Inspired by/based off the song "Trick and Treat" by Kagamine Rin and Len. Although I changed the ending...or did I?

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It was Halloween night and Karin was hopelessly lost. On the bright side, it was only 9 and her brother wouldn t be tearing Japan apart in search of her. Yet.

How did I manage to ever get into this mess in the first place...? She wondered.


Yuzu grinned as she raced back to Karin who was looking extremely bored. Ichigo, who was sitting on a nearby bench looked up and called "Oi! Can we go home now? Its getting late."

"its only been half an hour!"

"isn't that enough?"

"of course not!"

"can I go home then? There's no point in making two of us suffer when only one needs to..." Karin looked are Ichigo hopefully.

"...fine...but do you know the way home?"

"Of course! I'm not a baka like you!" retorted Karin. Then, without waiting for a response, she raced off the way they came.

*End flashback*

OK, so maybe she did make some mistakes on getting home. A wrong turn here, a wrong turn there, until she was in a completely different neighborhood. One that she's never been to. Then of course, she got a great (and stupid) idea to go through the woods and hopefully emerge into familiar territory on the other side. Karin, who was wearing a little backpack full of candy since Yuzu's bag got filled quickly and had begged Karin to help her carry some, picked her way through the woods.

She was about to turn back, deciding that it was a bad idea and that she should go back, swallow her pride, and ask for directions when she was pulled deeper and deeper into the forest by a voice so sweet.

Karin closed her eyes as she walked. The voice seemed to be singing and it reminded her of her childhood, before the accident. She then opened her eyes and decided to find whoever was singing or whatever they were doing (the voice was faint now so it was hard for her to hear). The moon was out so she could see clearly enough and she started to run as fast as her legs could take her. Then, the trees abruptly ended into a clearing where the song came to a stop and was soon forgotten. In the middle of the clearing, sat a house, old and worn down by the weather.

Karin, ever the brave one, walked up to the house. It looked to be abandoned only a short while ago Surprisingly, the house didn't really look all that scary up close. She was so absorbed in studying the house that she didn't notice anyone come up behind her.

"Why, hello there, why are you in front of my house?"

Karin jumped and quickly turned. A two kids about her age stood behind her, most likely twins. They both had brown hair and had gray eyes. Somehow, they looked familiar but Karin couldn't figure out why. The girl, who had spoken looked at her with an inquiring look and a faint smile ghosting her lips.

"um...I got lost and saw your house and...yeah..."

The boy smiled and his eyes seemed to laugh at her. "Well, since your here, won't you come in? I'm sure we can help you, we have a map inside."

"Yes,do come in, its so lonely nowadays." said the girl while the boy smiled and gracefully went behind Karin and opened the door. Karin spun around as she heard the door creak in protest. What surprised Karin was the the inside looked very new. Plush pillows sat on elegant sofas and tables didn't even look as if they had a speck of dust on them. A warm aroma drifted towards Karin and she was aware that something good was cooking.

Slowly, she walked into the house, admiring the old but beautiful paintings on the wall.

"Please, come sit down, Karin." smiled the girl as she grabbed her hands and led her to a sofa.

Karin frowned. She didn't recall introducing herself. She was about to ask the girl how she knew her name when the boy appeared and set a tea tray onto the table. He then poured some tea and handed a cup to Karin.

The girl laughed and said "You must try our tea, its like drowning in the sweetest of syrups!"

Karin found herself sipping the tea and immediately began drinking more. Her eyes grew cloudy and and part of her mind screamed for her to snap out of it but the protests were soon crushed by the cloudiness.

She smiled at the tea inside the little cup. The tea was such a nice color, like liquid caramel...and the cup was such a delicate little the one she once accidentally broke in a China shop...her movements soon became groggy and her eyes soon fluttered to a close and she drifted off to sleep. She saw her mom and a smiling Ichigo and Yuzu laughing at her. Her dad was there too, inviting her to come play with them.

She woke once to find her hands bound dragging at the heels of the boy while the girl smiled sweetly at her as she drifted off to sleep again, wanting to be with her family and not be disturbed by trivial matters of reality.

