covered her entire body with a purple heart on the chest, chocolate brown hair that went just below her shoulders, green-gray eyes, stepped off.

"Hello, I'm you first co-host, Evaliney 'Eva' Bloom," the girl waved, "It was nice talking with you, Maylu-chan."

"Likewise, Eva-sama," the girl nodded before walking over to the campers, "Hello."

"Hi, my name's Ben," Ben bowed.

"Hello, Ben-san," Maylu said with a bow.

They shook hands as the next camper got off. He made some campers remind themselves of Napoleon Dynamite. He had orange hair, glasses, pimples, a blue shirt with a cartoon explosion, a white shirt under it, and white jeans. He carried an electric keyboard.

"Yo, Harold, sup?" Chris asked.

He looked around.

"So you mean this show is at a crappy summer camp and not on some big stage or something?" Harold asked.

"You got it," Chris replied.

"Yes! That is so much more favorable to my skills!" Harold pumped his fist.

The next two off the dock were two boys around 14 The boy had brown hair, but on had his in a spiked back with a braid in it and a strange green visor while the other had a blue headband. The taller of the two wore a white shirt under an orange vest and black shorts with orange and black shoes while the shorter had a red long-sleeved shirt, baggy blue jean shorts, and red shoes and a gold necklace resembling a shooting star.

"Hello, you two must be Lan Hikari, Maylu's boyfriend, and Geo Stellar," Chris said.

"HE'S/SHE'S NO MY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND!" the taller brunette and Maylu barked.

"I don't like you," Geo stated.

"Amen to that, Geo-san!" Eva grinned.

Chris glared as the next camper came on. She wore short green shorts, black sandals, long black hair, sharp black eyes, and a red tee.

"You cannot make me stay here!" she growled.

"Oh really, Heather?" Eva asked as she waved Heather's contract.

Heather stomped off and pushed Ben, Geo, and Lan off the dock.

"Okay...How come I'm always getting pushed off?" Ben asked as the three got on the dock.

"You're a pin head," Kevin replied.

"Not funny, Kevin," a voice replied.

"Aw shit..." Kevin paled as he turned to see a girl with long orange hair, green eyes, a blue vest, white button shirt, black skirt, and black leg stockings came on the dock.

"Hey, Gwen," Ben waved.

"OW!" Kevin yelped.

"DON'T CURSE!" Eva barked as she put her frying pan away.

"So you're Gwen?" Gwen asked.

"Aw great. We've got two of Gwen," Chris groaned.

"I've got it," Eva said, "We'll call the Gwen with orange hair 'Gwendolyn.'"

"I can agree to that," Gwendolyn replied as a teen with black hair, a green shirt with a dark-green handprint on it.

"Yo, Trent!" Chris grinned.

Hey, good to meet you, man. I saw you on that figure skating show. Nice work," Trent complimented.

"Thanks, man! I knew I rocked that show!" Chris pumped his fist.

"I didn't think it was good at all," a voice said.

A girl that seemed to completely resembled Eva jumped off the dock. She wore a blue shirt, white jeans, long white hair, and green eyes. The one other noticable difference between them was that Eva had paler skin.

"I am your other co-host, Luna Rena," the girl said, "I suggest you avoid cursing or Eva-chan will do something to you."

The next girl on the dock was a blonde with her hair in a ponytail, a blue hoodie, blue jean shorts, and a surfboard.

Duncan remarked, "Nice board. This ain't Malibu, honey."

"I thought we were going to be on a beach," she replied.

Chris grinned, "We are."

A seagull with a soda holder on its neck got washed into the water.

"Great..." the girl sighed.

"All right, that makes..." Chris began before she bonked him on the head with her board, "OW! Darn it, that hurt!"

Eva and Luna laughed at him before the girl got them with her board.

"ITE!" both yelped.

"Hello, I'm Ben."

"Hi. I'm Bridgette," the girl said, turning to face Ben while everyone ducked her board of doom.

The next camper showed up as the two shook hands. He was big, fat, and blond. His hair curled a tiny bit at the ends. He wore a white shirt with a blue Maple Leaf on the front and '00' on the back, green jean shorts, and black and white shoes.

