Hey everyone. I wrote this a while back and I want to show it to you. You'll find examples of overused plots for Alex Rider fanfics, and plain crackiness. Don't take this seriously.


"How did your day go, Alex?" Jack asked, after hugging him.

"Oh, nothing much, just creepy robots in charge of MI6, assassins, Scorpia, saving the world, and school. The usual." Alex said casually.

"Oh, that's nice." Jack said, then returned to reading her romance novels upside down.

Then a Scorpia assassin shot her and she died, bleeding all over the romance novel and Alex was actually slightly grateful, because that romance novel had scarred him for life when he was 7 and was poking around in Ian Rider's room. (Alex didn't want to know WHY it was in Ian's room, and was positive it wasn't because he had a girlfriend. What that meant, though, he really didn't want to guess at.) But just as Alex was about to praise him, he saw a scorpion in a glass tank the man was somehow carrying around, and killed the man with his amazing super spy skills. Then Alex realized he actually liked the scorpion (plus he really wanted the irony of destroying Scorpia with a scorpion to be put on his records), and they set off to have an adventure. (1)

Before Alex made it out of the front door of his house, helicopters dropped down MI6 agents, and they aimed guns at him.

"Alex Rider, you will not be harmed unless you do not cooperate. We are allowed to use force and will not hesitate to do so. Oh and I really want the privilege of hurting MI6's top agent- hey! Turn the mic off!"

Alex sweatdropped as they put him in the back of an armored vehicle.

The scorpion looked at him, and he petted it, using his super spy skills to not be stung.

"We will send you to Brecon Beacons so we can use you as a slave whenever we want."

Alex blinked. Well, at least Blunt was being honest for once... Nah, there was probably some catch.

"You will also have to have a different schedule and will be trained in more advanced martial arts, weapons, languages, medical emergencies, how to handle a gun and different weapons as well as..."

Alex stopped paying attention when Blunt started talking about wild animal attacks. Seriously, could that man get any more paranoid? Instead of listening to Blunt ramble about poison and stuff that would most likely never happen, he stared at the scorpion.

Three hours later...

Alex woke up to the sound of a door opening. The driver was here. Blunt was still rambling.

Alex sat in the car for several hours.

Then all his classmates went to Brecon Beacons and he met a teenage spy that could kill him in less than 0. seconds who was very beautiful but didn't seen traumatized at all even though his parents were murdered in a gruesome way in front of him. Then Alex randomly ditched his girlfriend and they got married.

Then they went all super spy like until they died at 142 during a mission because they tripped on their canes.

(1) I just wanted to include the word adventure. :D