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Tea Party

I can't believe I Just did this .Am I doing the right thing? Where did it come from?

"HEY CHARLIE! A LITTLE HLP HERE! IT'S ALMOST TIME!" Well, at least my father's shouting became regular.

"I'm coming" The tables were set, the shop looked like ones from a catalogue, and everything else was ready.

Time for a tea party.

"The place looks great Charlie!"Somehow, Ruby managed to own the sound system that my father rented it, and now is pulling her own show. Thank Goodness this attracted even move people.

"Thanks Mandy, I wish you could be here with us" But my friend just waved me off. We were talking via Skype, and it seemed that she had a very important online date, with some guy name Zack, and wouldn't miss it for the world.

"I know, I know, but as I told you, I'm a very busy artist, and I can't reschedule with him" I laughed. What a strange friend I have. She never goes out, her only conversations are via internet or phone .I don't think she ever see this guy.

"I'm just looking after you, Mandy" Still, I worry about her, but the girly are was dismissed when the little Skype noise was on her background.

"Oh, it's him! Gotta go Charlie, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow" And with a huge smile, we said goodbye.

What a peculiar woman

"Wow" There is a lot, I mean, a LOT of people here!

"Never thought that Storybrooke would have this much of tea lovers, right?" I passed the crowd beside the now DJ set to try and talk to Ruby.

"Oh, hi!" She was having the time of her life, and when I looked to my right I could see clearly that Granny wasn't having as much fun with the loud music as her grandchild.

"Ruby, this is a tea party, not a rave" She stuck her tongue at me!

"I don't see anyone complaining!" True. But while most of the younger crowd was having a good time, not much could be said about her parents and grandparents.

"I know Rubs, but your granny looks about to burst, and she's not the only one." I had to play the grown up around here "Please?" Something about my manners finally convinced her. At least the ground wasn't shaking anymore.

"Whatever" This time I was the one who stuck my tongue.

"Whatever" And went to help the costumers .It might be a party, but I was still working.

"Charlie!" I didn't need to look much, when I saw Henry with a blond woman being dragged along by the little man, in tow.

"Hi Henry, tea?" I figured as much when he said no, but the blond woman took two. She seemed a bit nervous, but nice.

"it's just chamomile .You look like you need one" She smiled ,and I could see some of her nervousness going down.

"Charlie, this is my mom, Emma" oh, so this is the woman everyone was talking about. Another reason why I didn't see the mayor yet.

Not that I want to.

"It's nice to meet you .Henry is a great kid" Both blushed a little. How cute "Aren't you Henry?"

"Yep" He gave a full smile to his mom, ad I felt a little pain inside. What did I have to do wit it?

"I almost forgot! I got you these" He handed me a little rabbit keychain .How thoughtful!

"Thanks Henry. But, don't we need just the foot for good luck?" I never understood the traditions, but ever since I was a kid, as far as I remember, we only needed the foot, not the whole animal.

"What, no!" He looked at me like I was loosing something important, and his mom seemed unease again.

"It's because of you!" Suddenly, it all made sense – "Alice in wonderland", the little blond girl with the crazy friends .I didn't have the heart to crush a children's dream, so I kneeled to his level to look him in the eye.

"I loved it, and will keep with me always" His smile really was contagious "Thank you Henry!" He really has a strong grip for a boy of his age.

"Hey Henry" I called after we were parting ways "How did you know it was the right day to give me a gift?"

"What do you mean?" The music wasn't louder like before, my mother would say "civilized music"

"Well, it's my unbirthday today" I winked and left them, but not before seeing the 10000 volts smile lighting up his face.

I admit, I did see the movie last week.

The party was almost over .Lots of people came to congratulate us (and take free samples),but I didn't mind .Most of the town's residents like , Mary Margaret ,Granny and Ruby, Marco, and even Dr. Whale were very kind to me, and I showed them the proper treatment they deserve: kindness.

Others, well…the mayor came at some point. And if looks could kill…

She didn't spoke to me, for whatever reason. And when she saw the Henry left, she went home as well.

Although, she could be looking for someone else.


Of course not! Why would I? Besides, I can't think about it now. I have lots to do. And move on.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I laughed to the sight in front of me. My little friend holding a cup of tea.

"Paige!" I don't know why, but seeing her, made all my problems disappear. I guess that's the magic of children.

"Hi Charlie, sorry I'm late" I picked a chair for her to sit beside me while I was searching for my present inside my purse.

"What are you looking for?" It's funny, when you're a kid, everything seems to take longer, and for her, the suspense must awful.

"I am looking for…this!" I gave her a small box, the she took to time to waste and open her gift. It was a small, pink tea cup, with a turtle on both sides.

"Did you like it?"Her hug was answer enough to me. So many hugs tonight! I quite like it.

"Oh, it's so beautiful! Especially the turtles!" When I told her that I painted them myself, she didn't seem to believe me.

"What? It's true! Me and my sister used to paint mugs when we were kids" Still, not convinced, what a curious child!

"Really? So, why did you paint this?"

Why did I paint this? I don't make mugs for so long, and for Paige, well…I…because…

"Because today it's your unbirthday, am I right?" Again, that smile, that made me say the right answer.


Oh no, someone must've broken another mu…


He was there.

He came .I mean, of course he came. He bought a ticket, why wouldn't he come?


"Hi Jefferson"

"Hi Paige, that's a nice mug you have there"

"Thanks, Charlie made it for me"

"It's really pretty"

"Yep, she's a natural"


"Alright, so I'm going to show it to my parents. Bye Charlie, bye Jefferson"

"Bye, sweetie"

"You came" what was I supposed to say? Or not say? I was M-A-D at him, worst of all, with no reason!

"Told you I would" Why did he have to look so handsome? God!

"The mayor just left .Oh, I'm sorry, to you must be Regina" I spat her name like it was venom. To me it was; I was shaking with anger. Why? I don1t react to things like that. What was the matter with me?

"You think…No Charlie, please let me explain He started to move towards the table ,but stopped when I took a step back .I had to look down, because I didn't expect for his look to be this painful.

"You have nothing to explain to me. It was all very clear that I was…"

"CHARLIE, WOULD YOU PLEASE LISTEN TO ME?"I didn't expect him to yell; but he wasn't angry, he seemed more like desperate .So, the few heads that turn towards us, I mouthed "it's ok"

"Regina is a snake ok. She knew you'd be at me house, this is why she showed up .To make you doubt of my feelings"

"Your feelings?

"I know, I know this may sound crazy, but I have to explain you…everything. I need you…to know" What did he want to get from this?

"But I don't unders…"When his hands took mine, I felt something...warm inside.

"Tomorrow, I'll tell you everything during dinner" And then, the small functioning part that wasn't broken, started to work.

"Wait a minute" I looked into those deep eyes that were shinning to me "Are you asking me out?"

"Yes" I know I said that Henry's and Paige's smile made my heart soar, but his…

"I am .Would you be my date for tomorrow night?" Well this is an absurd! Who does he thinks he is, coming here, with his charm, and…


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