A New Life

"LD Edition"

Chapter 1: Change / Can I Borrow Your Skirt?

By: Lord Deathscythe

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, that Anno guy does. I don't even own the original idea behind this story, that's Claus's. I do how ever want to try my take of that story and see what I can do with the… situation.

A shrine you could call it, looking over the small apartment. A shrine to memories good and bad, old and new. Pictures of a redheaded girl and a boy with dark blue eyes sharing a life time together decorated the shelves of this domain. In the kitchen of this place one man called home, Shinji Ikari prepared some food and drinks for two. Yui would be coming over today, spending time with her father while she prepared for the arrival of her own child.

Shinji was so happy that she had been able to grow up without having to worry about angel attacks or dying inside the cold entry plug of an Evangelion as he had.

Although, her birth into this world was not without some pain on his part. A pain that he would relive time and again to see her smiling face as an infant.

He was so wrapped in memories of that time that he didn't notice that his daughter, Yui Suzahara, was watching him from the door.

"You know dad, if you're not careful you'll set the place on fire," Yui said with a smile.

"Or I'm just getting old. I was just thinking about when you were born. Now I get to see you have my grandchild." Shinji said as he smiled and greeted his daughter with a light hug. Yui was six months into her first pregnancy, and her belly had swelled with the growing life inside her.

Shinji remembered the feeling well.

"Stop it dad. You are not that old you know. I mean, you and mom had me when you were still fifteen."

"Doesn't change the fact that I'm very happy for you. How's Keitaro doing?"

Since Yui had married Keitaro Suzahara two years ago, Shinji and Touji would sit down over a glass or two of sake and reminisce over when they had been kids. Of when they had been born, and talking of the time when they were made grandfathers themselves. Granted, Keitaro was a few years younger then Yui, but that didn't change the fact that they were in love. Touji and Shinji never really saw a problem with it.

"He's doing fine dad. He's busy trying to get the rehabilitation center more funding and asked me if you might be interested in helping out. I mean, we both know how you feel about talking about what happened during the war, but it would help us get the money to keep things going."

Shinji shook his head with a wry grin on his face. "You know there are four things I could never say no to. Your mother, you, your sister, and a good cause."

Yui smiled at her father, and settled into a chair near the table.

Ever since Yui's mother had died a few years ago in the crash, her father had tried to continue on as well as he could. There were days Yui worried about him, thought he might be too wrapped in the past. He was only forty years old, and he had several good years left. Yui worried that being alone for so much time was bad for her father. She wouldn't be so worried if her father at least went out some.

Not that she wanted him to go dating. Yui knew how much her father had loved her mother, and even after her being gone for three years she knew that he would never love someone the way he had mom. But it wouldn't hurt him to find a new friend or go out more often with Touji and Hikari.

But that was dad, he was perfectly happy with things the way they were. Of course, if he didn't take his lithium as he should he'd get depressed.

Those times he had forgotten to take it had scared the hell out of Yui.

"So, how are you and the baby doing?"

"We're okay dad. I swear he's going to be a soccer player the way he kicks me."

Raising Yui was, to him, the single greatest achievement in his life. At one point, he gave that distinction to Eva; during a bittersweet period of his existence. But after living through the anguish that Eva brought, he wanted more than anything to put it past him. Even if he was a supposed savior of mankind. Now all these years later, Shinji Ikari did just that; his mind, heart, and soul focused only on the daughters in which he himself had a hand bringing into the world: His daughter.

And Asuka's.

In hindsight however, knowing what he knew now Shinji would gladly get back into Unit-01 if it meant he got to hold her and her sister when they were young. This soul, this person with eyes a shade of blue which was a perfect mixture of the blue in his and Asuka's eyes, was so important to him.

Her sister, Misato, had been born when he and Asuka were a bit older. Shinji could see so much of Asuka in his youngest daughter; the fire and determination were all there. Yui took more after her father though, calm and reserved. The bond between father and daughter was strongest between Yui and Shinji

Considering how she had come into this world, there was little question as to why by those who knew. Not even Yui knew the whole truth about it. Perhaps now was the time to tell her about it. Now that she would be a parent herself he could tell her one of the biggest secrets he had. One that only he and a few others knew.

"Yui, you know about what happened the day you were born but there's a lot we never told you."

"Dad, I know that. It's not like everything was let out even after Nerv was dissolved."

