Brothers Through Time

By: sonicdude10


Hello every one. This is a story I will be telling that uses a made up character. His name Chris Robbins. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog based story with Chris and his friend who I will reveal the identity of later being the main focus. Most of the rest of the Sonic characters will be there as well as some made up ones too.

Also, the way of thinking, talking, and memories of Chris are a mirror of how I am. Don't take it that I'm lonely and complaining about life. It's just that my personality is the best fit for Chris Please do give me reviews and suggestions as this is my first fanfic. No flaming though. If I get flamed too much, I will stop this story. I plan to carry this as an ongoing story with many adventures to come.

Part of this story begins in 2011 when Chris is 21 and the owner of a big genetic research center. The rest will then take place on Mobius which is Earth in the distant future. Not too sure how far in the distant future but waaaaaay beyond my lifetime.

I need to get you readers acquainted with the story format before I start telling it. Normal text like this will be the standard for the story. Italics like this will be thoughts.Bold text will be where me as the author will be jumping in to explain or just add thoughts on the subject at hand. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS INDICATE EMPHESIS ON THE PARTICULAR THOUGHT OR WORD AT THE MOMENT. So let's go to chapter 2 to see Chris as he gets really depressed with his life as it is now. Let's see what Chris decides to do about it.

Chapter 1: Life sucks...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sega characters in this. I do own the story line, Chris Robbins, and a few other Ocs that will be introduced later.

Chris woke up one particular morning to find that it was raining outside. Nothing new Chris thinks as he gets dressed for the day. Then he remembers that he is very bored and is restricted to his building that he both owns and built his penthouse on top of. Being a multibillionaire is sure getting boring, not to mention that crazy genetic experiment I did on myself he thinks looking into the mirror. Looking back at him wasn't his old usual human self he had been growing up. Instead, there was a 7 foot tall fox. The fox had 2 tails, his fur was black on the most of him and red in the center.

AN: There are many more secrets that Chris holds that will be revealed when the time is correct.

Why did I ever do this to myself? Here I am trying to create a hybrid species of human and animal, and now I am the only one like this and can't step outside anymore because of it he thinks looking in the mirror deeply and sorrowfully. I HAD to choose a fox because it is my favorite animal and very graceful in whatever they do...

"Better go weigh in" he says to himself interrupting his thoughts as he goes into the bathroom. Stepping on the scale revealed a shocking number: 294 pounds.

"Well, the muscle building gene seems to be working properly" he tells himself looking into the bathroom mirror. This time, he takes a good look at himself. The 7 foot fox was a sight to behold. He had a very cute looking muzzle that was not too long or too short. His ears were a nice red with a slight touch of gold on the ends. Going down his neck to his chest he sees the big muscles popping up at his breasts. Under that were some good sized pecs. He decided to count them for fun. It was a little challenging to see them due to the fur but he managed to do it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. nice, 8 pecs. This would drive girls wild if only I were still human he thinks before continuing his body scan. His arms were nice, long, and very muscular. Finally, there was his legs. Same as his arms, big and muscular. His muscles were large enough to be seen through the thick fur that covered his body.

After a nice long shower and a lot of time spent drying off (fur covered body, remember?), he then gets dressed and goes to the kitchen for some breakfast. Now most people in a situation like this would be sighing or have a sad face, but Chris doesn't. His face is completely blank and doesn't hardly ever change. When asked about it by people, he would tell them one word and leave: autism.

Thinking about this he says to himself screaming as loud as he could: "I CAN TURN MYSELF INTO A FOX, BUT I CAN'T EVEN FIX MY AUTISM DISORDER!" He promptly sits down to the bowl of cereal he had poured himself during this outbreak. No sooner than he finishes breakfast, the intercom line in his office goes off.

"Mr. Robbins, you're 10 o'clock appointment is here" says a secretary.

Chris goes to answer it:"Thanks Becky, tell them I'll be down in about 10 minutes or less."

"AND FOR GODS SAKE, REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR FUCKING COSTUME! We don't want a repeat of last month with the president of Canada, do we?" Becky screamed back.

"Yeah, I still remember that." Chris replies chuckling to himself and remembering the incident. The poor president saw him walk in in his fur and business suit and screams bloody murder and promptly passes out. Chris was confused at why the president was doing this until he felt all eyes in the meeting room glued to him. "What?" he had asked. Then he got really red in his face, even redder than his fur, and said:"I forgot my mask again, didn't I." several heads in the room nodded. Thankfully, when the president came to and heard an explanation, he was amazed. Thanks to that, Canada is now funding a lot of Chris's research.

