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There is a hole in my heart

"Are you feeling ok?" Damn it, the pain was really starting to bother me and I guess it showed in my face. The problem was that I was still holding Jefferson's hand, and apparently, too tight.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was.…" When my hand was leaving his, the car sudden stopped and I frenetically looked everywhere, searching for the cause of it.

"Don't." His hand strongly held mine. But what pained me was his face. When I looked at him, Jefferson seemed so lost and sad. Not the kind of feature you expected to see on one of the richest men in town.

"I won't." I squeezed his hand as best I could to reassure him, and was rewarded with a million dollar smile that brought a fresh, young appearance to his face.

"You don't do that very much, do you?" I guess for him, I was talking about his driving skills. The problem was that I wasn't.

"I'm no Speed Racer.…" This time it was my giggle that stopped him and caused his smile to enlarge. He looked like a Cheshire cat.

"No, I mean smile." His feature changed and he was retreating, back to the mysterious rich man everyone is always talking about, but never really leaves his place. I don't like this side of him very much, so I decided to push my luck a bit more.

"You should do that more often. It suits you." I don't know if it was because of the other red light, or the fact that for some reason, my ankle felt so numb from the pain that I was smiling like him.

"I don't do that very often anymore." There was a pain in his words, and I squeezed his hand just for a bit.

"Maybe all you in need is a crazy person to make you smile." We stopped right in front of a clothing shop, where two of Ashley's step sisters were arguing like two old hags about something.

"We're all mad in here, Charlie." He winked as the light turned green.

All I know is that neither of us stopped the ridiculous large smiles in our faces.

Fairytale Land

"Alice? Alice!" The little boy was running after his friend. His archery lesson was over, so he had time before supper. It wasn't usual for her to meet him at this hour. Usually, he's the one who got to her home. Maybe he could teach her the new hat trick that his father taught him yesterday.

"Why are you runn…." He was faster than her. Even though she could always out do him in almost anything, one of the few things he could do better than her was to run. And this was a good talent to have now. Because his friend, his best friend, was taking sharp breaths and her brown eyes were red with tears.

"What's wrong?" She couldn't look at him. "Did one of the boys do something to you? Please, tell me. We're friends." His little heart broke every time he saw something bad happen to her, so he took it as his personal duty to never let anything happen to her.

"Are you hurt? Are you in pain? What is it Alice?" The little boy was starting to become frantic with nervousness. She wasn't speaking nor looking at him. Something really bad must've happen.

"We're best friends, remember? And best friends always tell each other things. You told me that." But the effect he was hoping to get wasn't there. Instead the tiny girl started to sob ever harder and when he opened his arms to hug her, like he always did, she backed away.

"No." she simply said.

"No, why?" For an 11 year old boy, this was the end of the world.

"We can't be friends anymore." Her voice was failing. Jefferson her been her friend, her only friend, since the day she fell and he found her. So to listen these words coming from her mouth caused great pain for both kids.

"Why?" He couldn't say anything anymore. His voice was hoarse and his eyes became so blurry that it was hard to see. Why was her friend doing this?

"I'm not good enough for you." This was nonsense! Didn't she know that she's his only true friend? "I'm not worthy of your friendship." Suddenly it all made sense. Only one person was thick and vile in this world that would say such things to a child.

Jefferson, she's not worthy of your friendship.

"It was my mother who said it, wasn't it?" She grew quiet. Of course it was his mother! With her delusions of grandeur, always making people feel inferior to her .Why can't she just be happy with what she has? No, it's always something else, something more. Sometimes, Jefferson is really sad that he has a woman like her as mother.

"Don't listen to her, ok?" he whispered, taking the fragile girl in his arms, and sighing happily when he didn't see her flinch. "It's you and me Alice, always and forever." Neither did he know, the truth beneath his words.

"Always and forever."


"Here we are." I didn't even realize that we stopped at his house already. Where did the time go?

"Let me help you out." I was about to pretest, but how could I when Jefferson was already pulling me out like I weighed nothing and this was the most natural thing in the world?

Now, in addition to have a bad ankle, I was blushing like a schoolgirl.

"I... er… thanks." He only put me down when we were inside his living room. Seriously, he must be very well built to carry.…

Stop thinking about it Charlie, it's so not helping you right now!

"Don't get me wrong Charlie, but I noticed that your clothes are a little dirty." I looked to me feet and noticed that my pants had more than a little dirt on them. Oh God, kill me now!

"I don't want you to be offend or anything, but I have some clothes I've brought a while back for my cousin who lives in Detroit, but it didn't fit in her so she gave it all back and just told me to give her cash." He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Would you like to try them on?" Ok, so it wasn't so bad. But why was he looking at me like that? Oh no, maybe I got so much dirt on his car that he just wants me to appear clean.

No, that's crazy! Stop it Charlotte!

"Yeah, that'll be great, thank you." I tried not to sound so hopeful, but I guess I wasn't doing such a good job. Never mind, because he was rushing out to the hallway and only stopped when he noticed I wasn't following. "Oh yeah, I'm coming too."

The dress is perfect! At least it felt perfect to me. It was a simple dark blue dress with black straps. My favorite colors! And it fit like a glove. What are the odds! There was just something missing in this picture. Jefferson said that he brought this for his cousin a while age, but the label said this was purchased yesterday. Why would he say something like that?

