Chapter 2: Story of Jenny Murphy and the death of Nancy Murphy and the funeral

Its 6 weeks later after Jenny was kidnapped.

Jenny was in her bedroom lying on her bed looking at the family photo album. She looked at a woman and a man holding a baby, she went down stairs to her brother and asked while pointing at a man in a police uniform "Jimmy, who's this man?" James took the book off Jenny and said "That's dad, years ago" He pointed at the baby and the woman and said "That's me and mom" Jenny sat on the sofa next to her brother and said "I don't remember mommy at all, I even hardly remember my childhood before mommy died and how am I alive if daddy was dead when I was born" Jenny started to cry.

Here is the story of Jenny Alexandra Murphy.

In the middle of October in the year 2029, 3 weeks before Alex Murphy leave and gets transfer to Metro West. After taking his little boy, Jimmy Murphy to school. Alex heads back home to his wife Nancy Murphy and they spend some time with her before he leaves.

Alex gets in the house and sees Nancy sitting on the sofa reading a magazine, he walked you behind her and wraps his arms around her "Nancy we never get the chance to have time for ourselves, as I am always working and Jimmy is home when I get in" Nancy turns around and looks at him and kissed him on the lips and said "okay" and smiles and they both headed to their bedroom and have fun.

Its 3 weeks after Alex died. She woke up in bed on her own she misses her husband so much. But suddenly she felt sick she got up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom and went sick down the toilet. She flushed the toilet and then washed her face. Jimmy came running to his mother and asked "You okay mommy?" Nancy placed her hand over her stomach and said "I'm find sweetheart; I'm just getting over your father's death that's all" She was but there was something else that was wrong with her but she couldn't figure it out.

After taking her son to school we went to see the local doctor. "Mrs. Murphy, how can I help you?" the doctor said. "I've been sick nearly every morning, and I feel light headed" I think I'm pregnant again"

"Okay Mrs. Murphy, I'll give you a pregnancy test" So the doctor did give her a pregnancy test it came 'negative' and the doctor told her "him sorry but it say's 'negative'" Nancy was confused "But that can't be I've been sick nearly all week every morning, are you sure?" The doctor said "I'm sure Mrs. Murphy, I'm sorry" After that Nancy left the surgery and went home.

Days later Nancy went to buy a home pregnancy kit tests and did the test and it said 'Positive' she was happy but sad because Alex wasn't here so she could tell him. She went to the doctor's surgery and showed the doctor and just to be on the safe side he did another pregnancy test and this time it came up 'Positive' "Well I guess you're pregnant, congratulations" Nancy was over the moon.

Its 9 months later Nancy got rushed into hospital by her Father in Law Russell Murphy along with her son Jimmy and Mother in Law Dorothy Murphy.

The nurses placed Nancy on the bed and placed her in a hospital operation gown. ""Okay you're almost there, Mrs. Murphy!" The doctor said enthusiastically.

5 hours later she lets out her last push; her grip relaxes as her body sinks into the hospital bed. When the baby came out she breathed in and out very fast.

"It's a girl!" The doctor announced triumphantly.

Tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she cradled the squirming, breathing bundle of her new born daughter. Tiny hands reached out to her, little stubby fingers as she studied her new born in silent. The little eyes opened and Nancy smiled with joy. The little one just looked like Alex especially the blue eyes as Nancy had brown and so does Jimmy.

"You're beautiful you are just like your father, I wish your father was here to see you" Nancy said she had tears running down her face. "Do you want to see your family?" the nurse asked "Yeah let them in" She replied without laying her eyes off of her new born daughter.

So Russell, Dorothy and Jimmy walked in Jimmy ran toward the bed and asked excitedly "What is it, what is it?" Nancy looked at her 10 year old son and replied "It's your new sister" Jimmy was shocked and said "What I wanted a brother" "Well you have a sister now" Nancy said. "She's beautiful Nancy, Alex will be so proud" Dorothy said. "What you going to name her?" Russell asked.

Well when me and Alex was having Jimmy we discussed that if we ever have a daughter we would name her Jenny, so I'll name her Jenny" She smiles at the infant and then added I'll name her after her father as well. Jenny Alexandra Murphy" Alex will be honored" Russell said and everyone agreed.

