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Lastly, some people have (rather fairly, in retrospect) pointed out that Jane and Maura are kind of OOC in this story, and most of the complaints rise from their attitudes about sex. If I could go back, I'd just omit all the references to virginity in the first place, but instead, this is what we've got. When this was just a one-shot, even a two-shot, I thought it was sort of a feasible AU for them, but I understand the frustration in them not being totally related to how they are on the show. While I tried to throw in references to the show, their future professions, and hobbies/quirks that are true to the canon setting, it's really just as easy to believe these characters aren't R&I. And I totally understand if that's not your thing.

Just wanted to let y'all know what you're in for!

Maura Isles was kind of a weird roommate.

She had been the last of four suitemates to arrive at BCU, and she came alone—no parents, no siblings, no pals, no boyfriend to drop her off. Kind of sad, really. Once the semester started, she kept mostly to herself, studying obsessively and turning down nearly all invitations to go out. Her suitemates, Rachel, Stacey, and Amber, knew very little about her. They had suspected right off the bat that something might be odd about Maura because she—gasp—didn't have a facebook. This meant stalking her was out of the question. What they did know was that while strange, Maura was very sweet. A little naïve perhaps, and still sort of bizarre, but a nice girl. It didn't seem as though she were inordinately uninterested in the lives of her roommates; she would engage politely in conversation with them when it seemed the courteous thing to do, and she thought they were nice girls as well.

About four weeks into the semester, Rachel came home to find the suite smelling of every air freshener known to mankind, possibly mixed with baking soda or vinegar. "Geez!" she groaned, her voice muffled as she covered her mouth and nose. Looking over at Stacey, who was calmly sitting on the couch with a magazine, Rachel gasped, "What is that smell?"

"Trust me, it's a lot better now than it was about twenty minutes ago."

"Easy for you to say," Rachel groaned, stumbling over and sitting on the other end of the couch. "You've been sitting it in it! What were you trying to cover up?"

"I came home and Maura was boiling a squirrel."


"Wait, I should explain. She found the remains of a squirrel by the parking lot and apparently it was mostly bone, so she decided to come home and boil everything down to just the bones." Stacey laughed softly, tossing the magazine onto their coffee table. "It was totally nasty, but she got all excited about it and didn't seem to have any clue why somebody might possibly find it disgusting. It's a good thing we're nice, you know. Otherwise I might start thinking she was a serial killer."

"Dude, all I can say is she's lucky she's as pretty as she is."

"Oh, that reminds me. You know Danny? Jack's roommate? He's coming to the game tonight and he keeps asking me about Maura. As in, I'm pretty sure he likes her. You think she'll come tonight?"

Rachel shrugged. "Probably. Have you noticed sports games are the only times she'll ever leave the apartment, outside of cl…" Her eyes narrowed. "Wait. Where's Maura right now?"

"Taking the squirrel bones to her biology professor. She should be back any minute n—"

Stacey abruptly cut off when they heard keys jangling in the lock, and lo and behold, Maura walked inside. She was on the phone and merely waved to her roommates as she strode across their modestly-sized living room towards the room she shared with Rachel. Before closing the door after herself, she giggled in a girlish manner that neither Rachel nor Stacey had ever heard her come even close to using. "I can't wait!" And the door snapped shut.

Typically Maura wasn't a very shy or private person, so Rachel always respected it when Maura felt moved to shut their door. "I dunno who she thinks she's fooling," Rachel muttered to Stacey. "I mean she insists she doesn't have a boyfriend, but then always gets that look on her face when she's on the phone with someone."

"Well, this is weird. Why wouldn't she just tell us?"

"I don't know. Maybe she doesn't feel comfortable enough around us to tell us stuff?"

"But that's flat-out lying. She said she couldn't lie, remember?"

"Hm…Maura Isles: mystery."


Things became somewhat less mysterious that night when a knock came at the door. All three of the girls in the suite had remained in exactly the same place since that afternoon: Maura was still in her room with three textbooks open, having turned down Rachel and Stacey's invitation to watch an ongoing marathon of Friends. They'd had no intention of getting off the couch until going to the game, which they hadn't planned on going to for another hour. So they were a bit surprised when the knock came, wondering if one of their friends had gotten the time wrong and come over early. As the loser of a quick round of rock-paper-scissors, Rachel went to open the door. The person there was not one of their friends, but a tall, tanned brunette Rachel knew she had never seen before.

The girl sported a Red Sox baseball cap, a black T-shirt, and a pair of denim shorts that equaled her red Converse in terms of wear. She was holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and when Rachel raised her eyebrows inquisitively, said in a deep voice, "Floral delivery for Maura Isles! Is this her apartment?"