"Yui, this is something that we kept secret for the simple reason that none of us knew how to explain it. Your uncles Touji and Kensuke, Aunt Hikari, Misato, even Asuka and myself didn't know how to tell you and we're the ones it happened to. I suppose the best way to start off is to show you something."

Shinji got up and moved to the living room. He grabbed one of the portraits of him and Asuka at fifteen then went to his room and pulled out an old shoe box from the top shelf of his closet. He settled back down into his chair and handed Yui the framed picture. This one happened to be one of Yui's favorites to look at. After so much pain and conflict to see her parents able to put it behind them like they had gave her a great sense of hope, no matter what was going on in her life.

Shinji opened the box and looked inside, a box full of pictures that hadn't been seen in a long time. His collection of memories he didn't want to share, but could never bring himself to forget. Photographs of bittersweet times in his life before he had really begun living, of when he had lived a reality of nightmares. He pulled one picture out of the box and handed it to Yui.

Yui's eyes widened when she saw a young woman, resembling her father, in what she guessed to be her six month of pregnancy as well. The look on the girls face was one of sadness, loss. A look Yui could see in familiar dark blue eyes, and had seen on occasion.

When ever Shinji was sad himself, he had the exact same look.

Shinji then handed her another photo, this time of a young man with long red hair and eyes a lighter shade of blue. The features were all there, the eyes, the smirk, all looks she associated with her mother.

"What… what are these?"

"Pictures of something that happened to your mother and I while we were with Nerv. It was something we never really knew how we could explain it to anyone."

"Who are these two? I know you and mom were only children."

"They are us. It's a long and peculiar story Yui. I suppose I should start from the beginning. It happened about three months after the Eleventh Angel had attacked the Magi, and Ritsuko had devised a new experiment for us to be her guinea pigs in…"


Shinji and Asuka were feeling a bit uneasy after being briefed on the experiment Dr. Akagi had planned for today. To say it sounded more like science fiction then science fact would have been more accurate. Problem was when your job involved large robots and large monsters and you in said robots killing said monsters, these things weren't as spectacular as they would be to normal people. But still, this did seem a bit out there even for the good doctor.

"So you're going to fill the plugs up with these… robots and expect us to just sit there?" Asuka asked. It was a proven fact to Shinji that her accent went the opposite way of her patience, so the angrier she got the more you could here it. Right now he rated her at slightly put off by the idea just from the sound of her German heritage. Not to say he was completely comfortable with the idea either.

"Not robots per say Asuka. These are nanites. They are small enough to enter individual cells and make changes. The technology has been in development for years, but the data we collected from the eleventh angel helped bring it along to this point. This batch of Nanites has been programmed to go in and make minute repairs to your cells. If one cell is cancerous for example, the nanites will repair the cell. If anything you should feel much better when you get out of the plug then when you get in." explained the Ritsuko.

"Could something go wrong? I mean, what if they backfire?" asked a more then nervous Shinji.

"Don't worry, we will be monitoring them as they progress. If anything does happen, we can self destruct them before too much damage can be caused."

"Self-destruct?" No one in the room was happy with what that implied.

"Simply put, the nanites will shut down and dissolve into your system. No physical damage will occur because of that fail-safe."

This did little to settle Shinji and Asuka's stomachs.


While Shinji and Asuka prepared themselves in their entry plugs, preparations were made for the experiment. The test plugs had been modified so that a flow of the nanites could be feed into the plugs directly. Since both batches had been specifically programmed for their intended recipients, extreme care was give to make sure that was how it was set up. However, certain people had other plans for the Second and Third children.

Unseen, a technician began altering the pump flow. He wasn't aware of what the reason for this was, but had learned not to question orders from his employer. Not to say that he wasn't curious, but what good or bad would come from this simple switch he was not told. He'd find out when everyone else did.


In the Pribnow Box, Ritsuko was checking the final preparations for the experiment. If all went well, then not only would they be able to shorten the pilots recovery time after missions but they would have proven the worth of nano-technology. Something that scientists had been trying to do for decades. Ritsuko was looking forward to this experiment more then most Nerv conducted. This test, unlike most of the experiments Nerv ran, was not top secret due to the nature of the technology used. If it was a success, then she had something to look forward to outside of Nerv circles. However, she doubted that with Commander Ikari's or Seele's scenarios she'd ever get the chance to enjoy that success.

"So, ready to make history Ritsu?" said the ever smooth voice of Ryoji Kaji.

