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Madness Returns

We were this close.

I could feel his breath on mine, mixing. It was intoxicating. I wanted this, I really d...


The unceasing knocking at the door, plus the ring, took me out of my reverie. What was I going? Almost kissing a man I knew nothing about?

"Stay here" He instructed me. I couldn't see his face; he got up so fast and marched toward the main front. Oh God, did he think I was taking advantage of him?

"Hello Jefferson"

I froze, because I recognized the voice anywhere. Any person of the town would.

It's the mayor's.

Jefferson knows the mayor.

They're probably friends, or…

Oh no, no, no! What am I doing here?

"I have to go" I didn't imagine that it would hurt my foot that much, but it did. But nothing would compare to the shame I was feeling now.

"No Charlie, wa…"

"Good day to you Miss Liddel. There's a cab waiting outside that you can take. Jefferson and I will spend a little more time having a chat, won't we?" It wasn't my place to say, but the smile she sent him made me nauseous .I was too scared to even look up to one of them.

"I'll go. Bye Jefferson, thank you for the…"The words died on my throat as I walked as fast as I could to the cab. I don't think Jefferson would notice my absence, not now that the mayor was there.

"You can hide from me forever!" I managed the best way I could; to hide the sound of my laugh .This was such a fun game to play!

"Come out; come out, wherever you are!" Oh, he was getting persistent! Not even my dear beloved would be able to find me. Not when I'm the one who know this woods so well.

"And what are you going to do about it?" He looked up, a little too much to the left as my position, but it was a start.

"Oh, are you teasing me now?" I could see his smile at a distance. I always could.

"What if I am?" I came closer to him. My poor darling, in our game of hide and seek, he could never find me.

"Boo" I whispered on his ear, kissing right after it, as he spun me around carefully, embracing me.

"Now, that's not fair .How do you do that?" Everything was so wonderful right now! What more could I ask for?

"It's our daughter She helps me to hide from you" Instantly, his face changed to the newly concerned father that I loved even more. He kneeled in front of me as I removed my cloak so he could talk to my swollen belly.

"Did you hear that baby? Are you the reason why I can't find mummy?" He went still for a second, as if hearing our child and smiled at me.

"She said yes" I took his hands and kissed him as my smile was now matched to his.

"Grace" Was the only word I could pronounce. Now that the tears were keeping me from saying much.

"What, darling?" He pulled a lock my hair behind my ears and kissed .oh, how I love his tenderness.

"Our daughter .Her name will be Grace" We couldn't contain the joy that was set upon us. No one was happier than we were.

"I love you so much Alice"

"I love you too Jefferson"

"Miss?" I stand with a jolt. What the hell was that?

"We're here miss" The driver announced as he pulled in front of my family's shop .I was about to tell him to wait while I was going to get the money inside, but he declined. I guess my face has seen better days, for the driver, who has this as a way of living, declines payment.

Funny, I don't remember ever having that dream before. It was all new, but somewhat familiar. What was wrong with me?

As I take a look to the front of the shop, I thought about getting in, but I stopped at the last minute. Why?

What was I doing inside there?

What was I doing with my life?

I needed to think. And that was not a place to do it right now.

So I walked, walked and walked. It's a bit refreshing when you don't have do run all the way, and I find out that I quite like it. Maybe I don't have to be this extreme over gym after all.

I knew almost everyone. I mean, of course I do! I was born in Storybrooke, just like everyone; never left and probably never will. So, why all of the sudden, things just seem so foreign to me?

Like a dream, or a lost memory.

I know where every store is, every person lives, all the names and dates, so why it feels that this is the first time I'm really exploring this town? It's almost like I never left my house.

"This is crazy .I need to eat something"

I didn't go to my house, or the shop, as I'm used to. Instead I went to Granny's. Why? I just felt like it.

It really had a very homey feeling that I didn't noticed before. I remember that my parents made my 5 year old birthday party in here. So, why didn't I feel that way back then?

"Hi Charlie! Nice to see you again!" Ruby was cheerful as always, and I liked that. I like Ruby. So, why did we never become friends before?

"Nice dress" She winked and pokes the side of the fabric. I felt bad instantly, remembering the true owner of it and what he might be doing now…

"Thanks, I got it borrowed. Too fancy for me" My lie was fast, and she bought it.

"Tell me about. Not everyone has the cool style as I do. So, what can I get for you?" I had to laugh at her bluntness, that's Ruby for you. But, she wasn't being mean as some people, just honest. And I like it.

"I could really use a friend right now" I don't know what came over me to say it, but I feel like I could trust in her, even knowing so little about the girl with crazy clothes .And she instantly sat beside me, offering me her company.

"Then I'm here for you" The tears came in a few, thank goodness, or else I wouldn't know how to react.

"I'm really sorry for dropping in like that on you Ruby, I didn't mean to .But, these past few days…I don't know, I feel like I'm loosing my mind" She squeezed my hand in reassuring, so I carried on.

"I feel like there are things that I can't remember, and when I'm this close to reach it, they're gone. Is that normal?" She wiped my tears, and gave me a smile. It was nice to put it out of my chest.