As his memory closes, he says to Becky:"Maybe I should go out in the nude and meet them. After all, there's nothing to see with all this fur I have."

"Har, har. Just get your mutated ass down here pronto before your appointment gets pissed." replied Becky.

"Tell them I'll be down in 20 or less."

"Will do."

20 minutes later, Chris goes to his big executive office located under his penthouse and on the top floor of the research center. Today he was meeting with the president of the USA to talk about his massive breakthroughs in the genetic research and experimentation. Chris was afraid of the president wanting to use his research to make better soldiers for the armed forces. It's time to see what fate has in store for me Chris thought as he enters the room.

"Good morning Mr. President" Chris said walking into the room. The president just stared at him. He already knew Chris had used himself as a subject for some of the tests that were ran, but he had no idea that the face he saw was just a mask.

"HOLY HELL MAN, WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOURSELF?" came the president's reply. He was looking at the mask covering Chris's face mistaking the rather large size used to cover his extended face as a result from the tests. He also noticed the rather large size of his pants legs where Chris had hidden his tails, mistaking that as another byproduct of testing. At least his paws were easy enough to cover over and not look too abnormal.

Chris thought a moment before saying: "Sir, do you want the easy truth or for me to just reveal all right here, right now?"

The president thought long and hard then replied: "Give it to me straight. I want to know if this can be useful or not."

Chris: "OK, but you must promise to not freak out and scream please. I've had enough of that already from others seeing the truth."

The president: "I promise. Now let's see what you have hiding." He then sits there staring at Chris with expectant eyes.

Chris was scared and his mind was going a million miles an hour as he slowly while shaking out of fear removes the gloves covering his hands to reveal black fur on what looked like a cross between a human hand and a fox paw. He gets the gloves off and looks at the president. The president was wide eyed but quiet. Chris continues with his costume removal. He takes the head mask off to reveal his head. At this point, the president was getting scared.

"Is... is... is tha... that … re... re... real?" he asked in a scared voice.

"Yes it is." was Chris's reply. "But I'm not done yet." Chris goes on to reveal the final part of his true self. As his tails come out of the hole that was hidden in the back of his pants, he hears a thump. Looking over, the president is lying on the floor out cold. The secret service saw everything and rushes in tackling and pinning Chris to the floor.

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM!" he yells out to the agents.

"We know, it's just standard protocol when the president goes unconscious." one of the agents replied. "For all we know, you could have taken advantage of the situation to kill him. Especially considering your, erm, shocking appearance."

Chris nodded understanding their reasoning. He had just revealed something that the agents had never had to deal with before and of coarse their first action was to protect the president from this unknown potential threat. After the president wakes up from his little "nap" and doctors confirm that all is well, Chris and the president then go straight to the point of the meeting. With the secret service agents standing very closely to them of coarse. Without going into boring details of the meeting, let's just say that fate decided to bitch slap Chris right in the face. His research was to be used for the military to make better soldiers and horrible weapons. It was just as Chris feared would happen, he was to now use his skills to find better ways of killing people.

It's not that he hated this. In fact, this was good news to his ears due to the depressive feelings he had for god only knows how long now. He deeply wanted to see evil doers suffer mightily. He had just been trying to ignore this feeling for fear it would grow out of control into a savage beast. I already have the body, why not give me the mind of a wild beast too was a constant nagging thought Chris always had.

Once the president left with his orders in a "TOP SECRET" labeled file, Chris decided to go and get some dinner. He used this as his excuse to ignore the file for a little while. After dinner he still couldn't bring himself to open the file. Chris decided to spend some time messing with his computer to calm his mind down after the hell he went through earlier. Chris then glances over to the file on his desk. He couldn't take it anymore. Jumping up and flying across the room to his desk he grabs the file and heads for the elevator at the far end of his office flying over the long distance between the two.

AN: Yet another secret about Chris is out now. He can fly. More on how he does that later on.

When he made it back to his house, he immediately goes for his personal office to read up on this file. But first things first, he opens one of the desk drawers and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Chris looks down to the pack of Marlboro red king size smokes.

"Ah, good to see you my friends. Time for me to calm down." he says to himself out loud. He also pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniel's old #7 whiskey and pours a rather large glass full of the amber liquid. This should help me to calm down even more as I go through this government shit he thinks as he downs the glass and pours another. Time to get started.

