I know the characters spaces say Leslie and Victor, and the genres romance, but this is not a VictorxLeslie fic. Thanks for understanding~

My name is Hera Preston. I am a fourteen-year-old girl with blue hair and hot pink highlights. My hair is usally kept in two braids in the front. I wear yellow contact lenses...

This is my seventh month volunteering at Caduceus USA as a Candy Striper along with my two best friends: Lilac Fyals and Amanda Cherrystone.

Since I was twelve, I've wanted to be a general surgeon. SO BADLY. It all started with a love of video games, and a source that provided them... With medical themes.

Originally, just hearing the word "hemorrhaging" would makes some of my limbs and muscles tense and a bit "twitchy". I've mostly overcome that now and I hope not to run into it again any time soon!

I quickly changed into my usual striped uniform. A stereotypical Candy Striper's uniform. I slipped one of my clean pairs of white spandex on underneath it. No one needed to see anything, right? Right. I grabbed my white apron off of the big-ass toilet dispenser of the public restroom stall.

Yes, I'm in the building now. I can't wear my uniform on the city bus for reasons...

I pulled my red ballerina flats out of a small, pre-school sized polka-dot backpack and slipped them on. I crammed my casual clothes into it and unlocked the stall and walked out with my pack and the little nurse's hat (Didn't always wear it) that went with my outfit.

I dropped my back onto the sink counter. I was the only one in here. I poofed my braids and fixed my hair as I put the hat on until it looked good enough. I twirled around to see that nothing on my skirt was crammed down my spandex. Because that would just look ridiculous.

I grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom. I waved to some of the nurses and patients that greeted me as I walked by them to Nurse Angie Thompson's locker. She allows me to keep my backpack in her unit because the girls and I still haven't been assigned our own.

I looked around until I saw Lilac and Amanda chatting. I strode up to them. "Hello, fellow Candy Strippers- Oops, Candy Stripers." I loved messing with these guys.

"Hey, Hera. How's Yvonne been treating you?" Lilac asked.

I stiffened up. Yvonne Zane was my 19-year-old step-sister. She was also my legal guardian. My parents are not with us. My mother died a few years ago and I was left in my step-father's and Yvonne's care. He loved me. He was with the military and was drafted a year ago.

But what makes this entire thing uncomfortable for me is that Yvonne isn't quite right in the head. She's beautiful and all, but she isn't quite fond of me.

..She also insisted that she Candy Strip- Stripe with us because she wanted to meet some hot doctors.

Would you believe our luck when this happens next?

"GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!" Dr. Victor Niguel roared from not far away. Me and the ladies exchanged a glance and giggled as we crept to see what was going on.

Yvonne slipped out, apparently looking defended. Her Candy skirt was cut short and she was obviously wearing a garter belt-you could see the straps going up from her stocking, and she had altered her top in a v that goes... Down-to-there.

"What's going on?" Dr. Tyler Chase burst out laughing from down the hall. "Victor! I didn't know that you-"

"I DON'T!" Victor defended.

Of course, Sidney Kasal just so happened to be walking along when this all happened.

"Do we have a problem?" He asked as he strolled up.

"This woman came onto me while I was trying to observe dangerous organisms under the microscope!" Victor pointed to Yvonne.

Without hesitation... "Yvonne, your now relieved from your volunteering duties." Mr. Kasal quickly walked away. In other words: Yvonne, you're fired.

Yvonne stood there in shock while Lilac, Amanda and I burst out laughing. Tyler did, too, from where he was. Victor facepalmed and closed the door to his lab, locking himself away once more.

After the scene, the girls and I proceeded with our duties. I read The Red Kite and Kitties and Puppies, What's the Difference? so many times that I'm actually exhausted.

It was about my lunchbreak by now..

I walked back to Angie's locker, turns out she was there, too.

"Thanks for letting me use your locker, Angie. It's really nice of you!" I thanked her.

She smiled. "Oh, you're welcome! Do you need something?" She asked as she took a tub of Greek Salad out of her locker. I guess she was on lunchbreak, too.

"Just a little brown paper bag with my lunch in it." I tried to say casually.

She nodded, and unzipped something inside the locker (most likely my pack) and handed the small bag to me. "Anything else?"

I shook my head no and she closed the locker. I walked with her until she saw Dr. Derek Stiles and began to make her way towards him. "See ya, Nurse Thompson!" I called, waving. She turned around and waved to me. Derek did, too. Then I went to go find Lilac and Amanda.

I found them sitting on a couch in the Staff Room with their lunches. Lilac had sugarcookies and Amanda had a salad. She was a vegetarian. I sat down inbetween them both and opened up my brown paper bag. I gasped loudly.

"What is it?" Amanda asked worriedly.

"Yvonne promised she'd make lunch for me today!"