"Uh—yeah, come right in," Rachel said, opening the door a bit wider to admit her. "I'll just go get her."

As she shuffled back to her room to tell Maura to come to the door, the girl with the flowers smiled politely at Stacey, who was thinking to herself that she had never seen a delivery girl dressed so casually. They exchanged a polite smile, and the newcomer nodded at the TV and said, "So… is this the one where Chandler—"


Stacey and Jane were spared the pain of small talk when Maura opened her bedroom door and nearly knocked Rachel over as she made a beeline for the tall pretty girl with the flowers. To say that this was the most enthusiastic and spectacularly happy Maura's roommates had ever seen her would be a vast understatement—and her excitement was clearly reciprocated by Jane, whose face broke into a wide grin at the sight of Maura running towards her. When it quickly dawned on her that a hug wasn't going to suffice, Jane hurriedly twisted her cap backwards to get the visor out of her face (a bit of a clumsy feat, as her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail) and the flowers fell out of her hands as Maura quite literally jumped into her arms.

Rachel had her suspicions the moment it Maura had recognized the flower girl, but Stacey hadn't thought anything more than "aw, how sweet that she's got a such a close friend" until Maura wrapped her legs around Jane's waist and started peppering her face with kisses. Normally Jane might have felt a bit embarrassed showing such obvious affection in front of people she had never met, but she was too happy to see Maura to be even close to caring. One arm held Maura securely around the back, pressing their bodies tightly together, while the other unashamedly clung to her ass, which had the double benefit of keeping Maura up while also letting Jane cop a feel. Stacey and Rachel exchanged incredulous looks, and the latter looked as though she was only just barely holding in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Once she had kissed every inch of Jane's neck and face with the exception of her lips, Maura finally planted a long, unbridled one on Jane's mouth, the intensity of which would have left no doubt as to these girls' relationship in the mind of even the most ignorant of slow people. Clearly lacking any self-consciousness about this action, Maura finally broke off the kiss and turned to face her roommates, who were sitting silently on the couch as if waiting for their cue to leave.

"Rachel, Stacey, this is Jane," Maura said breathlessly.

"Hi," the girls chorused, Rachel waving slightly.

With her hands full of Maura, Jane could only nod and grin. "Hey. Nice to meet you guys. Maura's told me a lot about you." Before Rachel or Stacey could come up with an appropriate response (as Maura had never told them anything about this person), Jane looked back at Maura and said, "Hey, which one's your room? You were gonna show me the painting your mother sent you."

"Oh right," Maura said. "It's the first one—you may have seen me running out of it about forty-five seconds ago."

"Oh yeah," Jane chuckled, shifting her arm down to also cup Maura's ass, and she started heading back. "Don't worry," she said over her shoulder to the girls on the couch. "We'll keep it PG-13, I swear."

Rachel sat up slightly when her and Maura's bedroom door was kicked closed by Jane. "Wait, people can have sex in PG-13 movies, right?"

"Oy vey, Rach."

"Welcome to college, I guess," Rachel laughed. "Okay, but wow. Did you see this coming? Because I definitely did not. I mean… wow! I can't believe Maura's gay!"

"Do you think she didn't say anything 'cause Amber's a Republican?" Stacey guessed.

"I dunno. Poor Danny's gonna be disappointed, though." She smirked at Stacey, who started to laugh, and they whisper-yelled an "ohhhhh!" of delayed understanding. "Wow, we're stupid."

As soon as Jane had shut Maura's bedroom door, she had turned and pressed the girl up against it, kissing her hungrily, possessively. Maura felt beyond feverish, her legs tightening involuntarily around Jane's waist as Jane pounded her mercilessly into the door (which, for the record, did not go unnoticed by the girls in the living room. Stacey silently turned up the volume on the TV). It was fairly unusual for Jane to get this primal, which got Maura to expect some rough treatment. So she was a tad disappointed but not entirely surprised when Jane backed off relatively quickly. They were both breathing deeply, feeling winded as Jane finally slacked her grip and allowed Maura's feet to touch the floor again.

"Baby, I missed you," she whispered, stroking one hand through Maura's golden hair.

Maura adored the way Jane looked at her in times like this: it was a tender, reverent, absolutely loving look which was the one reason Maura had finally buckled down and gotten a Skype account. A Rizzoli family trip to Italy had kept Jane and Maura separated since the week after graduation until, well, today. The reason behind the trip was that Jane's cousin Gianna had gotten married to a good old Italian boy in Rome during September, and after offering to pay her own way, Jane was allowed to go. After much debate, Frank and Angela decided to splurge and make it their first family vacation. It helped that Frankie covered nearly half his own ticket, and that they had family to stay with in the mother country. Heretofore skimping grandparents also chipped in on the expenses as Jane's graduation present, happy to have her explore her roots a bit.