"Whoo hoo! Chris! What's happenin'?" the fatty laughed, "This is awesome! Whoo hoo!"

Chris couldn't help but laugh, "Owen! Welcome!"

Owen grabbed Chris in bear hug, "Awesome to be here, man! Yeah! Man, this is just so..."

"Awesome?" Luna asked.

"Yes, awesome! Whooooo! Are you gonna be on my team?" Owen asked.

"I'm your co-host," Luna replied, "But I do hope you stay around."


"You about finished?" Chris asked.

"Sorry, dude. I'm just so psyched! Hey, who's that?"

This camper was a young man with a golden tan and a body that appeared that it had been sculpted by some Greek artist. When he neared the dock, all the girls, and Owen, looked in awe at the apparent god that was in front of them. The only two girls that seemed unaffected were Maylu and Ashe, who were talking to each other.

"Yo Justin," greeted Chris, "What's up bro?"

"Not much."

"Just so you know, we chose you completely based on your looks."

"I can live with that."

He then walked over to the others.

"I like your pants," Owen complimented.

"Thanks, man."

"'Cause they look like they're all worn out. Did you buy them like that?

"No, just...had them for a while."

"Oh, cool," Owen said before scolding himself, "Stupid!"

Two screams were heard. It came from two girls hugging each other a squealing in girlish joy. They both had black and white shirts and pink shorts. One was skinny and of African descent, the other was large and Caucasian.

"Sadie, Katie, welcome to your new home for eight weeks," Luna smiled softly.

"Oh my gosh. Sadie, look, it's a summer camp!" the African-Canadian exclaimed.

"Okay, I always wanted to go to summer camp. EEEEEEEE!" the chubby squealed.

"Someone shoot me now..." Kevin muttered as he shook his head, "Hello, cousin."

"EEE! KEVIN!" Sadie squealed, "IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!"

"Please, kill me now…" Kevin muttered.

"And here is our next competitor; Noah!" Chris exclaimed, pointing at a well tanned egg head in a sweater-vest.

Noah gave an impassive look at the current campers, and then turned to Chris.

"You got my memo about my life threatening allergies?"

"I'm sure someone did."

"Good. Is this where we're staying?"

Duncan retorted, "No, it's your mother's house and we're throwing a party."

"Cute. Nice piercings. Original. Do them yourself?"

Duncan grabbed Noah's lip and took out a pin.

"Yeah, you want one?"

Duncan then yelped as Chad took Duncan's pin-holding arm and moved it away from Noah, causing Duncan to release Noah.

"Okay...Okay! Ow..." Duncan rubbed his sore wrist.

"Thanks," Noah said.

Chad nodded. A small and petit girl came off the boat next. She was sixteen with black hair, a blue sundress, and a bunny backpack.

"Everyone, meet Rukia Kuchiki," Luna said.

"Hello," Rukia said with a curtsey.

"What's with the stupid rabbit?" Duncan and Kevin asked.

"Oh no..." Uryū and Ichigo muttered.

Rukia drop-kicked them off the dock and into the water. Both shot out and ran back on the dock and away from the jaws of a shark. The next one off was a kid.

"Hey, who let the kid come here?" Chris asked.

He suddenly felt as if his very soul was frozen over by the kid's glare. The 'kid' had snow-white hair, sharp teal eyes, a white shirt and white pants with black lines that made snowflakes on his shirt and pants on them.

"That's Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Chris," Eva giggled, "Hello."


He walked over to the others.

"Alright, Leshawna's in the house," said a large African-American girl.

Leshawna, as the girl was called, was heavy set and had shirt with fruit on the front. As she walked down the dock, she began her attempt at psyching the remaining campers out.

"Ya'll might as well give up," she said, "I came here to win!"

Harold then said, "I've never seen a girl like you in real life before."

"Excuse me?" LeShawna asked.

"You're real big... and loud."

LeShawna rolled up a sleeve, but was held back by Chad.

"What did you say to me? Oh no you didn't! You have not seen anything yet, I'll show you big baby!" LeShawna threatened.

A young woman with a dark tan and a gray sweater-vest walked off the boat with Chris helping her.

"Thank you. Hi, you must be the other contestants. It's really nice to meet you all. I am Courtney. Watashiwa Courtney desu ka."

