Hey me lovelies! So… I love reading stories on FanFic and have decided to do my own. I had an (bad) attempt at Kickin' it but am going try something more in my comfort zone. Movies! Picture This to be exact.

Mandy's P.O.V

I didn't want the kiss to end. We were both there, with so many people watching, but we didn't care. There was slow music playing in the background and I was gently swaying from side-to-side, making sure I didn't break the moment. It was to late, someone had managed to do it for me. Someone with a burning scream that could only belong to Lisa. Drew carefully broke away and smiled dreamily. 'Does this mean…?' he replied with his arms wrapped around my waist and I think we both knew the answer.

"No. No. No. No. No. And a million times. No!" Lisa screamed in rage. She snatched the glittering tiara off my head and placed it on hers. She twirled around and pointed to the prize balancing on her sleek blonde hair. "This should be mine. YOU should be mine. And as for her." She pointed an accusing manicured finger at me " She just doesn't know what will be coming at her." and with that, she flounced out of the hall. I slowly lifted my head and looked around. I just had a feeling that every pupil would blame it on me. I was a loser, a nerd, an outsider and just because one guy liked me, doesn't change anyone's opinion. Or does it? People's facing were grinning and soon everyone was cracked up laughing. Laughing at Lisa and nothing beats that feeling. Nobody beats that feeling…

My two best mates started squealing in their corner and taking yet another snap of me on their cell. I realised that being 'one of them' now, would be a nightmare. I just love being accepted. By my friends and my undoubtedly cute boyfriend.

I took a quick glance at the diamond encrusted clock on the lavender walls. It made me wonder if I really deserved to be queen of prom but all the clapping gave me the answer that words could never. "I'm sorry, but I've got to go." I said regretfully and Drew started to frown. "Don't go." He said, almost a whisper "It's magic… please!" I thought about it. I knew the air was clean between me and dad know but I didn't want to ruin that or take all the trust away. "I'm sorry," I said finally, kissed his hand and left. As I tiptoed out, I swear I saw a tear trickle down his cheek.

"I'm back!" I shouted to upstairs, where I hoped my dad would be asleep. Not such luck.

"Hey. Cinderella returned from her ball just in time!" He said as the church clocked chimed midnight in the distance. I took one look at him and turned the tap on. "Oh dad " I gushed, flinging my arms around his neck "You are the best thing that could replace mum, ever!"

He tore away and looked at me sternly. "Nothing will EVER replace your mother." And the tears, of both of us, started to fall.