Angela did not regret her decision when she saw Jane and Maura pouring over art history and guide books, with Maura excitedly telling Jane about everything she'd seen in Italy and what all she thought Jane and her family would appreciate. They had asked Maura if she'd like to come along, as she had been before and would love to go again, but she had already been accepted to a high-profile summer internship Jane refused to allow her to pass up. So instead, they had a tearful (chaste) goodbye at the airport with the promise to Skype as much as possible. The time change presented a bit of a problem, but they usually worked it out by having Jane call late in the evening her time. The museums in Italy held some of the most famously beautiful artworks of all time, and Maura had seen many of them. But she did not think she had ever seen anything as gorgeous as the sight of Jane, utterly relaxed, sitting against a pure Italian landscape with that goofy smile on her face.

"I still can't believe you missed the first two weeks of your college career," Maura chuckled, leading Jane to the bed to sit down.

"It's not my 'college career,'" Jane scoffed. "It's thirteenth grade. We started two weeks behind your school probably just so the Dean of Admissions could spend some extra time with his mistress in Cambridge before coming back. Anyway, enough about that." She smiled and pulled Maura onto her lap. "Did you miss me?"

"You mean in spite of our daily conversations? Yes, I missed you terribly," Maura whispered, tracing a line from Jane's temple to the curve of her jaw. She gently left a kiss there, then trailed her lips over to Jane's ear, breathing directly into it as she spoke: "I missed getting to touch you and feel your arms around me." To emphasize this, she let one hand trail down to Jane's waist, slipping her hand beneath Jane's shirt and stroking the hard abs she had missed so much.

A happy moan escaped Jane at the contact and she kissed Maura, giggling into it. Having Maura touch her there reminded her of one of the conversations they'd had that summer, where Jane had shared in jubilant disgust her shock at the way Michelangelo frequently depicted women: manly, and frighteningly buff. It had led Maura to joke that Jane was simply a leaner version of these Thor-like women, as her carefully defined musculature would not lend itself well the ideal female beauty captured by the feminine statues in those museums.

"Grainy Skype images don't become you," Maura purred, now letting the fingers of her other hand ghost across the seriously tanned skin of Jane's legs. She smirked as she felt Jane's breath hitch, and she rubbed her thumb in small circles dangerously close to one of Jane's thighs. "You must have gotten a lot of sun over there. You look incredibly hot." The last word was again just a breath, issued over Jane's lips before Maura went in for another deep kiss. Her tongue swept into Jane's mouth, and neither of them could believe they had gone so many months without this feeling. After a few tortuously good minutes of this, Maura broke off and murmured, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"A…condom?" Jane asked.

"Idiot," Maura chuckled. "I told you how good you look…"

"Oh, right. Bad girlfriend, sorry." Jane grinned and stroked Maura's cheek with the back of her hand before settling her fingers at the nape of her lovely neck. "You are my Venus, you know that, Maura? The whole time I was in Italy—I mean, don't get me wrong, it was awesome—but I always went to bed thinking about you and woke up thinking about you. Er… not in like, a dirty way," she quickly clarified, and Maura smiled kindly to show that she understood. "Just in a I-wish-I-could-be-with-you sort of way."

"Maybe someday we can go to Italy together," Maura said.

Jane's grin widened. "I'd like that. And hey, Gianna's gonna live there now, so we'd have a free place to stay, right in Rome! You'd really like her, too. She tried to make me watch Project Runway about eighty times."

"Ooh, you're right, I like her already!" Maura laughed, shifting off Jane's lap.

Now that they were in a somewhat less intimate position, Jane nodded at the closed door and said, "Where's your other roommate? Amber?"

"Oh, she's at work."

"Mm. So… they seemed surprised. Rachel and Stacey, I mean."

"Well I was surprised! I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!"

Jane blushed. "I couldn't wait until tomorrow. We got home and I just drove right over here; my luggage is still in the car."

"Oh, that explains why you smell so…" Maura caught herself at Jane's arched eyebrow. "So, uh, Italian!"

"Thank you. Did you not tell them about us? Your roommates?"

Maura frowned thoughtfully. "It just never came up."

"Really? You mean none of them sized you up and said, 'Hey, you must be a lesbian! Tell us all about your girlfriend!'"