Owen shook Courtney's hand, "How's it goin'? I'm Owen. You know Spanish?"

"It's Japanese," Geo explained, "You learned multiple languages in case one of the other campers was from another country, correct?"

Courtney nodded.

"Bet she doesn't know Pyronite..." Kevin muttered.

A boy wearing a green hoodie and blue torque and seemed to have never been outside a farm came off the boat.

"Ezekiel. What's up, man?" Chris asked.

"I think I see a bird, eh," he replied, looking up in the sky.

"Okay, look, dude, I know you don't get out much," Eva said as she put an arm around his shoulder, "Been home schooled your whole life, raised by freaky prairie people, just don't say much and try not to get kicked off too early, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And here comes Tyler and Renji coming up on a water ski!" Luna exclaimed.

Attached to the boat was a rope that was held by a red-wearing jock with brown hair and a guy with red hair in a long spiked ponytail, a strange visor, a red shirt with black markings, tattoos all over his body, and blue jeans on water skis. Tyler slipped and crashed into Heather, knocking the two into the water. Renji helped the two back up. Walking off the boat was a girl. She wore a pink hoodie with green and pink near-shoulder-length fingerless gloves, green shorts, and green and pink socks under her pink running shoes and a yellow guitar. The hoodie also had two puffs on both sides of the hoodie.

"Hi, Geo-kun," the girl said.

"Konnichiwa, Sonia-chan," Geo said as the girl ran over and hugged him, "Uh…"

The next one off was a girl in green clothing that resembled leaves and orange hair.

"Hi Chris, hi!"

"Hello, Izzy," Chris waved.

She fell off the boat, bonked her chin off the docks, and fell in the water.

Tyler chuckled, "Ooh! That was bad."

Duncan and Kevin pointed and laughed until Gwendolyn and Courtney slapped them on the back of their heads.

"Guys, she could be seriously hurt," Courtney scolded before Gwendolyn helped Izzy on the dock.

"That felt so... good! Except for hitting my chin. Is this summer camp? That is so cool! Do you have paper Mache here? Are we having lunch soon?" Izzy asked.

Owen pointed at Izzy and exclaimed, "That is a good call!"

"Once everyone gets here," Chris said as a physically imposing girl in a purple tracksuit, a monobrow, and a glare-scowl combo came on the dock, "And here's another one; Eva."

"HEY! ONLY I CAN BE CALLED EVA!" Eva1 exclaimed.

"Who says?" Eva2 growled as another camper came.

He had well kept brown hair and he wore a collared shirt. He also had a missing tooth in the middle of his teeth.

"Cody. The Codester. The Codemeister!" Chris introduced.

Cody replied, "Dude, psyched to be here, man. I see the ladies have already arrived. Alright."

He was about to say something to Maylu when LeShawna cut him off.

"Save it, short stuff."

Eva2 dropped her bag on Cody's foot, causing him to start hopping around.

"Ow! What's in there, dumbbells?"

Eva2 replied with a blunt, "Yes."

"She's all yours, man," Duncan said to DJ.

The next one of was a boy around 15 with snow-white, gravity-defying hair, brown, Native American-like outfit, and markings on his face. He also had a glare that reminded many of them of Tōshirō's glare.

"You must be Solo Uno, correct?" Chris asked.

"I don't like surprises," Solo growled.

Chris stepped away.

"Easy there, Solo-san," Geo said, "We agreed that you wouldn't kill anyone unless you have a good reason."

Solo nodded. He walked by Tōshirō, the two exchanging a glance. They nodded to each other. The next one off had black roots with the top of his head having white hair. He wore a red jacket over a black shirt and camouflage pants.

"This is our final Camper; Chaud Blaze," Chris said.


"Seesh. Once again, a non-talker," Chris frowned.

"Go stand over there, Chaud-san," a voice on the boat said.

Chris gulped as a figure stepped out. He had cobalt hair, emerald eyes, a blue business suit, and-the most impressive feature-eight fox tails and a pair of fuzzy fox ears.

"I am Cobalt," the man said, "I'm the elder brother of Rico, the Producer who bought this competition. I will be here to be a nuisance to Chris and to make sure he doesn't do something that could kill everyone."

