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Conversation of comfort
Hades startled, which frankly didn't happen all that often considering who he was. This time he however did. The reason for this was that there was a loud knock on his door. Or rather the door to his enormous underworld castle.
No one ever came down there unless they wanted to. The few times it happened it was usually one of his brothers, but not this time. That much he knew.

Another knock, but softer and less determined this time, meaning whoever was on the outside was not a man. Walking towards the door he wondered if there was a mistake and someone had come for his wife not him.
After all he didn't like his brothers, entertain any mistresses. Not even when his wife was up on earth like she was now. Hades was a standup man that after all the years they had been together, only had eyes for his wife.
He opened, only to find his younger sister and sister-in-law Hera on the outside. He looked at her in shock as she had never before come down to see him. They did speak on good terms, still they never socialized other than what was necessary.

"Hera," he said, standing in the doorway still.

"May I…?" she said, gesturing towards the castle.

"Of course," he said, stepping aside. The two of them walked to the living room area in silence. If you could indeed call it that considering the size and darkness of the colors in there.
He sat down in a big, dark grey chair and he stood at cross from her, looking at her with questioning eyes, trying to figure out what she in fact was doing there.

"So how are things?" she asked polite.

"Gloomy, dark after all this is the underworld so there is a lot of death going around. That and I miss my wife," he said, which was true.

"That is understandable I suppose…" she said. She always wondered how he managed to do that, stay with her, knowing they would spend six months apart every year.

"What about you?" he asked back polite. Although if you listened close you could trace some concern in his dark voice.

"I'm…" she stopped, she wanted to lie and say she was fine, but that was as far from the truth as you could get. After all she had come down to the underworld to get some kind of support.

"Yes?" he wondered.

"Truth to be told, I'm horrible, Hades," she answered.

"Is Brother Zeus giving you grieving again?" he said, all things considered his brother's ways would never change.

"That he is yes, but that is not my main worry," she said, suddenly getting up, only to pace back and forth in his living room.

"Then what is it, dear Hera?" he asked her.

"Sometimes I feel so alone and trapped by our marriage, I mean he's never there. Well almost never, you know how he is. Lord forbids everyone knows how he is. I know my husband and I know how many children he has had with other women than me. It is a wonder that I still love him enough to stay with him. It's just sometimes I find myself in the position that I want so much to be held, like the other day…" she stopped.

"Oh Hera, please tell me you didn't…" Hades said, looking at her in shock, feeling she might have followed her husband's ways.

"I wouldn't, of course I wouldn't. I couldn't as that would be the end of us and I wouldn't want that. Do it with them for revenge is one thing, he knows of that. Go behind his back with someone is a complete other," she answered him, her tone sounded annoyed. Annoyed at him for thinking less of her.

"Then what did happen?" he asked her.

"I was walking in the streets of Athens as I needed to clear my head, and I happened to see this couple. Young and so much in love. It reminded me of me and Zeus back in the days right after we got serious. Now she seemed to be upset and he was holding her in a comforting way. I had to walk away, it was simply too upsetting. And as I rushed away from there all these thoughts started to enter me of what have become of Zeus and I. How much I miss when he holds me and make love to me and suddenly I found myself in an ally crying my heart out," she said with a sigh, looking at him. Her blue eyes were filled with sadness.

Hades dared to put a hand on her shoulder for comfort to make her continue. She did not deny her this, she instead said, "Then I heard this male voice asking me what was the matter, and I couldn't stop myself, I blurted out that my husband was a cheater and I couldn't bring myself to leave as I loved him. And I felt so alone and sad. He looked at me with sympathetic eyes, nodding. Then he did something extraordinary, he put his arms around me and held me as I cried. When I was done he let go and I whispered thank you. He said I was more than welcome and that it was a shame that a beautiful woman like I should be so sad. I smiled at him saying I always would remember him for his kindness. It is however odd that I felt more at peace from this stranger holding me for a second than with my husband. Why can he not do that to me. Why aren't I enough for him?"

Before she could help herself she let her guard down for the second time in two days, letting someone else than her dear husband hold her. Hades feeling more than sorry for younger sibling saw no other choice than to do just that. She had come to him in a moment of sadness and at this point she needed all she could get. He just wished that her husband could see her, then maybe he would think twice before going to his next mistress.
So without her knowing he called for him, with her still in his arms, knowing it could have a bad outfall if he actually did show up. He however didn't care. Not this time, he wasn't afraid of him.

He could hear Zeus heavy footsteps coming towards them not a second sooner. He looked over Hera's shoulder at his brother's frown saying, "This is not what it looks like, you really need to tend to your wife."

"You…you betrayed me," Hera whispered.

"No, I did you both a favor," said Hades in a steady tone, whispering into her ear, "Talk to him."

"What is this about?" Zeus wanted to know, not too happy about seeing his wife with his brother.
Hera stepped away from Hades saying, "Don't punish him for holding me, he did only what was expected when I fell apart. In reality I needed your arms around me, but you are always too busy with someone else. Please Zeus I need you more than ever, don't turn me down."

He looked at her, she was in way fine, shivering slightly, still crying, her eyes filled with a mix between fatigue and sadness. He nodded, and did what he should have done a long time ago, wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"Let's go home," he whispered in an unusual soft tone, leaving Hades behind. He knew he had a lot to make up for, but today at this hour he would be willing to do just that. He didn't want to lose her.

Hades on the other hand left his kingdom of death to go up to see his lovely wife. He found her on a field of blue flowers watching over some bunnies that were jumping about.
Hades smiled, as he walked up to her and put his hands on her waist. He leaned his head on her shoulder whispering, "See something you like."

"Mhm, they are cute aren't they?" she said, letting her hands rest atop of his.

"Very, too bad they wouldn't make it down with us," he said.

"I know, but I can still wish and watch them up here," she said with a sigh, still smiling.

"That you can, my love, that you can," he said, kissing her shoulder, wondering if he could get a rabbit or two to stay alive in the underworld just for her happiness.

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