She woke up again later, to find herself sitting in a chair with a long ribbon wrapping around her eyes several times, acting as a blindfold. Then she heard the boy whisper next to her right ear.

"Tell me, have you ever loved someone?"

Karin, with her head still in a foggy daze, mutely nodded.

She heard the girl in her other ear laugh quietly as the boy replied "Well,there's no faultless love in this life" before she felt a small wish of air as they stepped away from her and moved to somewhere in front of her.

One of the ribbons slipped a little and through the hole in the blindfold, she saw something she never thought she'd see. (She also vaguely wondered who uses lanterns anymore.) They two kids had their backs to her and it looked and sounded as if they were sharpening a knife. But what frightened her was that they had no shadows.

Karin jumped a little as they turned. They were sharpening a knife but they left it on the table they were at.

The boy grinned a oh so evil grin. "Oh my, oh my, what a naughty kid you are to wake up so early" This caused Karin to protest a little but stopped when the girl moved towards her.

The girl gracefully closed the distance between them and laughed quietly as she placed her hands on Karin s eyes. "If the blindfold comes off, should I blind you instead?" she breathed in her ears, causing Karin to shiver a little in response.

Then the girl spun around in front of her again, whipping the ribbon away as she did so and gently lifted the edges of Karin's mouth and giggled. "Oh look, your laughing , now isn't that the cutest sight?"

The boy smiled, amused. "But your still covered in lies so lets go back to our play tonight."

The girl giggled again and stepped back and he boy walked closer until he was next to the girl. Karin began to panic. Her eyes looked around, anywhere but at the twins, and saw a painting. No! That couldn't be right! It was a painting of mom! Then she remembered.


"Mommy look!" an excited Yuzu pointed at a middle-aged guy, surrounded by paintings. The man smiled.

"Why hello there, would one of you do me a favor of being a model for me? I can pay and all you have to do is stay still."

Her mom smiled "Well, I have time and my husband and son won't be back for a while so its fine by me." she instructed Yuzu and Karin to wait for her while she sat on a bench while the man painted her.

After that, she became good friends with the man and he visited often with his children, two twins, a boy and a girl, both with brown hair and gray eyes.

However, when mom died, he stopped visiting.

*End flashback*

A few years after that, they learned that he died and his wife was left to take care of the kids. However, she got drunk often because of depression and was not exactly a good mother. Then, a few months ago, ichi-nii showed her a picture in the newspaper. It was their childhood friends, standing with their mom. They were all smiling but it somehow seemed false. The description said that the mom went crazy one night, killed the twins, then herself.

Karin started trembling as she realized that these were her dead friends.

The boy, she couldn't remember their names, looked at her and grinned. "Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse?"

The girl then danced behind her. "This is my domain, just as warm as any other place." she reassured Karin.

Then she placed her hand over Karin's heart and sighed, "But we need a toll from you for providing fake hospitality"

The boy also placed his hand over Karin's heart and said regretfully "Quickly now, give me what's in your pocket. You don't need to know when, why, or even how."

Karin remained frozen in shock and horror. She had no pockets. They wanted her...heart..? She hoped not...she needed that to live and beat up her baka of a brother.

"Quickly now, give us what's in your pocket." the girl laughed halfheartedly as she danced in front of Karin again. Then she smiled sadly and suddenly lunged forward and Karin somehow knew that she fully intended to grab her heart and rip it out. But this is Karin we're talking about. She's not a girl who sits and waits for her death (at least, I hope she's not). She rolled off on to the floor and the girl laughed again.

She advanced on Karin as the boy held her still with surprisingly strong arms. From what she remembers, he was as weak as a tadpole. Then two things happened.

A sword sprouted from the chest of the girl and shock crossed her face. The sword was immediately pulled back and she collapsed forward. Then Karin was yanked forward, away from he boy's iron grasp. She saw a flash of white before she heard the boy cry out as she heard a sickening crack of bones. That was all she remembered before she fainted.

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