Chris frowned at Cobalt.

"I see nothing bad happened from your experiences, Lan, Geo, Maylu, Sonia, Ashe, Grey, Baka1, Baka2," Cobalt said.

Chaud and Solo glared at him.

"What are you talking about?" Kevin asked.

"Eh, made a time machine, so some campers are actually from some time ahead of us," Cobalt replied.

"Dude...THAT IS AWESOME!" Chris and Owen exclaimed.

"ROCK ON, FUTURE DUDES!" Geoff shouted.

The eight sighed.

"Oh, and in your contracts-which I revised before you signed them-state that no one is allowed to ask any of them about what happens in the future," Cobalt advised.

Duncan, Kevin, Courtney, and Heather snapped their fingers.

"Time for the group photo for the promos!" Chris said, "Huddle together on the Dock of Shame, kiddies."

LeShawna, while Chris is trying to take the photo, exclaimed, "Come on, man, my face is starting to freeze!"

"Hang on," Chris said, "I've gotta load the camera."

Luna took the camera from Chris and checked it.

"It's a digital camera," Luna sweatdropped.

"Oops…" Chris sweatdropped.

Eva1 held the camera up.

"Say 'Wawanakwa!'" she grinned.

Before anyone could say a single letter of the word, the dock collapsed.

"WHY ME?" Ben demanded.

Chris fell on the deck, laughing, until Cobalt, Luna, and Eva1 kicked him off.

"Everyone, dry up!" Luna called.

"We'll see ya at the campfire," Eva1 winked before the boat puttered off.

"Looks like you're all washed up, Chris!" Cobalt joked.

"Any of you laugh and your first challenge will be to kill the one who laughed," Chris threatened.

Everyone gulped.

"Excuse me, what would the sleeping arrangements be? Because I'd like to request a bunk under her," Duncan gave an aroused growl to Courtney.

"I don't get it," Sonia whispered.

"Me neither," Geo shrugged.

Heather asked, "They're not co-ed, are they?"

Lindsay waved her hand, "Excuse me, Kyle? Can I have the cabin with the lake view since I'm the prettiest?"

The got glares from many of the girls.

"Okay, you are, but that's not really how it works here. And it's Chris."

"You will all be living in one of four cabins; two for boys and two for girls," Eva2 explained, "Except for the special case of Ashe and Grey."

"Why them?" Gwen asked.

"Grey has a special condition," Luna explained, "He cannot sleep unless he is in contact with another person of the opposite gender."

"Dude, you are so lucky," Kevin said.

"It's not like that, Kevin no Hentai," Ashe said, kicking him in the left cheek, "He's my little foster brother. He's had that illness even before I met him. When I did first meet him, we were asleep in a med lab in the same bed. A doctor came in after I nearly threw him through thirty buildings and quickly explained to me his condition."

"But...I said something sexist when I didn't even know what sexist was and got sent through the thirty buildings," Grey said, "That's how I got this scar."

"So let's all agree on this; no one say a sexist comment near her," Chris said.

"What's a sexist comment, eh?" Ezekiel asked.

"Oh nothing," Chris replied, "Now then, you'll be divided into two teams."

"I have to live with Sadie or I'll die," Katie said, holing Sadie's hands.

"And I'll break out in hives. It's true."

"No it's not," Kevin snorted, "You get hives when you eat blue cheese or when you're near plum pudding."

"Says Mr. Zapper," Sadie stuck her tongue out.

"Mr. Zapper?" Ben snorted a laugh.

"Hey, can it," Kevin slapped Ben on the back of the head.

Gwendolyn slapped Kevin on the back of the head.

"Okay; when I call your name, please stand beside me!" Eva1 grinned, "And the lucky ones are Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Trent, Lindsey, Lan, Maylu, Ashe, Grey, Beth, Justin, Owen, Sadie, Ichigo, Orihime, Rukia, Noah, Cody, Justin, and LeShawna."

The Campers walked beside her.

"As of now, you are known as..." Eva1 began as she held up a green banner to Lan and Geo.

It opened once they held it, revealing a green gopher.

"...The Screaming Gophers!"

"That is awesome!" Owen exclaimed.

"A gopher?" Sonia shivered.