As Chris sits in his chair reading through the file, a cold sweat breaks out on his forehead. Soon the rest of his body follows suit. WHAT THE FUCK? I can't do this! It'll kill millions of innocent people! When Chris makes it to the final task in the file, he just stares at it wide eyed. He had already finished the first smoke and just lit another one which was still 2/3rds unsmoked. Reading that final task made him take such a long deep drag of it that when he stopped to exhale, the cigarette was burnt down to the butt.

He then stands up from his chair, downs a few more large glasses of Jack, and leaves the office in a state of mind that can be best described as scared shitless and so dazed that he didn't know who he was. I know that I would love to do this for the sake of stomping evil out of the world, but even this is taking it too far. I need to get out for a while. Go take a walk. Oh shit, I can't leave. My mask won't be enough to hide my true form. Oh well, lets see what's online to distract me.

So Chris gets online and starts looking up things. He finally decided to look into the magical arts. After reading a few articles on it, he decided this was enough to get him interested in trying out the different styles that are out in the world. One particular spell he was reading up on caught his attention: SUMMON A FRIEND FOR THOSE LONELY IN THE HEART. Chris sat back and meditated on this for a while. This brought up many bad memories of his painful childhood and lonely adult life he had before his changes into his current form.

After going through many painful moments in his mind, which the pain of could be seen in his face, Chris decides that he needs a friend. Looking back at the description of the spell, it said that the friend summoned would be exactly like like the person who casts the spell, both in mind and form. Mind AND FORM? I gotta cast this then. Mostly to see what will happen. Chris didn't bother to read the rest of the description because of his excitement. Too bad he didn't read it because there was a very important part that said the friend could come from a different time, be it past or future. He also failed to read the part stating that changing a certain word will send you to the time that the selected friend resides in.

after waiting for 2 LONG weeks to get the needed items to perform the spell, Chris decided it was time to summon himself a friend. One who would think like him, understand him, help him and he do the same back. So Chris sits down in the spot he set up to do this in and prepares the items. After clearing his mind, he then speaks the words of the spell. I can't tell what they meant since they are in a weird language were his only thought while reciting them. After doing it for numerous times, there is a sudden wind that hicks up in the room and knocks all lightweight objects over. Chris opens his eyes to see a strange purple disk appear in front of him and grow to the height of the ceiling in the room.

Chris just stood there dumbfounded by this. Uh, was that supposed to happen? There was no time to think further on it for there was a strong wind that kicked up and started sucking all lose objects into the purple disk thing. Chris tried to run away from it, even using his tails to create a counter wind to stop the suction from pulling him in. it was no use. The suction was too strong.

Chris flew into the purple disk thing screaming: "GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH!" He kept screaming as he fell further and further from view. Finally, the purple disk thing started to shrink smaller and smaller until it was gone with a blip. And Chris was gone.

Chris slowly opened his eyes. GOD DAMN! That sure did hurt. Where the fuck am I now? He slowly got up off of the floor in tremendous pain from his little trip and looked around. He seemed to be in a work shop of some sort. There was all sorts of machinery stacked everywhere. Some of it he could understand while others looked like something from the future.

He then noticed some movement to his left and turned to look. Standing there was fox that seemed much like himself. It stood on 2 feet, was rather tall, had a creamish, yellowish main coat with white on the chest and 2 tails. 2 TAILS? NO WAY! It can't be! He only exists in Sega games, TV shows, and a comic line. Can it really be Miles Tails Prower? I have got to be certain if this is him and if he can understand me.

"Are you Miles Tails Prower?" Chris asked.

"Y...y...yeah. W...why do a...ask?" came the foxes reply. "HEY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" came out next as his senses and adrenalin kicked in.

"Calm down bub. My name is Chris Robbins. I don't really know how I got here."


"That's my name, don't wear it out." Chris winked at Tails.

"Oh my GOD!" Tails got down on his hands and knees and lowered his head in the way some one does for showing respect. "You are our master. Our creator. I humbly offer my life to you."

"Well that's very nice of you to... SAY WHAT?"

AN: To get an idea of how Chris said that last line, go to YouTube and watch this video clip: watch?v=CT82F8rco6U Well, that's it for chapter 1. I plan to get a new chapter up every 1 or 2 weeks. Enjoy. Please review.