By Rileyswag

Poor Peter. That's me.

What happened to you?

Did they forget? Don't they remember?

Of course not. There's one Marauder who doesn't belong.

Three guesses who.

I don't need a guess, and neither do you.

It's their fault!


No, really. They almost got me killed!

You got them killed.

They should have seen through me. A true friend would know.

Arrogance leads to ignorance. Surely you know that.

They didn't save me.

They couldn't save you from yourself.

The Death Eater's would have killed me! What would they do?

They'd have died before betraying you, Peter.

The feeling's not mutual, then.


I feel bad about it sometimes.

That doesn't make the slightest difference.

Doesn't it?

Perfect Prongs.

I didn't mean it.

Magnificent Mooney.

Please, stop.

Popular Padfoot.

They deserved better.

Lovely Lily.

I regret hers the most.

All dead on your account, from fighting against your side.

They all had it coming to them, right?

Even Lily?


I thought so.

I can't change it now.

You could have changed it back then.

I guess I'm not Poor Peter anymore.

You really never were.

A/N: Wow, I'm amazed at the reviews so far. I'm not a poet in any way, shape, or form, I just got this idea and ran with it, so thank you everyone for the fantastic compliments! (: