I am Tatanga, the greatest conqueror of all the cosmos!

This feels somewhat awkward, but

I seem to have attracted the attention of a skeleton version of Bowser

Of course, I take it that this is a different one, since I have the real Bowser in my clutches.

But that doesn't matter. Because soon, Mushroom City will be mine!

And then, my goal of taking over the planet will come to frution! FWA HA HA HA!

Tatanga was still in Bright Beach, having accomplished what he was planning to do. He looked around, to see that Dry Bowser was nowhere near him.

"That Dry Bowser moron seems to have gone." Tatanga stated as he rubbed his hand together, grinning. "Excellent. Now I can go forward with my plan."

Little did Tatanga know that Dry Bowser was working his way through the insides of the Tatang Carrier, slowly sabatoging the ship from the inside, while keeping his cover down.

Much later, literally a day later, back on the Tatang Carrier, Tatanga had Toadette in his clutches, with Dry Bowser spying from the shadows, still keeping his cover down.

"How could you be so cruel and evil?" Toadette cried as she still tried struggling out of the ropes.

Tatanga laughed heartily, his hands on his hips. "Because I am an evil genius, and I do what I want! Fwa ha!" He bent down, poking at Toadette. "And soon, you'll be joining that pesky plumber as my energy source!"

"So that explains why he has Mario and Bowser..." Dry Bowser muttered to himself as he eyed Toadette. "But why bring in her? She's nowhere as powerful..."

Back on the outside of the Tatang Carrier, Petey Piranha and Waluigi finished explaining their stories to each other, standing up and shaking hands.

"Well, now that we established how we got here," Waluigi started as he cracked his neck, then cracking his knuckles, "Let's go kick some alien butt!"

Petey clapped his big leafy hands several times. "Yes! I've been long since waiting for this moment. Let's go!"

The two then ran towards the large pool in the middle, looking at it as they wondered what it was for.

It's a-me, Mario!

Mamma mia... I have no idea what's going-a on-a...

On one hand-a, the others are on Tatanga's tail-a

On the other hand, I'm-a stuck inside some-a pipe, and I can't get out-a!

Not to mention-a, I have this-a terrible stereotype of adding a at the end of every sentence-a!

I really need to be more original...a. I did it again-a!

OH NO...!