"Hey, it's ok .A lot of people feel like that. I know I do" She gave a humorless laugh. "It's only life, Charlie. We have so much storage in our brains that, at some point, we feel that we're about to crack. We have to sit back a breath for a minute, or we'll go cuckoo" Yeah, that was it. Made perfect sense .I'm just stressed. That's all.

"Thanks Ruby, you're really great" I smiled, for the first time since I get on the dinner.

"I know" Her laughter was contagious, and son I joined her "But, seriously, I'm here for you Charlie .I like you, and I wanna be your friend" I trusted her, and somewhere, deep on my stressed mind, I felt like I knew her and could put my life in her hands.

"Now, what about you and I share a plate of waffles?"

Ruby and I never get to finish our plate of waffles. As soon as Granny saw her "doing nothing while she should be working", she sent me an apologizing look that I understood more than anyone, and went back to work. My parents do the same to me.

At least I got a new friend. Ruby and I got along surprisingly well. We discovered that we have several interests in common, and she promised me that she and Granny would come to the party tonight. "Even tough it's really not my thing", as she said.

Still, I felt better now. Lighter. Which only worked until I saw the mayor car parked outside Mr. Gold's shop.

They should be finished by now.

What is it to me anyway? I have no business in no one's life, and certainly won't stop behaving like a stupid teenager now I'm way pass that.

No I won't think about Jefferson, with her…

"CHARLIE!"I couldn't see from the point where I was sit, on the bench, facing the waterfall, but I could distinguish this voice anywhere now .It was soft, angelic, and tiny.

"Hi Paige! What are…oh wow" I was caught by surprise with her hug, but nonetheless, I hugged her back.

"What are you doing here by yourself, sweetheart?"I was concerned for her. Just like every other child on this town. Storybrooke may be a small town, but that wouldn't mean that we should not care for the sake of others.

"Oh, I'm not alone, my dad is at the shop, buying some thing for dinner" She sat beside me, as I absently stoked her hair. "What are you doing here alone, anyway?" I was touched that she sacred for me.

"I'm just thinking" But her look saying I don't believe you could take any grown up disarmed.

"Are you ok?" I only nodded as her father called for her .He seems a nice man, polite enough to nod in my direction as her daughter hugged me one last time.

"Well, I'll see you tonight then, right?"

"Right, Paige. Now you go and help your dad. I'm sure he needs you"

How could I not notice this? It's almost a complete new world for me.

I called my parents, saying that I was taking the day off to wander about the town. Only when I reminded them that I've NEVER took a day to myself, and I was in no sort of trouble, they let me go.

Why was I always afraid to wander off?

I'm not stupid, that I know. I spent the entire morning, and part of my afternoon, with my now almost completely healed feet, just walking. No, exploring my town.

There was so much to be seen! Something's I remember going to when I was a kid: with my parents, or in filed trips, still, this feeling of new is what caught me by surprise.

I shouldn't feel like this .I mean, Storybrooke is NOT, by all means, a big city. We don't even have a Starbucks for pits sake! I probably knew this whole place by the time I was eight. So why, please, someone explain to me, I just felt like I lived my whole life in my house, and working on that shop? It makes no sense!

What about my life?

What was I doing with it? I'm no child .I'm almost 30,still living with my parents ,still working on the family shop ,with no plans on living.

Why never I make any plans?

Is this normal? I just…I don't know, never felt like it. Almost as if there wasn't enough for me out there.

I know, this may sound silly, crazy and completely lazy, but it was almost as an invisible force made me stay put all these years.

Oh God, I know, that sounds terrible! This looks as if I'm an ungrateful child. But I'm not! I truly love my family, and I never meant to hurt them. So, I guess, this is why I stayed this long.

And what's stopping you now?

I don…


"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" I didn't' watch where I was going, so engrossed in my thoughts. Yeah, I guess I'm still a bit loony after all.

"It's alright, that happens a lot with me" I helped the pixie hair woman with her groceries, feeling bad for being the cause of her fall ,and as quickly as I could, took all her groceries and made her point me the directions to her destiny.

"Please, it's not trouble at all" She was really nice and I felt even worse for being so clumsy.

"No, no, I insist miss .It was my fault you dropped it. Don't worry, I'm not some crazy stalker/serial killer/thief .So, you're safe" She laughed and gave him. Turns out, we were not so fast from her apartment.

When we got in, let me say, it was really nice. Modern, with a touch of…I don't know, fairy tale, I suppose.

"Your house is amazing!" I said in awe "Sorry, I'm not used to being so nosy. I'll just let these bags here and go" But she stopped me when she offered me a piece of apple pie.

"I'm sorry I don't have any tea with those. They were out on the market" Her apologetic smile turned into a full smile when I took a little box out of my purse.

"My parents own the tea shop" I put the box on her table as we sat comfortably.

"You're an angel!" I felt so good to be doing something for this woman. And, for the second time today, I feel like I knew her from somewhere.

"Not really, just a clumsy helper" I offered my hand "I'm Charlie Liddel".

"Nice to meet you Charlie, I'm Mary Margaret"

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