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Five years later…

A girl with blonde hair was shaking a colourful box. Two children were running around screaming while a blonde man tried to quiet them.

"What is it?" asked the blonde girl excitedly. She looked up at two dark haired women. They both laughed at her eagerness.

"Open it," said Riko. She looked up when she heard louder screaming. She turned to the woman on her left. "Teru, I think Kohana and Souichirou are a handful for Tasuku right now."

She shook her head laughing. She got up and attempted to help her husband with their twins. "Kohana, Souichirou, be good," she said sternly. "Hinata is trying to open her presents. You don't want to miss out do you?"

They both looked up with big blue eyes. They shook their dark hair and went running across the room to help out their older sister. Tasuku gratefully looked up at her. "How do you do it?" he demanded.

She laughed as she pulled him up. They walked over to Hinata who was excitedly tearing the colourful wrapping paper off. Her eyes lit up at Riko's present. "CRAYONS!"

Riko laughed at her excitement. "It's an art set," she explained. She pointed at the different coloured pencils and crayons. Hinata anxiously looked at the crayons and the paper that was in the box. "Go have fun," said Riko smiling.

Hinata ripped the box open and grabbed a yellow marker when Tasuku bent down and gave her a stern, but playful look. "Did you say thank you to Auntie Riko?"

She solemnly glanced down. "Thank you Auntie Riko."

Riko gave Tasuku her I'll-kill-you-for-making-her-sad look. He cowered in fear, not wanting her to get violent at his daughter's fifth birthday party. To his surprise, she smiled and patted Hinata's head. "You're welcome, Hinata. And happy birthday!"

She anxiously looked at her mother. "Mommy, can I draw now?"

Teru looked thoughtful. She brought out a slim rectangular box. "But you haven't opened Mommy and Daddy's present yet," she pouted. Tasuku gave his wife a knowing smile as Hinata excited ripped the box out of Teru's hands. When she opened it, her eyes grew wide and her mouth formed a small "o."

"It's a Barbie!" she shouted, hugging the doll. "Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Daddy!"

Teru smiled when Tasuku ruffled her hair. "Now you can go play, squirt."

"Yay!" She picked out a corner and took the small yellow marker in her hand. Kohana and Souichirou toddled over to their older sister and also began drawing.

"Thanks for the art set, Riko," said Teru. She loved watching her children draw. They drew the cutest things! "They love to draw!"

"Well, do I know my godkids or what?" asked Riko.

Everyone around them nodded. Suddenly, they heard a baby's cry. Rena quickly knelt down and scooped the crying baby out of the car seat. Kiyoshi fumbled for his daughter's pacifier. "Shh, Emiko. Everything will be OK," he murmured.

"Babies galore," sighed Haruka. She twirled the diamond ring on her finger and smiled. "Well, at least I'm not single anymore."

Teru smiled at her friend. "Haruka, you're getting married in a couple months! Aren't you the least bit anxious?"

"Not at all," she said waving her hand. "Akira and I just want a small wedding with his friends and family and my friends and family."

Hinata came running over to Kiyoshi with her drawing. "Uncle Kiyoshi! I drew you, Auntie Rena and Emiko!"

Kiyoshi peered at the picture, smiling. "Wow, Hina! It looks just like us!"

She happily giggled before running off to play with Souichirou and Kohana. "She's so active," sighed Tasuku. "It's a wonder I'm still able to run after her."

"And Kohana and Souichirou," added Teru. She laughed at his expression. She could've sworn she heard him say something along the lines of, "three's enough." She ruffled his hair and turned back to Haruka to talk about her upcoming wedding.

Andy and Master were in Hinata's corner talking about all of the things she was drawing with her new art set. She'd already drawn a fair number of things. Sunshines, Rainbows, flowers…Master picked up a drawing of a black haired man, a black haired woman and a blonde haired man. "Who're the people in this drawing?"

She peered at the drawing before beaming at him. "That's Mommy, Daddy and Oji-san!"

Andy motioned at Tasuku while still holding the conversation with her. "Is it now?"

Tasuku saw Andy motioning at him. He refrained from making fun of Takeda to go see what was going on. "What's up, Andy?" he asked.

Master handed him Hinata's drawing. "Hinata drew you, Teru and Souichirou."

He looked down at his daughter's drawing. His eyes began to mist. Souichirou would never get to hold his nieces and nephew. Teru happened to glance up at that time. She also excused herself.

"What's wrong, Tasuku?" She looked down at the drawing in his hand. Her fingers traced the dark haired man's hands. "Hinata, is this Souichirou? Is this my Onii-tan?"

She nodded happily. "Do you think he would've liked it?"

Teru and Tasuku's face fell. Neither of them could say a word. Hinata looked to Andy and Master for advice. Master gave her a knowing smile and she nodded. "Arf. Arf. I'm Gabriel."

Teru was snapped out of her thoughts. "Eh?"

"Arf. Arf. Don't be sad," she said making the dog that Souichirou used to make. "Gabriel will play with you!"

Tasuku couldn't help but smile at the little hand-dog. He picked her up and tickled her. "Where did you learn that from?" he asked.

She giggled. "Master taught me! He said that Oji-san would pretend he was Gabriel to cheer Mommy up!"

Teru kissed the top of her head. "They did, baby. They both did."

Hinata's face fell when she saw her parents were still a little sad. "Mommy, Daddy, are you still sad?"

Tasuku looked down. "Hinata, we're always going to be a little sad. Oji-san was my best friend. But you know what? I like to think that Oji-san is always with us."

"That's what Uncle Andy and Uncle Kiyoshi say."

He glanced at Andy who had conveniently left to go talk to Kiyoshi and Takeda about something. He turned back to Hinata. "Well, they're both right. Oji-san is always with us." He looked to see where Teru went and smiled at the sight. Teru was drawing with Kohana and Souichirou. They all looked so happy together. He set her down and smiled at her. "Now let's go draw something. Kohana and Souichirou are having so much fun with Mommy!"

Hinata dragged Tasuku to her corner and shoved a marker in his hand. He laughed as he and Teru drew with their three children.

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