"Think of it as a groundhog, Sonia-chan," a voice said from her guitar.

Everyone stared at it and Sonia. She giggled nervously before moving away from the other and behind Geo.

"The rest of you; stand by me!" Luna waved.

Luna gave a red rolled up banner to Geo and Sonia.

"As of now, your team is called..."

The banner opened to reveal a red bass.

"...The Killer Bass!"

"That's...wicked. It's like...AMAZING!" Harold exclaimed.

"I hate fish..." a voice muttered from a strange device on Geo's left arm.

Geo chuckled nervously when everyone stared at him.

"No questions," Cobalt warned.

"But Katie is a Gopher!" Sadie whined.

"So?" Chris asked, "You will all be filmed in all public areas in the camp."

(Confession Cam: where your thoughts are shared, and our money is wasted)

Chris: You will also be able to share your inner most thoughts on tape with video diaries. Let the audience at home know what you're really thinking, or just get something off your chest.

Gwen: Um, far this sucks.

Owen: Hey, everyone, check this out. I have something very important to say. (He farted before laughing)

Geo: Now this is a bit...weird...What if someone wants to use the bathroom in here?

Lindsey: (using the bathroom, obviously not noticing the camera due to her reading a magazine)

Chris, reading a contract: Huh? What are NetNavis and WaveNavis? Those six have got some weird things in their contracts...

Cobalt: Obviously, Chris is a dunce.

Chris: Hey...That's mean...

Lan: I'm glad that Cobalt let Maylu and me to keep a device we both have. It's not really fun without him.

Izzy: Hey, where's the camera? Is it here? (She lifted the toilet) Nope. (giggles before pouring a large amount of vinegar into the toilet before dropping a few pills into it) Wait fifteen minutes.


"Um, Chuck, where's the bathroom?" Lindsey asked.

"It's 'Chris' and they're over there in the communal bathrooms."

"Communal bathrooms? But I'm not Catholic."

Chris slapped his forehead, "Not communion, communal."

Gwen explained, "It means we shower together. Idiot."


Owen spoke as he and a few of his fellow Gophers went to the Male Gopher cabin, "I'm glad we're in our own cabin with just guys. You know what I mean?"

Noah, Trent, Geo, and Ben gave blank stares.

"I mean no, I didn't mean it like that! I love chicks. I just don't want to sleep near them," Owen stammered, "I mean..."

He ran into the cabin.


Kevin: *laughing* Now that was rich! I feel sorry for the big guy.

Geo: Owen-san…

Duncan: Is that dude gay or what? *laughs*

Ben: That was awkward…


"Listen up!

I serve it three times a day and you will eat it three times a day," a tall, muscular African-American in a yellow shirt, green pants, a chef's hat, and a white apron shouted, "So grab your tray, get your food and sit your butts down now!"

"Um…Who are you?" Lan asked.

"Chef Hatchet," the man replied before he noticed something, "Well if it isn't Ben."

"Godfather Hatchet?" Ben asked.

"He's your godfather?" Lan asked.

"You mean he's God?" Lindsey asked.

"No. A godfather is someone who will take care of you if your parents were to die while you are still underage," Geo explained.

"Alright, get your food," Chris said.

As soon as Gwen got her food-which looked like brown slop-she said, "Okay, I hate to be predictable and complain on the first day, but I think mine just moved."

Chef took a hammer and smacked her food, which went flying onto her face and into her hair.

"Okay, then," Gwen said, a bit shaken, before stepping away.

"How's the grub?" Chris asked.

"Yo, my man, can we order a pizza?" Geoff asked before Chef threw a knife at the wall, scaring him, "It's cool, G! Brown slop is cool!"

"What the hell was that?" Eva1 demanded before whacking herself with the frying pan.

She fell on the ground, out cold with a bleeding head. Nearly everyone there who saw this gave a large sweatdrop.

"Okay…while I take care of Eva-chan, the rest of you finish your meals and head up to the cliff for your challenge."

Katie asked as Luna left, dragging Eva1, "What do you think they'll make us do?"

"It's our first challenge. How hard can it be?" DJ asked.


Kevin: I hate karma.


The campers were on top of a huge cliff.

"Oh Shit!" DJ exclaimed.