Oh, that's just my imagination! I'll give it back to him as soon as I properly wash it, so it's not like it's a gift or anything.

When I stood in front of the mirror, I had to stop for a moment. It really was a beautiful piece, and I'm not the one that uses to worry about clothing or anything, but this dress was simply and yet, amazing.

His cousin must be really sad that she can't wear this.

When I finished zipping it up I went to pick up the black cardigan that came with it. It could be used without it, but for personal reasons I.…

"Charlie I forgot to ask if you wanted te.…" It took me a second to assimilate the situation: I wasn't naked, but my back was showing and it was something I never wanted people to see.

"CLOSE THE DOOR!" It all went down so fast. I didn't mean to sound like that. But I did.

"I'm sorry." I came to the living room, looking at my feet. A habit I've had since I was a kid. "I just didn't expect you came in while I was changing." I saw his feet coming towards me. He really does have big feet. And how come his shoes are always shinning?

"No, I should be the one to apologize. It was inappropriate for me to enter without asking." His voice seemed restrained, like he was holding back. Could this situation get any worse? "You look really beautiful in that dress." And just like that, my nervousness was gone. How can he do that?

"Thank you." I finally looked up and saw that his eyes were shinning, so beautifully that I couldn't look away.

"Shall we sit?" We did and he started serving the wonderful tea with the even more expensive china. I was afraid if I dropped it, I could never pay him back, not after my 89 birthday.

The tea was great, but I just knew that he wanted to say something, and I knew what it is.

"You want to ask, don't you?" This is why I don't wear bikinis or any other revealing outfit, ever! But, for some reason, I felt it would be easy to explain this to him. After all, it was just a silly story.

"If you don't mind." It was more of a statement than a question "What happened?" Why must he always look like he was in deep concentration or in pain? I didn't even start the story.

"My sister and I were playing. It was my 18 birthday and she double dared me to cross the barbed wire fence. What can I say? I won." There, it was a shameful story, but it wasn't such a big deal. The problem was that it left a few… well, a lot of tiny scars on my back.

"Does it hurt?" I appreciate his concern, but everything was fine. It was juts a matter of feminine vanity.

"Its fin.…" I touched my back t reassure him, and suddenly I've felt like this intense pain came over me. I let the cup slip on the couch, but I couldn't concentrate in nothing now. This horrible feeling came over me when I touched my back. Why is it hurting like that now?

"Charlotte? Charlotte!" Jefferson's voice was so far away.

It's you and me. Always and forever

I opened my eyes, and just like that, the pain was gone.

"What was that?" Jefferson was beside me, paler than a ghost, carefully not touching my back, but for the third time today, I held his hand and all my stress was gone.

"How can you do that?" I whispered, since we were so closed and I was feeling that weird déjà vu sensation, not really wanting it to end.

"Do what?" His eyes were so deep, it was almost as if he was searching something inside my soul. It was deep and at the same time heartbreaking. What is he looking for?

"Make me feel better like that" Oh no, did I really just said that? He must think I'm crazy.

"I'll tell you if you tell me how you make me feel like that too."

We were close. Dangerously close, and this time I wasn't afraid. Suddenly there was a loud noise coming from the kitchen and Jefferson went to see what happened.

Well, at least I could not believe it!

"CHESTER! How come you got here you sneaky cat?" For the first time in days, he ran to my lap while Jefferson started to treat my ankle At least this way I could put the cat in front of my face to hide the redness in me.

I don't know if it was his miraculous hands or the tea, but I was feeling so relaxed in here, with Jefferson, that I really lost track of time.

At some point, Jefferson put comfy background music and it was almost as if he was enjoying this massage as much as I was. Poor guy, he really needs to get out more. Then again, who am I to say anything?

While Chester was happily snoring on the corner, drinking his own share of tea (Jefferson really is a thoughtful man) we decided to talk about silly things, like childhood and other memories of our lives and dreams.

"How are you feeling?"

It was only after my fifth cup of tea that I was the one who accidentally changed the subject. He was talking about my feet, but I didn't realize that, I didn't want it .I don't know anymore.

"I'm sad." What impressed me wasn't my bluntness or his reaction. It was the fact that I was being honest to a person that I've met in such a short time and never had this conversation with anyone else before.

"I've always felt like this. But lately, ever since… I don't know, the new sheriff got here or before that. I can't keep track of time like this, I'm not sure. I have this pain in my heart. Like something is missing." My hand was clutched on the fabric that I didn't even know what I was doing.

"Some days, I can't even go to sleep because I have this awful feeling that I am missing something, and I don't even know what it is." My tears were falling, but I couldn't wipe them away, not now. "And it hurts so badly, and I know I may sound crazy, and this feeling may never stop. But it just hurts so badly"

I looked up from my clutching hand, and to my surprise, Jefferson had tears in his eyes and was trying very hard not to move, but when he saw my eyes, he hugged me. And it was the best feeling in the world.

"I have a hole in my heart." We parted just enough to look into each others eyes, and I could see myself reflect into his green orbs.

"Will it ever go away?" I asked, staring right at him.

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