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Summary: Sleeping her way to the top was never Isabella's intention, but in an act of desperation, she agrees to a deal she never knew it would change her life. All Human. Drabble-ish.

This story is from Isabella's POV.

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"Excuse me, could you repeat your name?" I knew I heard her name right, but the words seem to come out of my mouth at their own will. My voice had toned down to a breathy mumble as my mind still couldn't comprehend why on earth would Jessica Stanley be calling Edward?

Edward, being the conservative and obnoxiously secretive man that he was he hadn't gone as far as mumble her name in my presence, but Jasper did. I didn't know the whole story simply because Jasper always stopped himself before revealing too much. Although on the surface it may seem he and Edward were in a constant battle of power, I guess there was something on a deeper level that kept Jasper quiet regarding Edward's secrets.

"Jessica Stanley. Can you put me through? It's urgent." She was mumbling the entire time she spoke and I had a hard time understanding her, but what was unmistakable was that she was scared.

Looking over my shoulder toward Edward's office, my eyes fill with wonder. As the person who was at the receiving end of Edward's hate and anger for years I knew that I shouldn't think twice before patching her through to him. The thing was, though, doing this was the last I wanted to do.

"I'll put you on hold while I see if he's in his office," I muttered in the receiver and put her call on the waiting line, before jumping from the desk I was sitting on and making my way toward Edward's office again.

"Come in," his voice called me. I pressed the handle of the door down and walked in, closing the door behind me. I stood in my spot and watched him scribble his signature away on some papers. His eyes left the documents and regarded me with caution. Slowly he put his pen down and leaned back, a deep furrow in between his eyebrows.

"I have a feeling you're not here for a quickie?"

I shook my head, not even bothered enough to respond to his crass suggestion. I have gotten used and immune to them in the past three months. At first they bothered me, then I simply got irritated by them and now I actually accepted them with humor.

"What's wrong, Isabella?"

"I have a caller on wait—"

"Why isn't Rosalie at her desk?"

"That's not important."

"Isabella…" he said with warning. "You're not my assistant anymore, remember? I have one that needs to do her job."

"I told her to go have lunch," I lied. "I was going to stick around for a while anyway, since I needed your approval on the new application features we can join in the Timeline."

"You could have told me you were waiting for—"

"Edward, I have Jessica Stanley on the line for you."

Never in my life have I seen a face change so quickly. If I wasn't already standing next to the door, I would have backed away from the look of pure fury that overtook Edward's entire being: teeth gritting together, eyes hardening, fingers twitching. It was anger, rage, irritation, infuriation all in once.

It was absolutely terrifying.

I swallowed the bile in my throat and fought to urge to utter some meaningless words that instead of relaxing him would frustrate him more. "Should I reject her call?"

It was when I spoke that Edward seemed to have remembered I was even in the room. His eyes found mine in the most powerful gaze. My lips opened slightly as I saw how misplaced my initial assumption was. Edward wasn't mad, he was scared.

He was afraid of answering the call of the woman who broke him, the woman who ripped him out of his shell and left him bare to build walls around himself that would protect him from being hurt again.

This was the first time I actually wanted to have Edward Cullen in my arms just to console him.

"Isabella…" he said quietly, almost a whisper.


With a deep sigh, he nodded absentmindedly. "I'll take the call. Put her through."

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