Nancy yawns, she then said, "I don't know about you, but I could use some rest right about now, 5 hours in labor to much for me" The Nurse took Jenny from her arms and she stretches out on the bed, and Jimmy gives her a hug and Russell, Dorothy and Jimmy leaves so Nancy can have her sleep. Jenny Alexandra Murphy was born on 23 July 2030 at 4:00 pm

In the present time Jenny asked James "How did mommy die?" James opens his mouth "ah" he said and then added "well I wasn't there when she died, but you where" "and…" she said making James to carry on telling her what happened.

It was a since day in Delta City. Nancy and Jenny where in the car, Nancy was driving to Delta City Mall.

Jenny starts crying, Nancy was fed up of Jenny crying 24/7 "Jenny be quiet "Nancy demanded, but Jenny didn't stop "Jenny mommy is trying to drive, I can't concentrate on the road when your crying" Nancy said "Jenny!" she looked at Jenny and then looked at the road and then suddenly a car drove into Nancy car and the car flipped upside down.

Nancy was brutally injured from the crash, Nancy was half conscious blood was everywhere.

A lot of people where around Nancy's car "Hello are you okay?" a voice said "M-m-my baby" Nancy said as she was in shock, Jenny started to cry. Random people tried to help Nancy and the baby out. Then everyone hears sirens, Police cars and ambulances.

"Help theirs a woman and a baby stuck in the car!" a woman cried out the paramedics who just got out of the ambulance.

The paramedics went to the car and asked "Hello can you hear me"

"It's too dangerous to get her out, she brutally injured, we could get the child out but we need something strong!" the other paramedic shouted.

Sergeant Parks and Detective Lisa Madigan were with the other police officers who where there. "OH MY GO!" Lisa shouted and then added "Nancy's car" Sergeant Parks looked over at the young Detective and said "Its Murphy's wife and daughter, I hope he isn't here" then they hear a police siren and looked and it was the Robo-cruiser. "I spoke to soon" the Sergeant said. "I'll tell him" Lisa said and ran towards Murphy. Robocop got out of the car and Lisa told him "Murphy, if I were you I wouldn't see who it is" Murphy looked confused and questions her "Why?" Murphy went to the car ancient. A paramedic ran towards him asked ask "Could you do us a favor and help us to get the baby out of the car". "Of course" the paramedic and Robocop walked to the car he stopped and looked a female whose head was out of the car "Nancy?" he said whilst walk closely and he heard a Baby cry from inside the car. Murphy knelt down on his knees on the passenger side and ripped the door off, he had to lie on his back, stretched his arm inside the car and saw a baby girl, his daughter.

He undid the safety belt of the car seat and quickly grabbed Jenny and said to the paramedic "I have her" Murphy passed Jenny to the paramedic and they took her to the ambulance. Murphy looked at Nancy who was brutally injured, "Nancy?" Murphy said he touched her but quickly removed his hand from her as Nancy's body was cold, the paramedics where too late, Nancy died. Murphy was angry, but revenge wouldn't bring her back. These words we wanted to say taunted him but he wanted to say them "Rest in Peace Nancy" he said and then added "I will protect our children" Murphy got up from the car and stood on his two feet and walked away with anger.

Sergeant Parks said to Murphy "Where sorry Murphy". Robocop didn't say anything he just walked to his and got into his car and drove off.

Suddenly Diana swirls out of metro-net and said "I'm sorry Alex" "Don't be, it is not your fault" Alex said and before Diana can speak he added "This is my fault" Diana looked at him with disapproval face "No Alex it's not your fault, don't even say it" Diana said. Then from the corner of her eye she saw Murphy with a tear coming from his eye and asked "Alex, what's wrong?" "I think I'm having a malfunction, Charlie can have a look" Alex said.

Diana smiled and told him "Alex I don't scan any malfunctions, your fine you just have you human side controlling you because of this event, I don't blame you but if I were you I would control it, you could never know what the side effects are" Alex turned his head slightly facing Diana and agreed and said "You're right".

2 weeks later it was Nancy's funeral. Only Family and close friends came to the funeral. It was only a small Ceremony. It only lasted for an hour. Robocop did attend the ceremony but he was in the back behind everyone else so they don't suspect anything. He saw Jimmy standing while holding Jenny who was looking at Robocop. Jenny didn't understand what was going on around her.

How will this affect her childhood now without a mother and a father?

Jimmy and Jenny ended up in Family Services and after the ceremony and Robocop never saw his children again.


Writing this chapter I was listening to sad music to bring out the sadness of this chapter, I actually cried while thinking what to write for this chapter. The third chapter will be more happy and family type story.