Disclaimer: I do not own soul calibur. If I did I would try to make this pairing canon.
AN: This takes place about 2 weeks after the soul calibur 5 story. As the summary says Natsu and Patroklos have something happen to them and Patroklos must meet Natsu's master known as Taki.

September 14th 1607

In a small house in Athens there were two people. Who were called Patroklos and Pyrra.
After the incident that made the pair of them destroy soul edge and soul calibur not to mention Pyrra getting a monster arm.
They decided to live in peace and quiet for a while. But they still kept in touch with Patroklos's comrades.
Right now Pyrra is making breakfast and Patroklos is reading a letter.

'Heh I just got a letter from Z.W.E.I saying he's recovering nicely from what happened to him.' Patrklos said as he walked into the kitchen. 'Oh I see that's good to hear.' Pyrra said in a quiet tone. Knowing why she is acting like this Patroklos said 'Relax Pyrra he said he forgave you.' Pyrra took a deep breath and said 'Ok thanks Patroklos.' She said with a smile.
With that they sat down and had their toast for breakfast. The rest of they day went by smoothly but then it was the evening.
Patroklos was cleaning in his room. He heard a sound coming from his window and turned to see a face he knew.
'Hello Natsu' Patroklos said with a loving smile. Natsu repiled by giving the same smile and giving her dear Patroklos a hug 'I missed you.' she whisphered. After about 60 seconds they broke the hug.
'I have something to tell you.' Natsu said with a look of concern on her face. Worried by this Patroklos said 'What is it Natsu you can tell me you know.' Natsu whisphered into his ear 'I'm pregnant Patroklos.'

Upon hearing this Patroklos felt wobbly in his legs. His heart beat rapidly like a drum of war.
He began to lose focus and his vison was blurry. He faintly heard a voice say his name over and over again.
Many thoughts came to him like 'When? How? Why?'. These were his last moments before he blacked iut and banged his head on the bed.
Upon hearing this Pyrra ran to her brother's room and barged the door down and seeing Natsu and her bro in that situation...was awkward to say the least.