Isabelle was holding his hands.

He was smiling at her with his blue eyes, but he was not seeing her.

"Please, automaton, help him." Isabelle asked, crying.

"It's too late now. His system is damaged. We can't do anything."

Isabelle put a hand on Hugo's face.

"I'm so sorry…I was your friend… I never wanted to kill you…"

The automaton was looking at her. And at Hugo. He didn't want to see his only friend dead. The boy said that he could help him find his old master. Hugo was a good boy; he would help him find his master. He should help the boy.

"Isabelle?" asked the automaton.

The girl was crying on Hugo's face.

"Girl? Isabelle?"

She wasn't listening.

"Oh Hugo…you can't die…" she cried.

"Isabelle!" exclaimed the automaton, louder.

The girl looked at him.

"He is not dead. He can't die, his not a human anymore. He is broken and he can be restored." Said the automaton.

"But, he is not an automaton. He is a boy, he is not like you and he will never be. You shouldn't have done this to him. He needs to live his own life, not yours…" Isabelle cried.

"Do you think he would be happy to return to his human body?" the automaton asked.

"I'm sure."

Her eyes were dark and sad. The tears couldn't stop and she was hurt inside.

"I wish I could save you, my dear Hugo. I wish I had the power to make you feel better…"

Hugo smiled again; the tic tock of his clock singing in the atmosphere.

"Isab…elle… I'm sorry… I didn't want to cause you… trouble…" the boy whispered.

"You're still here with me!" smiled her.

"I… I… oh…" his eyes focused on hers and stopped, for a little second.

"HUGO! OH, HUGO, NO!" she cried, holding him.

The automaton talked:

"Take me there, Isabelle, take me to Hugo!"

She rose and held the automaton. When he was near Hugo, he held his hand.

"He is still breathing…" she said.

The automaton closed his eyes and spoke in a strange language. Isabelle thought it was the language of automatons or magic.

The tic tock was fading away. Isabelle opened his shirt and saw the clock (and all the other metal things inside the metal structure of his metal body). It was stopping…

She put his hand on the clock and felt the ticking of it. It was like a song, Hugo's lullaby. And it was so beautiful. She knew she would remember that song forever…

The Lullaby was covering the room. The sound was fading, but it was pure and brilliant. She thought if the train station could hear it. It was so profound. A silent melody, full of troubles. She could hear his life on it. All his adventures… and she could hear herself.

It was in the last part of the song. She understood that the song had a motive. It begun in the past, when he was a baby, and would finish in that moment. Her notes were pure joy. The melody was telling that she was beautiful, happy and curious and that was everything Hugo wanted to find. She could hear friendship and something more… and the music was fading…

The automaton screamed again, while the lullaby was fading. Isabelle was afraid.

And then, everything stopped. She looked at the automaton, but he was mute. And something started on Hugo's body.

The metal parts were fading, covered by bones and flesh. He was returning to his human body. Some moments later she was not touching a clock, but skin, and under the skin was his heart, beating. He was alive.

And his eyes moved and saw her and the automaton. He opened his mouth and said:

"Isabelle? Automaton? Am I alive?"

Isabelle smiled, a huge smile, and hugged Hugo.

The boy was a little weak, but he smiled back.

"I was so afraid, my little Hugo…How could you make me such thing? I feared for you…you were dying slowly while I was here…please, don't do that again…!" Isabelle said.

Hugo raised his hand and caressed her face.

"You are…so sweet…" he said.

Isabelle blushed.

Hugo looked at his hand and saw his skin instead of metal.

"I'm a human! Oh…! How…how…?"

"You were slipping away from us. I needed to concert you. The girl was crying and I saw that…I couldn't let you go. You are my only friend, and you can help me finding my master. And I like you." The automaton was looking intensely to Hugo.

"So, I need to thank you… for being alive. Thank, automaton. I'm happy to see you again and I will help you. I promise." Hugo was smiling while the automaton nodded.

"Thank you, automaton. You saved my friend." Isabelle said, smiling too.

The automaton looked at both and said:

"You are everything to me. Both of you…I'm sorry. I never wanted to cause such trouble here…I couldn't imagine this. I only transformed you to have a friend like me, I never wanted to kill you. Please, forgive me."

Hugo hugged the automaton.

"Of course I forgive you…"

And Isabelle hugged the automaton too and said the same.

"Of course! We're all friends." she said.

And the music inside his heart was singing. And the melody was very happy and full of joy.