"Everything we do here makes history Kaji. This is simply something that will make history and actually be recorded as history. Why are you here? I thought tests like this would bore you to death."

"I may not show it, but I do find what you do fascinating. And I have been interested in this little line of science on and off for years. I'd be a fool to miss such an opportunity."

"Just make sure you and Misato don't disturb the test. Okay?"

"Of course oh fair one of the test tubes."

With that Kaji moved to the side, watching the children as they were moved into the test plugs. He noticed something though he thought a bit… odd.

"Ritsu, why is Rei not taking part in this?"

"We were only able to produce enough nanites for two subjects. It was determined that Shinji and Asuka could benefit from the experiment the most so Rei will simply observe."

That and Ikari ordered that in no way was Rei to be exposed to these nanites. Ritsuko thought to herself, a bit more resentful of Commander Ikari's protectiveness of the First Child then normal.

Final preparations were being made for the experiment. No one noticed the change on the flow from the storage tanks, or bothered to check the connections.


Shinji and Asuka were secured in the test plugs, and all sensors had been activated to record data for the MAGI. As Misato entered the box, the final preparations had been made.

"You sure this is safe Ritsuko? I don't like the idea of things screwing with their DNA."

"Everything is perfectly safe. I promise that when they come out they will be in much better health then when they went in. I guarantee it."

Ritsuko would soon be proven wrong.

"Ready to proceed Dr. Akagi," came the voice of Ritsuko's assistant. Maya worked diligently at her console, monitoring the experiment and making sure the MAGI received all the data for analysis.

"Good. Shinji, Asuka, we'll be starting the injection of the nanites now. If you feel tired all of the sudden don't worry. The nanites are programmed to put your bodies into a state of relaxation to aide in the repairs they'll be making. As soon as this test is completed you'll be moved to the infirmary until you regain consciousness."

"Yes ma'am." Came the unenthusiastic reply of the two Children turned guinea pigs.

"Maya start the flow at eight hundred thousand parts per million."

"Yes ma'am."

The LCL in the entry plugs began to darken as millions of the microscopic droids began to pour in. As Shinji and Asuka hesitantly inhaled the constructs they began to tire due to the sedating effects of the nanites. As they went into a deep slumber, the nanites began the work of doing repairs to their hosts. But as they did the nanites noticed something extremely off about their individual hosts cells. The nanites in Shinji had been programmed to make alterations and repairs based on a female's physiology. That the host had a chromosome off gave the nanites cause to think for a moment. Why would the genes of their host be in a male configuration and not female? The answers to the nanites were blatantly simple, change the offending chromosome and then make sure the rest of the body was the way it should be.

The nanites that had begun work inside Asuka's body had come to the same relative conclusion.

So, the nanites began to alter each and every cell in Shinji and Asuka's bodies to fit with what they were expecting. As the nanites determined that certain characteristics in their hosts were either missing or over developed they made changes as well. The production of certain hormones and chemicals in both children was increased or decreased to aide in bringing the host body to the developmental point they should be at. Where there was too much tissue, the nanites digested it and then used that material to fashion the missing organs that each host required.

As the nanites didn't consider this an error in their program, it went completely unnoticed by the main computer. The one person who noticed the abnormality was Rei.

She had been observing Ikari closely as the Commander had ordered her to. Commander Ikari had been adamant that she watch for any sort of abnormalities or unacceptable changes in either of her fellow pilots. Anything out of the ordinary she was to report to him, no matter how minor. As she looked at Ikari's image on the view screen, she could notice some subtle alterations in his appearance. Soryu was also changing slightly, so slightly that no one other then her could really notice.

"Dr. Akagi, are there any abnormalities being reported by the Magi with the nanites?"

Ritsuko was caught off guard by Rei's question. She hardly ever said much of anything if she wasn't being spoken to directly.

"None that the Magi are reporting Rei. Why do you ask?"

"I thought I saw something… odd on the monitor."

"I'm sure it's nothing Rei, the Magi are monitoring the nanites and will report any malfunctions. There really isn't anything to worry about."

Lt. Ibuki chose that time to speak up. "Doctor, the nanites have finished their cycle and are proceeding to shut down and dissolve."

"Very good Maya. Medical teams prepare to move the Pilots to the infirmary."