"She didn't give you anything?" Lilac asked.

"Oh no, she did. She gave me a nasty nectarine!" I stretched the bag wide open for the girls to see. "I hope it didn't stink up Angie's locker..." The horrible aroma of Yvonne's nasty carpet-scented perfume and rotting fruit drifted through the room.

Amanda peered in. "Eww! I don't think I can ever eat another nectarine again!"

"There's a dead fly stuck to it." Lilac said dryly. She tucked one of her blonde locks behind her ear. "Well, I have cookies and would be willing to share." She glanced at Amanda, who continued eating her salad. After a few seconds she stopped to see us staring at her.


"Aren't you gonna share?" Lilac made a fist and put it on her hip.

Amanda's brownish skin blushed and she put a hand to her face. "Um, yes of course. Sorry.."

Amanda looked so much cuter than Lilac or I when she blushed because of her dark skin, and ours is just so pale and fair... It looks a little too red.

Amanda split her salad with me and Lilac gave me three cookies. ..After I threw out the nasty nectarine. When we finished lunch we threw away our scraps and washed our hands before we went to go find Nurse Leslie Sears for further instructions. She and Angie were the ones that usually supplied us with our tasks.

..We couldn't find her.

I walked up to the woman at the front desk. "Where's Nurse Sears?" I asked her politely.

"Um..." She shuffled some papers around on her desk. "I believe she is in the Staff Room."

"Okay, thanks!"

"We were just there.." Amanda commented as we walked away.

We walked in there and found Leslie with a cup of coffee in a red solo cup.

"Hello, girls!" She greeted us.

"Hello, Nurse Sears." We said in unison.

"We were wondering if there were any more instructions you had for us today."

"Oh!" She thought for a moment. "I haven't quite thought that out yet. But rememebr! Keep the good work up and you'll be able to go on the trip to the bay with us in three days."

New doctors were coming in so on Saturday of this week we'll be given a break. The doctors who were going chose to go to the ay.

"I completely forgot about that.." I admitted outloud. "Nurse Sears, you don't think-"

"No I don't, Hera. You have nothing to worry about! The lifeguards will be on duty.."

When I was seven years old I was caught in a whirlpool. I already had this fear of large bodies of water, and how they drain... I couldn't stand to be in a draining pool... Does anyone remember the incident at Lake Peigneur in Louisiana all those years ago? Would you believe that such a thing could happen again- In the state of Washington?

I've tried forgetting this memory- But to no avail. The only thing I've forgotten is the name of the lake. It was summer and mom was still alive. I had swam away and all of a sudden it felt like something had hold of my foot. I was trapped in what was becoming a giant whirlpool, it was like being in a rip current but much, much worse.

Mom was running along the road, looking for me. My father wasn't with us. We didn't know who he was. Mom saw me in the giant funnel-shaped disaster and called out to me. "Hera, Hera!" She would cry.

She finally jumped in to save me. The lake was draining fast. She grabbed onto my hands as she sunk below me. It was pulling her in! By the time I could only see her arms, she was pulled out of my grip and was gone. My toes brushed the sand as the whirlpool came to a sickening hault.

My mother was dead.

"Hera, Hera!" Leslie shook me.

"Thank you for reminding me, Nurse Sears. If you don't mind, I must be catching the bus.." I walked away from them and swung my pack over my shoulder.

I briskly walked through the trauma center and pushed outside the door, walking to the city bus stop. Withen five minutes, in pulled up. I drew my bus pass from my backpack and boarded the bus, swiping it, and sat down in the back of the bus all by myself for the entire ride.

As the bus approached my stop, I got up on my knees and pulled the yellow wire. It stopped almost immediately and I tumbled over onto the floor. I stood up and brushed off my uniform, walking off the bus as people stared at me. The ones that have been riding the bus as long as me shouldn't be staring, they know I'm a bit of a klutz sometimes and that I wear a candy uniform.

The bus stop was unusally close to my California house, on the same block. I walked down with my backpack still slumped over my shoulder. I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. Twice, three times..

Yvonne, finally, opened the door. "Oh, it's you." She scowled.

"Who else would it be?"

"Hello, Yvonne. Please let me in."

She stepped out of the way and I hung my backpack on a hook in the hallway.

"You know, no one at that hospital really cares about you." I ignored her as a took my flats off.

"You're just a waste of space that steps under the doctors' feet."


"Your hair blinds people."

I began walking away.

"I was talking to you!" She spun me around and punched me in the face. As soon as she did, I fell to the ground.

"Yvonne.." I whispered.

She growled and ran off. When I was sure she had gone, I slowly rose and looked into the hall mirror. Blood trickled down my right cheek. I walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone, dialing.

"Hello, Social Services? I'd like to report a Yvonne Zane for child abuse. Yes, it's been going on for awhile now.."