The Black Stallion's Daughter

The sound of waves crashed in the night air as Christina Soul stood at Lustonia's stall and watched the

little wet thing try to stand up. Lustonia's pregnancy was completely unexpected and the last thing she wanted to happen. Chrissy decided to call the small thing Bluefeather. Because of the fact, she had a pale blue feather on her forehead. Her father was unknown but no doutebly it was the famous racehorse the Black. If he was she would be a born racer just like her mom and many others before her. Chrissy stepped inside the stall and petted Lustonia.

" You did good girl, you did good." She whispered Bluefeather looked up at them with her shiny black eyes.

It was just before day break the moon was high in the sky and Bluefeather was ready to run, Chrissy breathed in the sweet salty air she looked down at blue with her one good pale blue eye. Blue pawed the sand impaciently but Chrissy knew it wasn't the right time. Yet. She then let go of the reins and Blue shot down the beach. Chrissy used her legs to keep her strait