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Raven's POV
I walked into the living room and heard footsteps heading to the back of the room. I instinctly followed them until I was in front of the TV. Then I heard footsteps on my left. I followed them for about 2 steps until I heard them on my right.

I hardly walked another step before I heard footsteps all around me. They were going every direction, in circles, and it was driving me crazy.

Who are these people? What are they doing in our living room? Why are they walking around so obviously and loudly? Did they even know I was here?

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" I screamed over the commotion.

I lifted up a heavy bookcase and moved it all around the room. It hit nothing. I then heard the door close. The noise immediately ceased. I ran over to the door to find it locked. The password had been changed. Wonderful.

I was stuck in here until someone realized it was locked. I drifted over to the couch and lied down. It was going to be a long night.

(A.k.a. Time skip)

Robin's POV

I woke up and was hungry so I decided to make some breakfast. I jumped out of bed, got dressed, and messed up my hair. I was walking down the hall thinking, "Some waffles would hit the spot" when I realized the door was locked.

"What the-" I was thinking as I unlocked the door. Who had changed the password? I finally got the password and was in a fighting stance by the time the door opened.

But no one was there. So I plopped down on the couch to turn on my favorite show so I could watch it while I cooked. But I didn't plop down on the COUCH.

"AAAAAH" I yelled once I realized I had just sat down on a sleeping Raven. "AAAAAH" I yelled again once I realized what she looked like.

Her hair kinda looked like her hair when Larry and I broke reality, but it was worse. Her robe was ripped, she was only wearing one boot, and her belt had a lot of cuts and scratches on it.

She slowly opened her eyes. I must have woken her up with my "AAAAAH"s. "What happened?" I asked her. She paused for a moment, and then slowly started sitting up.

"Maybe I asked her too early." I thought, "She's probably not really awake yet". My thoughts were then interrupted "I don't know. I heard the noise and came here. I had heard footsteps so I followed them. Then I heard them all over the room. They got away, whoever they are."

I immediately called an Emergency Titans Meeting (or ETM, as I like to call it). I told Raven to get Beastboy up while I woke up Cyborg and Starfire (Tinylaughalot: Hehehe 3).

I crept into Cyborg's room, only to find him already awake. "Titans Meeting. Living room. Two minutes." I said before running out of the room.

I snuck into Starfire's room. She was snoring softly. I walked over to her and shook her gently. "Wha-" she mumbled before I interrupted her "We're having an Emergency Titans Meeting. I'll see you in the living room" (Tinylaughalot: Please note the difference between waking Cyborg up and waking Starfire up. Mwa ha ha ha ha! 3)

I walked to the living room, wondering how it was going with Raven and Beastboy. He's impossible in the morning. But, to my surprise they were already in the living room, waiting for me. Beastboy was staring open-mouthed at Raven, and Raven was looking at me like "What the heck took so long?"

I opened my mouth to say something witty, but stopped because Starfire came in. "What is the matter?" She said, looking concerned. "Yeah, what the heck's going on?" Cyborg came up behind her, looking not so concerned.

I pointed a finger at Raven "I don't really understand either, but Raven was there, so ask her."

At that point Cyborg and Starfire were both staring open-mouthed at Raven. "What?" Raven said to Cyborg and Starfire.

"You look like you were just in a frugnog with a gargnoff." Star replied. "Huh?" Raven looked down. When she saw her one boot, hardly-even-a-robe, and her ruined belt she just looked up and said, "When did this happen?"

I just gaped. "Y-you didn't know?" Beast Boy stammered. "How would I?" She replied "Nothing ever got near me".

"But how could Raven look like she got in a fru-something with a garg-whatchamacallit if nothing ever even got near her?" Cyborg loudly stated his thoughts.

"Well, we are obviously against something very powerful." I said in my most leader-like voice. (A/N: Dramatic turn towards audience)

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