E/O Challenge
WoW : Slip
Word count : Two drabbles, one each for CF and Dizzo. Both 100 words exactly.
Spoiler Alert for S6: 5
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Set at the end of Season 6 Episode 5


Sam lay back in the passenger seat. Closing his eyes, a small smile formed on his lips.
Things couldn't have gone better. Dean had survived and, more importantly, without
the faintest clue he'd been set up. Course, Sam knew the risk involved from the outset.
No one could guarantee that Dean wouldn't just slip into feed mode. If he had? Well,
Dean would've been dealt with alongside all the other vamps. Clearing out that nest was
more important. Anyway, it didn't matter now. The plan worked, Dean hadn't fed and
everything was back to normal. His dad would've been proud.


Dean slipped the car into drive and cast a glance toward Sam who sat with his eyes
closed, a small smile on his lips. Sam looked relaxed, pleased. Dean's knuckles went white
as he gripped the steering wheel harder; the only sign of his internal battle to keep his
fury contained. Set up, by his own brother! Dean's mind cast back to a moment which by
now felt like a lifetime ago. To his father's whisper, telling Dean he might have to kill his
own brother. Right now, Dean thought, it really wouldn't be such a hard thing to do.