E/O Challenge
WoW Slip
Word Count : 100
Disclaimer : *Sob*

A.N. Another one for the birthday twosome :D To everyone, HUGE thanks
for your continued reviews. Also, just to say it's been great to hear from people
I've not "met" before and to read their drabbles.

It wasn't totally Sam's fault, didn't stop him taking the whole nine yard guilt run
though whilst sitting by Dean's hospital bed waiting for him to regain consciousness...

It was Sam's suggestion. Do some sparring, burn off pent up energies. Naturally,
Dean was up for it. Sam had aimed a sweet straight kick at Dean's abdomen.
Dean saw it coming, went for the ultimate defensive move…..don't be there to get hit.

Wet grass, foot slip, fall forwards, head ends up where abdomen should've been,
Sam doesn't pull the kick in time. Result? Dean drops like a sack of poop….out
before he hits the ground.

Thank God "Hey there."
"Yu's a big liar."
"Huh?" Oh crap, he's concussed.
"Yu said yuwere gonna kick mi ass. Mi ass…..you jerk!"

P.S. Still happily working on my next multi chapter The Way of The Dead. In the
meantime I woke with a partial dream remnant so wrote
All This For No Pay and
published it that same day if anyone wants to read it (Just a short story).
Chick xx