Her tone wasn't angry or hurt, but it did sound vaguely annoyed. Maura tried her best to explain: "I'm sorry, Jane, I hope you aren't offended. It wasn't my intention to hide anything from them. I mean, you saw how I reacted when you got here! They were right there! But it was awful coming here alone, Jane. I missed you so much that I…" She took a deep breath to steady herself, hating how pathetic she knew she sounded. "I cried for the first several nights. Rachel never got back until late, so I had the room to myself and I would just …cry for you."

Jane put an arm around her. "Sweetie, why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want you to feel bad," Maura answered, trembling. "I wanted you to have fun on your trip, and not worry about me. I am not upset that you were gone, Jane, I just missed you, so much! I've never had an easy time of it when it comes to making friends, so I focused on getting schoolwork done and reading the journals I've subscribed to. My roommates have all been very good about it, but I know I sort of mystify them. I don't eat with them very often or engage in conversation very often. Usually I'd go to games with them because watching sports always makes me think of you, and it… it sort of felt like being with you, in a way."

This sentiment was incredibly moving, and Jane tightened her grip on Maura's shoulder. "So you were at sports games and I was at museums. Real Freaky Friday kind of moment, huh?"

"Freaky summer, more like," Maura chuckled. "Anyway, they—I guess they would maybe hint about guys they thought liked me, or thought I should date, but I always brushed them off …now that I think about it, I may never have fully explained why. It never came up that strongly; we don't talk much. I didn't feel comfortable indulging stuff like that to them." She shrugged. "And I hope you don't think I'm a coward, Jane, but Amber's fairly conservative, and, well…"

Jane sighed—she had had her own number of angry encounters with conservative people and wanted to spare Maura as much of that pain as possible. "I don't think you're a coward, Maura. But if she'd been home just now, do you think you'd still have attacked me at the door like you did?"

Maura turned to look into those bottomless brown eyes, and smiled weakly. "Oh, I think I would have. You're too irresistible in person, Jane."

"Well thank you, then," Jane chuckled. "Now that you're effectively out to at least two of your roomies, let's go somewhere. Nothing that'll take too long, though, 'cause I have to admit I'm incredibly tired right now."

A yawn nearly cut off her speech, and Maura smiled. "Well, we were going to go to a game, but I have something better in mind. There's an ABC party tomorrow being thrown by Rachel's sister's sorority, and we were invited. I wasn't going to go, but if you'd like to come with me and shop for a proper outfit…"

Though she hated shopping for herself, Jane always loved the private fashion shows that accompanied any trip to the mall with Maura. "Sure, let's do it. What's an ABC party?"

"It stands for Anything But Clothes," Maura said with a devilish grin. "Let's make it a Project Runway challenge, Jane. We'll go to a market or something and whatever you buy, we'll have to make outfits out of. Deal?"

"Oh, it's on," Jane growled, pulling Maura in for another kiss before getting to her feet. "Shall we?"

Hand in hand, they walked back out of the bedroom, apparently taking Rachel and Stacey off guard yet again. "Girls, I'm afraid I haven't been entirely forthright about something," Maura said. "This is my girlfriend, Jane Rizzoli. She's been gone all summer, and I was sort of, well, miserable about it, so I haven't been my usual self these last few weeks. I apologize."

"Hey, no apologies necessary," Rachel said as Stacey shrugged. "Separations suck."

"Jane's going to be a cop," Maura couldn't help adding."

"Ooh! Well, I feel a lot safer being your roommate now," Stacey laughed. "You guys goin' out?"

"Yes, there's an ABC party that needs planning," Jane chuckled. "I'll probably see you guys around—I plan on coming by—"

"—every weekend to make up for your summer absence?" Maura pushed her.

"To start, at least," Jane said, turning her Red Sox cap the right way around again and holding the door open for Maura. "Oh, do what you want with those flowers, by the way. Just…" She sighed. "Don't put them anywhere near that Yankees poster, all right? I don't think I could take it."

Stacey glanced over her shoulder at Amber's poster. "No problem. Have fun!"

As soon as Jane and Maura left, Rachel and Stacey immediately resumed their light-hearted gossip and speculation. They couldn't wait for Maura to come back so they could interrogate her in person—she seemed almost like an entirely different person, she was so cheerful. Their conversation was interrupted only when Amber finally came back home, looking shell-shocked.

"Dude, you okay?" Rachel asked.

"Uh…I just saw Maura and her…girlfriend?" Amber said slowly.

"Yeah, so what?" Stacey asked, preparing to get defensive on Maura's behalf.

"She's a… she's with a…" Amber could hardly speak for her disgust.


"No! A Red Sox fan!"

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