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El Ángel De Las Tinieblas
Chapter 17: Chismosa

Edward's POV

Bella's hand trembled slightly in mine as I led her to the door of our bedroom. I had enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere as she lay in the tub and we spoke, but it was time to leave our isolated little burbuja and return to the world of the living. We had spent multiple days now hiding away, and though we couldn't venture off the property on which we lived, my family wanted to begin knowing and welcoming our newest member.

I recalled her reaction to Emmett, the way she had trembled at his very presence, and though I wasn't quite sure what her reaction would be to men in general, I knew that she could be easily overwhelmed by the presence of newcomers, especially loud, overbearing ones such as my brother. Instead, since she had already met my mother, I decided it would be best if she met my sister, Alice, and my sister-in-law, Rosalie, at a meal with my mother. Mamá and I should hopefully be familiar enough to her that Alice and Rosalie wouldn't completely frighten her.

Still, my dulce was hesitant to follow me and dug in her heels.

Sighing, I turned around and slowly cradled her face in my hands. I feared if I ever moved too quickly that I would frighten her, considering the state in which I had first found her. The bruises on her skin were still a vibrant purple, and would remain a painful reminder of what my waiting to act had done to my beautiful girl. If only I had acted sooner…

"Corazón, what is the problem?" My voice was gentle, soothing.

She shook her head and stared up at me with glassy eyes. She was so tiny, so fragile. One part of me wanted to wrap her in bubble wrap and lock her away to keep safe. The rest of me knew that idea was entirely insane. "What if they don't like me?" she asked quietly.

I chuckled and shook my head at the absurdity. Sure, Rose could be cold, but she would feel a kinship to this girl. And Alice loved everyone, it was her nature. "They will love you so much. You will be a part of this family and you should know this now." I touched my heart. "Familia." And then I touched hers. "Familia." My finger tapped the tip of her nose before taking her hand again. "Do not worry about blood relation or time spent together. If I say you are family, because that is what I feel in my heart, then you are, and they will never think otherwise."

I didn't let her fight me or protest. I turned and walked out the door of the room and took her with me. She was absolutely silent as I led her around. Leaving my room was an outdoor hallway. It was probably a dangerous idea for my father to allow my mother to design the house this way, but I could understand, now, his soft spot for allowing his amor to have whatever made her happy. The guards would just have to be on high alert, like they should have been regardless. The property was gated in anyway, and a second fence stood between the house and the outer gardens.

The large house required a great deal of walking, but when I glanced back at Bella, she actually seemed happy to stretch her legs. She hadn't ventured anywhere in the house but our room and the beach area where I first proposed to her. I wondered if she would want another proposal, something more romantic, in years to come. My brain was already coming up with better ways to ask her hand in marriage. Only the best, my Bella deserved it.

There was a patio on the side of the house, enclosed by windows to keep the cool air conditioning in during the summer months. In the winter and whenever a hurricane was on its way in, Mamá hired our men to take them out. When it was cooler, she loved to enjoy the breeze and get away from the cool, dry air inside.

I nodded at D – Diego – and he opened the door for me. I waited for Bella to walk in before me, but the sound of voices and the sight of the women sitting at a small table must have scared her, so I pulled her in along behind me.

"¡Ay! ¡Y Tanya! Es una coqueta fatal. ¿No?"

Alice liked to chat, but Rosalie was such a chismosa. From what I could hear, they were discussing Tanya's flirtatious behavior, and while Alice thought it was just Tanya's personality, Rosalie knew differently, as she answered, "No es coqueta, es pelandusca. Ella le sigue engañando al cornudo de su marido. Siempre anda culeando. María dijo que a Tanya, le gusta la trastienda."

I shook my head. I'd heard that too, but I wouldn't ever say anything like that around my mother. That last bit was appalling, and certainly unnecessary. We were all aware of the loose woman that Tanya was, but she was married to the Russians and so I had stayed away from her even on my most desperate nights, which were incredibly rare.

