Welcome To Bedlam

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: slip.

Summary: Some cases can drive even a hunter crazy. And brothers are not always helpful. Birthday-madness for Dizzo and CFEditor.

A/N: Sorry, two birthday girls and my twisted mind makes 300 words on the dot – not a single more or less.

Dizzo, my friend, I hope you had the best day ever, sunny and funny and utterly relaxed.

CFEditor, I don't know if that fits your birthday wish, but I hope you're having a glorious day with your favorite people and your favorite cake. Cheers :-)

The doors swing open and Sam pushes the wheel chair towards the reception. The pretty redhead gives the slumped figure with spittle at the corner of its mouth the once-over and the tall man a deep sympathetic smile.

"So this is Ed."

Sam nods, looking guilty.

Ed whimpers.

Sam hands him a worn teddy and Ed starts to chew at its ear.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of him," she says reassuringly. "Classical music, nightlight, vegetarian diet."

"And…" Sam starts.

"Oh, and we don't touch the teddy," she adds, slipping him a note.

"Call me when you have any… questions."

Dull green eyes stare at the ceiling and the spittle leaves a cold trace around his neck.

"Night sweety," calls the nurse, switching off the light and closing the door.

It doesn't take him a minute to slip into jeans and shirt, swearing under his breath. Of course the only one who'd seen the mysterious creature had ended up in a locked ward. Without visitor's permit.

He opens Teddy's back, fumbling for his picklock.

"Ed..." he fumes.

"We'll take care of him," he parrots.

"Just wait!"

He sneaks to the door, nearly falling over the wheel chair in the dark.

Baby's waiting around the corner when the alarm sets off. A figure is climbing over the fence, slipping in the wet grass. Sam starts with squealing wheels, passenger door open and Dean jumps in, panting.

"God, I thought the geezer would never talk."

"Huge Indian with a broom?"

"Hilarious. Let's clear off, I don't wanna get my brain grilled."

"Didn't you forget something?"


"Fluffy, cuddly, huge eyes…"



"Sam, drive or next time you'll end in Bedlam, I swear!"

"Dude, what crawled up your ass?"

"Nurse played SpongeBob with me."


And booming laughter fuels the midnight-black car.

A/N 2: Speaking of the car – if you're missing the Impala I have a small Easter gift for you. It's called "A Streetcar Named Desire" – freshly published. Enjoy :-)