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Sarah & Olivia vs the Glasses

"Dammit," Sarah cursed under her breath. Chuck usually took care of this, not that she wasn't capable, but she didn't remember it being this hard. She rubbed her shoulder before pressing it against the door again. She inhaled deeply and pushed, a little harder this time. There was still resistance, but then without warning, it gave way and she half-stepped, half-stumbled into the reception area.

"Watch where you're going," an annoyed voice spoke on her left.

Sarah turned towards the sound. "If I could do that I wouldn't be here. Why were you standing behind the door anyway?"

The other woman gestured down to her walking aid. "The wheel got stuck," she explained.

"Oh," Sarah replied, slightly embarrassed, "in that case, I'm sorry."

"You are?" the woman asked.

"Sorry," Sarah said again, a little louder this time.

The other woman scoffed. "I'm not deaf. I meant what's your name?"

"Oh." Now Sarah was actually blushing, but in all likelihood it went by unnoticed. She stuck out a hand. "I'm Sarah. Sarah Bartowski."

The woman balanced herself with one arm before accepting the proffered greeting. "Olivia Dunham-Bishop. It's nice to meet you. When you're not trying to run me over, that is."

The door whooshed open again and instinctively Sarah pushed Olivia out of the way. The wheel on her walking aid chose that moment to become unstuck. Sarah caught a blur of grey-blond hair flying and reached for the other woman, managing to grab a handful of her shirt and beanie. Unfortunately momentum carried them forward and they both ended up in a heap on the floor.

"Sarah, baby," Chuck called from the doorway. He bent down to help them up, but then something cracked and with his hand on his back and a string of "ow"s, he straightened again.

"Is this your husband?" Olivia asked once Sarah had rolled off of her with another "I'm sorry". The latter nodded, rubbing her shoulder that took the brunt of the fall. Olivia lifted her chin to address Chuck. "You should keep a better eye on her. She's dangerous."

Chuck grinned sheepishly. "I try, but I had to park the car."

"We came by bus," Sarah piped up as she searched for some sort of leverage to pull herself upright. Chuck's blur turned crimson and her mouth fell open. "Chuck, you didn't."

"She called," he defended himself. "I had to answer."

"In an alley?" Sarah's voice raised an octave. "Chuck, we talked about this."

"And I explained to you what happens to a man's urinary system after seventy. It can't be helped."

"He's right, you know," Olivia cut in.

"How would you know?" Sarah asked, now a bit irked at the woman who's managed to start her day on a crashing note. She could've broken a hip or something. "I don't see your husband around."

"He crossed over," Olivia informed her.

Sarah clamped her hand over her mouth, regretting taking her testiness out on the stranger. "I'm so sorry."

"Why? He's not dead." Olivia had managed to crawl to a waiting room chair and maneuver herself onto it.

"But you said he crossed over," Chuck pointed out.

"Yeah," Olivia replied, straightening her beanie. "He took his bi-weekly trip to the Alternate Universe to visit his great grandchildren."

Sarah's eyes darted from Chuck to Olivia and back, not that she could make out much, and then she frowned. "Sweetie," she addressed her husband, "I think we need to cancel brunch will Ellie."

"Why?" Chuck asked, his tone laced with disappointment.

"Because," Sarah explained, "when we're done here, I need to have my hearing checked."

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