As the LCL drained from the test plugs, the medical teams moved to the exit hatches. When the hatches opened nothing appeared out of the ordinary at first glance. Shinji and Asuka were moved to the stretchers waiting for them and taken from the test facility to medical for examination.

It would not be until their plugsuits were removed that the truth would be known.


Yui listened in stunned awe and horror at the tale of the initial accident. How could they have been so careless as to do something like that?

"We found out later that the test had been sabotaged. You're mother and I didn't really care though about how when we found out. We woke up in the infirmary rather refreshed and feeling better then we had for a while physically."

"And they never caught who did it?"

"There was a report of a tech that had been killed the same day, but the investigation into his death concluded that it had been a drug deal gone badly. We never really found out who was behind the accident, but I have my suspicions though."


The Technician stood in the alleyway located in downtown Tokyo-03 near the seedier districts. He had been told to be there by 2200 and it was now 2215. His employer was late, again.

"Did you complete your task," a deep digitized voice asked from the shadows, startling the tech.

"Yeah, I did as you asked. Now I want my payment."

An attaché case slid across the ground to stop at the techs feet.

"Thank you."

Before the tech could leave the voice spoke once more. "One more thing. My employers have decided you are a loose thread. And loose threads, should be tied up."

A Glock 9mm with a silencer appeared from the shadows, held in a black gloved hand. Before the tech could run three shots were fired into his head and chest. The only sound heard outside the alleyway was the dull thud of the technician's body hitting the ground. The unknown man in the shadows left as unnoticed as he had arrived.


"So there were never any suspects?"

"Just the dead technician, but like I said I have my suspicions on who ordered it. Honestly none of that mattered to me at the time. When I awoke things were so different I had much more to worry about."

Shinji took another picture out of the box and looked at it. It was a picture of him just after the accident. As he went to take a sip of his tea he noticed he had emptied the cup.

"I'm going to make another pot of tea, you want any?"

"No, I think I'll be fine dad."

As Shinji went off to prepare another pot of tea, Yui knew that she was anything but fine. This tale scared her to her very core, not because of what it might have meant about her father. That someone would plan out this sort of freakish accident made her wonder what kind of people had once headed Nerv, and what kind of monster her grandfather might really have been.

To be Continued…


The Technician stood in the alleyway located in downtown Tokyo-03 near the seedier districts. He had been told to be there by 2200 and it was now 2215. His employer was late, again.

"Did you complete your task," a deep digitized voice asked from the shadows, startling the tech.

"Yeah, I did as you asked. Now I want my payment."

An attaché case slid across the ground to stop at the techs feet.

"Thank you."

Before the tech could leave the voice spoke once more. "One more thing. My employers have decided you are a loose thread. And loose threads, should be tied up."

A Glock 9mm with a silencer appeared from the shadows. Before the tech could run three shots were fired into his head and chest. The only sound heard outside the alleyway was the dull thud of the technician's body hitting the ground. The unknown man in the shadows stepped into the light revealing his identity. The killer took a cell phone into his flipper and dialed a number.

"Wark Wark." It's done.

"Excellent Pen-Pen. You'll find a shipment of beluga caviar added to your usual payment."

"Wark WAaaaaark!" Sure thing Lord Deathscythe

In the dark secluded office of the Dark Lord of the Fics, Lord Deathscythe set his phone back on the table and contemplated this action. His associates Angel17 and Random1377 stepped into the office.

"You sure about this LD?" Angel17 asked.

"Yeah, I mean this is totally fucked up man, even for you." This from Random1377.

"I'm certain, everything is going according to the scenario." Said LD, looking at his fellow Darkscribes over his hands as he sat in the Gendo Position ™.

The resemblance to Gendo Ikari at that time scared Random1377, Angel17 just shrugged it off.

"You done acting like some megalomaniac?" Angel asked.


Authors Notes: Well, this completes Chapter 1 of my version of Claus's original idea. You may be asking why I decided to do something like this. Well, I always felt that there was a lot of work that could be done with this fic that Claus was missing, so I spoke to him one day about it. He had already decided to abandon his version so he gave me the go ahead to do mine. Originally I thought of going straight comedy, but my strong suit is doing drama. So I did it this way. There is more to come I assure you.

Special thanks to my pre-readers: Random1377, Angel17, TommyRude, Ken Sohryu, Shinagami, ShinRyuKen, and Weltall Elite, Myssa Elaine Rei and all the others were big helps in this first part. This time around Rakna tossed in some helpful advice as well.

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