Patroklos saw that Natsu was down on the carpet. Siegfried was barking orders for a doctor to appear.
Z.W.E.I had a look of horror on his face and Viola said 'Go ahead and faint if you want. You'll be in the same spot one day.'

The wolfman shook his head and repiled with 'Not gonna happen. Patroklos wake up!' as he helped the Greek man back up.

Pyrrha poked Siegfried on the chest and said 'It's okay. I can deliver it. I had training as a midwife.'
She then ran up to Patroklos and said 'Brother I need your coat.'

Patroklos got his senses back and handed his Sister his tux coat. Pyrrha slid it under Natsu's legs and then stopped as she said 'Um...Natsu...You need to pull know.'

Natsu in all her pain ripped the lower half of her dress taking all of her lower body's dignity with it.
Siegfried shook his head and closed his eyes muttering 'Better not tell Hilde about this.'

Patroklos stood in shock, he had no idea what to do. Just then he felt a tap on his back.
He turned to see Z.W.E.I 'Go and be next to her.' he said.

The Greek man nodded and ran to his beloved's side. He grabbed her ring covered hand and held it tight.
'You can do this Natsu. I'm right here and I always will be.' he muttered into her ear.

'Push! You can do it!' Pyrrha yelled as she watched for the head of the child. Her face had some terror on it due to the sight of blood.
But Pyrrha knew she had to do this, for her Brother.

'I feel like I'm stabbed in ten places!' Natsu yelled in pain.

Viola just stood there watching the whole secne. She sighed and gazed at her orb. The seer recalled the time when her foster Father tried to entertain her. 'Look Amy! I can make water come out of my nose!' he said as he drank the glass of water. He then got ready to shoot the water out of his nose, only to find that instead he shot out blood. 'Oh...dear..that was not supposed to happen.' as he fell to the floor in a thud. Amy shook her head and left the room, intent on sleeping.

She then glanced to Z.W.E.I and then stared at the carpet. Viola walked up to Z.W.E.I from behind and tapped Z.W.E.I's back.
He turned to get a surprize kiss from Viola. 'That's for putting up with me.' she muttered as she rubbed her face into his chest.
Z.W.E.I said nothing, he put one hand on Viola's head and did a thumbs up to Siegfried.

The German hero returned it and muttered 'I hope Hilde does not teach Viola any of her hidden moves.'
he then rubbed his backside again. That reminded him of the day he proposed to Hilde.

'How dare you stammer at such a vital moment! Get back here!' she yelled as he ran after him with a spear.

'It was the heat!' Siegfried yelled as the horse he was on kept moving. He was on it backwards due to his hurry.
Being chased by a lady with a spear tends to make one panic. Even more so due to Siegfreid not having Requiem with him.
Even though he belived in how one must face thier problems head on, he knew there was no reasoning with Hilde at this time.

The sound of Natsu yelling a number of swear words brought Siegfried back to the present.
'Just a little more Natsu!' Pyrrha said.

'Oh god! This hurts!' Natsu yelled out as she kept trying to push her child out into the open world.
Natsu rested her head on the red carpet and gazed at the starry night sky. It brought her to that time when she and Patroklos had made love in the middle of a forest. That started this journey into the next stage of thier life. Parenthood.
Would it be a boy or a girl? Would it take after Natsu or Patroklos? Or both? The handsome face of her beloved Patroklos filled Natsu's vison. A small smile graced his lips as he muttered 'It's okay Natsu. I'm right here.'

With one last push Natsu felt the child slide into the world. It gave a loud cry as it took it's first breath.
'I think it's a boy.' Pyrrha said as she held it carefully.

'Hold on. I'll cut the cord.' Z.W.E.I said as he readied his blade.

Patroklos got up and said 'Wait Z.W.E.I I'll do it.'

The wolfman smiled and handed his blade to Patroklos 'Go do it. Think of a name for your boy while your at it.'

Patroklos nodded and swung the blade with just enough power to cut the cord and thought 'I'll ask Natsu if she wants the name Junpei.'

The cord was cut and Pyrrha placed the new child into Natsu's arms.
She smiled and held it close to her. 'Hi there little guy. We'll take damm good care of you.'

Z.W.E.I turned to see that Siegfried had his back to the whole scene. He walked up to him and muttered 'You can cry upfront you know Captain.'

The German hero nodded and said 'But I did not do that with Hilde. Seeing that sight of young love makes me feel old.'

The wolfman muttered 'I'm older than you by the way.'

Siegfried turned with a shocked look 'You mean your not in your mid 20's?'

Z.W.E.I nodded and said 'Let's just say I'm far from human.'

Viola bit her lower lip and then walked up to Z.W.E.I.
'Don't say a word.' as she embraced him in silence.

Siegfried looked at the painting he got from Algol.
'I'll make it up to you Hilde. Soon as I get home.'

On Maxi's ship Taki gazed at the forest. She was brought back to earth with Maxi tapping her on the back. 'Guess that part of thier life is over. The new part is gonna start in the morning.'

Taki turned to Maxi and said 'I should have been there.'

Maxi smiled and held Taki close to him 'They aren't kids anymore. They're parents now.'

Taki kissed Maxi and asked 'Can I be one?'

Maxi lifted Taki up and put her on the bed 'Let's give it a shot.' he said with a smile.

Patroklos held his child's hand with love.
He cupped Natsu's chin and gave her a kiss. 'So what are we gonna call him?' Natsu asked.

Patroklos let go of the baby's hand and held Natsu's 'How about the name Junpei?'

Natsu pouted her lips and said 'Not quite Japanese. But it's good enough. Can I get another kiss.'

The two lovers kissed once more. Pyrrha watched the sence with happiness.
She helped her Brother and brought a life into the world. It was better than when she held soul edge and had killed. She hoped their Mother would keep watching them.

Okay just to let you know I'm going to make a ending sence after this.
I'll get on it very soon. Oh and I called the child Junpei casue it's the name of my fave hero from Persona 3 Junpei Iori. Till next time.