NCIS Headquarters

Gibbs parked in the lot at NCIS headquarters. He waited for DiNozzo to follow him back into the building. As he watched DiNozzo, he tried to understand his drastic behavior changes today. When Gibbs first saw Tony this morning he was engaged in the normal playful banter with Ziva and McGee. Then DiNozzo had gone from having a near panic attack in his apartment to this passive and withdrawn state. Gibbs then realized exactly how withdrawn DiNozzo was, when he had to be pulled in Gibbs' direction just to avoid tripping over a parking block.

Gibbs shook his head as they entered into the building. It was a quiet ride up in the elevator. DiNozzo turned to Gibbs, as if he just realized where he was.

"Boss, why are we back here exactly?" DiNozzo asked. Gibbs nodded knowing that he would eventually have to answer the question.

"Vance ordered a psych eval on you. Cranston is here to talk to you again." Gibbs said.

"I . . .the whole team just had one, Boss." DiNozzo protested. The look of panic in his eyes returned. Gibbs shook his head at DiNozzo.

"Come on." Gibbs directed Tony into the conference room. Gibbs smiled at Cranston as he pushed DiNozzo through the open door and then closed it. He then went to Vance's office with the newspaper.

Vance's Office

"How did he take that?" Vance asked, when Gibbs walked into his office. Gibbs returned an intense glare.

"That bad, huh?" Vance asked reading Gibbs' unspoken language. He threw the newspaper on Vance's desk.

"You keep that. Apparently, I have been sent a copy as well." Vance held up another newspaper.

"How do you want to handle this?" Vance asked.

"DiNozzo mentioned that his grandmother is still alive. Maybe I can talk her into making a statement to the press about her daughter and her grandson." Gibbs offered shaking his head looking up at the ceiling to contain his anger.

"Oh my, does DiNozzo have a unique family. You know Gibbs. When I started here as director, I looked at your team and thought what a dysfunctional mess. From meeting DiNozzo's father for the second time now and from this recent information that came from opening the juvenile record, I think DiNozzo really needs all of you." Vance said almost laughing.

"As the director, I even considered the potential consequences for allowing you to headslap DiNozzo nearly two to three times daily and for letting DiNozzo to superglue McGee to his keyboard for the umpteenth time." Vance shook his head containing his laughter.

"We are who we are, Leon." Gibbs stated with a smile.

"Don't I know it." Vance said with a smile. "I would agree that talking with the grandmother might actually help this situation." Gibbs nodded in agreement as he went to see her.

Squad Room

"Hey Tony." Ziva said looking him over. "You look run over."

"I think you mean run down, Ziva." McGee corrected Ziva, realizing that was the second time he beat DiNozzo to correcting Ziva today.

"No, I mean he looks like he was run over by a car, McGee." Ziva stated.

"Tony? Is everything okay?" McGee asked. Ziva and McGee were both staring at him now.

"I just spent . . .over an hour talking with Dr. Cranston. I hate being judged and having people in my head." DiNozzo admitted.

"We just had a psych evaluation. The whole team did. Why did you just have another one?" McGee asked.

"What is going on?" Ziva asked almost angrily. "Something happened this morning, so you had to have this other psych evaluation and the polygraph."

"It isn't important." DiNozzo said waving the questions off, unsuccessfully. Both McGee and Ziva exchanged suspicious glances before they got up and approached his desk. Looking down at his desk, DiNozzo felt them ganging up on him.

"My old Boss from Baltimore did a little interview I guess." DiNozzo stated. "He is making all sorts of accusations against me using the press." He admitted to them, looking up briefly before going back to his emails.

"So the psych eval and the polygraph are. . .?" McGee asked in confusion, starting to get a clearer picture from the information he had gotten from Gibbs earlier in the day.

"Damage control techniques-just in case the accusations turn out to be true." DiNozzo admitted. "Vance has to protect the agency."

"Are they true?" McGee asked.

"Parts." DiNozzo said.

"Which parts?" McGee asked curiously.

"Some of the smaller parts." DiNozzo stated.

"Tony?" Ziva interjected. "Why will you not tell us anything?"

"I just shared a lot with you." DiNozzo argued. "Check the Baltimore Newspaper if you are so interested."

"DiNozzo." Gibbs said sharply as he came off of the elevator. "With me."

DiNozzo jumped up at the opportunity to free himself from this interrogation. DiNozzo followed Gibbs all the way up to the director's office.

"What is going on Boss?" DiNozzo asked trying to keep up with Gibbs. Not in his typical form, Gibbs approached Vance's secretary with a signed paper.

"The director is waiting for this." Gibbs said to her. She quickly nodded and made a copy of the paper. After getting the paper back, Gibbs grabbed DiNozzo by the arm and pulled him to the conference room.

"I am done talking with Dr. Cranston though." DiNozzo pleaded. "She already examined the inside of my head. I have also passed a polygraph and was interrogated by you, Vance, Ziva, and McGee."

"Sit." Gibbs ordered when they entered the room. Gibbs closed the door and sat next to him at the table.

"You saw her didn't you?" DiNozzo finally asked. Gibbs glared at him for a moment.

"I had to." Gibbs finally admitted. DiNozzo looked down both ashamed and shocked.

"Your grandmother agreed with you. You had a reaction to the painkillers, and you had to be hospitalized. The painkillers interacted with the antihistamines that you already taking." Gibbs explained. DiNozzo continued to look down and listen.

"Your grandmother said that your father was purposely enrolling you in boarding schools and summer camps to prevent them from seeing you. She said that even when you were allowed to see them, that your father would sign you up for so many sports. You would be attending games and going to practice, so you could not see them then either." Gibbs explained looking him over for some type of reaction. "When you had that reaction with the painkillers, she used that against your father. But, you were so depressed and took the whole situation so hard that she tried to fix the situation after that. That record should have been destroyed."

"She also said that those two DUI charges against your mother should have been cleared as well. Raimey thinks he is above the law. He accepts payouts from criminals, and he sets up innocent people too. He might have had a crush on your mother. They went to high school together, and she continued to reject him. Your mother did not abuse alcohol either. That was him setting her up. You were used, when you overdosed by your grandmother and by Raimey. Raimey wanted revenge back then. Now you arrested Raimey, so he is lashing out again."

"Thanks Boss." DiNozzo finally said, still looking down and withdrawn.

"Your grandmother would really like to see you, Tony." Gibbs said forcefully. Tony still had not looked back up, but he was processing the information. Gibbs placed the statement on the table from his grandmother. Gibbs continued to look him over as they sat in silence. "If you would prefer, I will go with you."

"Tony?" Gibbs tried to get him to look up.

"I can't Boss." DiNozzo said. Gibbs looked him over surprised by the reaction. He continued to look at DiNozzo critically trying to understand his behavior. The panic was gone, but withdrawn Tony had returned.

The End

Thank you for reading and for all of your feedback. I am leaving this fanfiction story series here because I wanted to suggest some other possible reasons as to why Tony has been off in Season 9. However, I will use the main ideas from this fanfiction story in a new direction/new series sometime in May/June.