Dear Readers,

I still smile whenever I get an email letting me know this story has been added as your favorite or you all have reviewed. I still remember enjoying writing this story to the point where I couldn't sleep thinking how to continue it (you may call it obsession, I call it… well, obsession. Ha!) Anyway, I just wanted to once again thank you for reading, favoring, and reviewing Secret Lovers.

I also wanted to write this note to let you all know I'm working on another Hunger Games based fanfic. Well, it is more like a collection of short stories and one shots/scenes with the original characters of The Hunger Games trilogy and my own stories (Secret Lovers and The Killer and The Ruler). I remember someone on here suggesting I write an Enobaria & Seneca fanfic. Well, I am on it! It will be a short story of one long chapter most likely. I'd like to let you all know that I will take requests of what y'all want to read about. I don't promise to make all requests work because my brain will run out of ideas (and my insecurity will sometimes convince me to not publish a story). I do promise to try really hard to make y'all happy.

Once again, thanks for reading and expect On Fire: Stories from Panem on Fanfic soon! Shoot me a PM or review if you like the idea. You may also send your requests. Thanks!