Still unspotted, and tired of listening to the inane chatter, I spoke up. Bella was hiding directly behind me, out of sight, so I pulled her gently up to my side. I didn't want to be rough with her – she'd had enough of that in her life – but this hiding thing was getting old. Nothing was going to happen to her. She was safe with me. She always would be. My family would love her. She had no reason to hide.

"¡Oye! Rosa, ¡no seas tan grosera! Mamá está acá, y Bella también."

Everyone sitting at the table spun around to look over at us, and Bella attempted to hide again but I held her firmly by my side and narrowed my eyes at the offensive blonde. Her eyes were narrowed back at me, but not at all upset. She shook my chiding right off, unbothered.

She just shrugged. "A Mamá, no le molesta. No seas un aguafiestas, Señor Eduardo."

Mamá, however, wasn't having that. She shot Rosalie a look that immediately admonished my sister-in-law. It was that mothering glare that said, "Stop being rude, our guest is present." Mamá immediately stood to welcome my girl, ignoring me completely. Bella happily fell into Mamá's embrace, soaking in the love and mothering warmth being offered. I doubted Bella had been offered this so unconditionally before in her life, and I was just so happy that she could finally have that. Mija frequently punctured my mother's mutterings to my corazón, and I smiled at the connection already shared by the two. My mother was important to me. In fact, I would probably be considered a Momma's boy, if I wouldn't immediately shoot the head off of anyone who called me that. Not that I was ashamed of that – it was the truth – but I certainly had a reputation to maintain.

Rosalie and Alice stood, waiting for their turn to be introduced. Rosalie appeared properly chastised, and I inwardly smiled at the way Mamá had cut her down without more than a glance.

When Mamá finally felt she'd lavished enough love on Bella for the time being, she led her over to my sisters. Bella followed without worry, and I was only somewhat offended that she was more comfortable with my mother taking her somewhere than me leading her anywhere, but I shook the thought off. Mamá could never, ever lead anyone into any sort of danger. It was natural to that so instinctually. And I would be there to protect Bella always, regardless of the circumstances. With both of us there, Bella was probably the safest she had been in many years.

Mamá introduced Rosalie and Alice to la bella mía. I watched as she lowered her chin, as if in respect to the two girls while Mamá spoke.

"This is my daughter, Mary Alice, but you should simply call her Alice." My baby sister had short, pixie-like hair and an incredibly energetic disposition. It was almost ridiculous the amount of energy and joy she possessed, even before her morning cup of coffee. "And this is Rosalie. She is married to my other son, Emmett. I do not think you have met him yet, but you will." My mother nudged Bella forward. "Do not worry, Mija. They will not bite you, or I will take away their credit cards. Smile, beautiful girl, so they can see how lovely you are." Bella grinned a little at my mother's words.

Mamá lit up at the sight. "Ah! There you are. Rosa, Alicia, se llama Bella, y es la prometida de Eduardo."

A/n: So what did you think? Ok, Spanish lesson time! Woo!

La chismosa – a gossip

La burbuja – bubble

Mamá – Momma (duh!)

La dulce – sweet one, basically

El corazón – sweetheart (literally HEART)

La familia – family

El amor – love

¡Ay! ¡Y Tanya! Es una coqueta fatal. ¿No? – Oh! And Tanya! She's a flirt. Right?

No es coqueta, es pelandusca. Ella le sigue engañando al cornudo de su marido. Siempre anda culeando. María dijo que a Tanya, le gusta la trastienda. – She's not a flirt, she's a slut. She keeps cheating on her cuckold of a husband. She's always sleeping around. María said that Tanya likes the backdoor action (anal).

¡Oye! Rosa, ¡no seas tan grosera! Mamá está acá, y Bella también. – Hey! Rosa, don't be so crass! Mamá is here, and Bella too.

A Mamá, no le molesta. No seas un aguafiestas, Señor Eduardo. – It doesn't bother Mamá. Don't be a party pooper, Sir Eduardo.

Mija – my child (daughter)

La bella mía – my beautiful one

Rosa, Alicia, se llama Bella, y es la prometida de Eduardo. – Rosa, Alicia, this is Bella, and she is Eduardo's fiancée.