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That was all I felt.

Maybe fire wasn't a good way to describe it, I decided. It was not anything like the time I'd accidentally burned my hand while putting a log on a campfire. No, it felt more like being burned alive while frozen in an ice cube for a few hours after an unrelenting workout.

What an intense way to feel pain.

Surely I'd been suffering through this for days. Would it ever stop? Maybe I was in Hell. I couldn't think of what I'd done to land myself there though.

I couldn't move. I was on a strange angle, I realized, but I couldn't do anything about it. I tried to figure out where I was, but all I could determine was that rods were digging into my back, and my feet were higher up than my head was. What a bizarre position.

To top it off, someone was screaming. I wished they would stop.

One plus side to my situation was that my mind had cleared up a few hours ago. I could now think of what seemed like a million things at once. No matter how hard I tried though, I could not distract myself from the blinding pain that held my entire body hostage.

Was it my imagination, or had the pain in my fingers lessened? No, I think it was real. It was so gradual that it's hard to say exactly when it started getting better.

I knew the precise moment when it stopped though.

My heart had been beating faster and faster, louder and louder. What was wrong with it?

Suddenly, it gave one final thump.

Finally, the pain was over.

Apparently, so was my life.

I opened my eyes…

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