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A New Day

Wakey, wakey, you have a date!

Needless to say, I had every reason to wake up this morning feeling great! The last time I was on a date, Will Hearts invited me to the junior prom, but we never really went because…

Wait, what really happened?

I can't remember, it was a long time ago. Either way, I have to get up, open the shop, and…

That's right, I don't work there anymore .How could I not remember that fact the minute I opened my eyes? Usually these drastic turns in life always made us unsure about what to do next .But all I could think of was my date with Jefferson .Am I turning into my sister?

No, it's not that, and I know it. Yesterday, I finally had the courage to have a talk to my parents .It was more than time to leave the nest. And I truly have no idea why I didn't do it sooner; it was almost as there was something holding me back there, to them.

Which is a very harsh thing to say. They've always been lovely parents, but, for some reason, I just couldn't stay away, even from the shop. While my sister got married and started her own family, I was the tea shop girl for almost all my life .Why was that?

Well, the conversation didn't end so well. I guess they weren't ready, not was I for that matter .But, thanks to Ruby and Granny I have a place to stay and thanks to Mary Margaret, which is one of the sweetest person I've met, I got a job interview at the school in a few hours .It's a temp job, not that much, but it's fine by me.

That means that Jefferson won't know that you're at Granny's Inn.

How-could-I-have-been-so-stupid? It was all so fast that I forgot to tell my date where to pick me? Gosh Charlie!

"I need help!" I stormed to Mandy after the second she was Skype.

"Well, good morning to you too, sunshine!" Her eyes were red and her locks were a little messy .I guess she just went to bed and woke up after five minutes.

"Not my fault you spent your might talking to your online boyfriend" I was panicking ,it was almost time for my interview and I had no idea how to contact Jefferson .I couldn't just show up at his doorstep at this hour ,it would seem like I was desperate( I sort of was) and stalking him!

"Hey, no need to burst my bubble, only because I have a social life more agitated than you do" true that. How is that possible that a person who doesn't leave the house can have a large circle of friends that me?

"True that, I'm sorry honey. How is your dream guy?" Mandy had that cute/dreamy expression when she started to talk about him .I was really happy for my friend to have someone special like that in your life.

After 10 minutes of gushing about how much they have in common, she finally stopped to take a breath.

"Alright, I know you just didn't call me to check on my romantic life. What can I do to help?" Would I be too desperate to ask for her help? After all, it was just information and no one better than a know-it-all hacker than to help me in seconds.

"This may sound silly but, remember that guy I told you about?"

"The Richie Rich? Yeah"

"Well, he sort of asked me out and…"But I couldn't continue because her high pitch scream was so loud that Ruby came to check on me.

"Is everything alright? Sounds like someone was being murdered"

"It's ok Ruby, come in" She did and I motioned for her to take a seat beside me.

"Ruby, this is my friend Mandy; Mandy, this is my friend Ruby"

"Oh, hi! Looooooove your hair!"

"Thanks! And I loved yours" Who knew that two women, so different, could get along so soon? If I didn't stop them, we would never resolve my situation.

"Ok girls, you can exchange e-mails latter, but, right now, I really need your help on something, Mandy"

"Sorry, you were saying that Jefferson asked you out"

"He did? Oh my God Charlie, why didn't you say it sooner? What are you going to wear?" Seriously, it was almost like having two little sisters.

"We'll get to that later Ruby, but not I need your help to find his address" I spoke to Mandy, no a second later she had the information.

"Already?" Ruby and I were both speechless

"What? Just because I don't go out, doesn't mean I don't have skills" Ruby was more impressed than I was .I guess she was already planning something with that information.

"No one was thinking that, sweetheart. You're amazing, thank you" I guess she wasn't used to compliment because she started to blush.

"Stop that, now go and call him"

"What, now?" Suddenly, all my courage was gone. What should I say? Was he up already? Why do I feel like a little girl with her first crush?

"Yes" the y both said like it was the easiest thing in the universe. And it was, so why was I so nervous?

"Ok, don't mind me" I turn my back, because it seemed that neither of them would give the privacy I needed, and continued on their chat.

It rang once, twice .Maybe I just…


"Jefferson hi!" Why, oh why do I sound so eager to talk to him? Because I am.

"Good morning Charlie, is everything ok?"

"Yes, of course .Listen I was just calling, to, to…"

"Are our plans still on for tonight?" He seemed eager than I was .Good.

"They are. I was just calling to tell you to pick me up at Granny's"

"Why can't I pick you at your place?"

"I kind of…don't live there anymore"

"Oh…"Pause "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, just needed a change of scenario .I'll.."

"You'll tell me about it at dinner" How did he knew I was going to say that? It was almost like a déjà vú, or something.

"I will. See you later, Jefferson"

"Looking forward to it, Charlie"

I didn't realize that the chatter was gone, replace with two very interested girls on my conversation.

"You have that look on your face" Mandy said, looking like a love expertise.

"What look? I don't have any look" It was best for me to step away from these two .My job interview was almost at time.

"Yes you do .And you're blushing"

"Oh my, I've never seen you blush before, it's so cute!"

"really girls ,I have to go now" I was more than blushing when I reached the doors and they burst out of laughing at my awkwardness .It was their fault for making me so nervous!

"And don't think we won't pick your outfit for tonight, missy!" I heard Ruby shout when she comfortably sat to talk to Mandy.

Oh dear…

"I know our salary isn't that much at the moment but…"

"It's perfect Mother Superior" I shouldn't interrupt anyone, especially when that someone is the person that you ant to be hired to work for. But I was so excited! And I think that was evident on my face, because she smiled.

"Right, well, I think it's all settle then Mrs. Liddell .You start next Monday" She shook my hands and I couldn't hide my happiness.

"Oh, thank you, thank you so much Mother Superior, you won't regret, I promise you" even tough I was taller than her, she still passed that…well, superior image to me.

"I can see that, now why don't I show you around the place?" we walked side by side, and she showed me all the classrooms and the rest of the school. In the end of the hallway was the library, where I would be reading stories for the children. It truly was an amazing place.

"This is so wonderful" I remember my days as I student, but this? It was like walking on a different location .Funny how memories from your youth can make you think different.

"It is. Oh, I almost forgot .You have to sign some papers before you go .Silly me, I'll go get them" I was left alone with the books and couldn't help but to smile. The sound of the children laughing, the smell of old boys…and they even have a little space for tea so the teachers can sit and read? Get out of here!

I got closer to the comfy red chair and I could see that someone forgot to put a book back on the shelf. To my surprise it was a copy of Alice in Wonderland. How curious!

"Imagine that!" I said to one, and, to my surprise, Henry and Paige were sitting on the floor, reading Alice Through the Looking-Glass.

"Hey now, shouldn't you two be at lunch?" It seems that I caught them doing something illegal, because Henry was so pale of frightened and Paige almost dropped her tea. Kids.

"Charlie! Don't scare us like that!" It was so cute seeing them nervous this way.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" I sat on the floor with them, taking the book from Henry's hand .It was a good book, but not my favorite.

Too many errors on this tale.

"What's wrong, Charlie? Don't you like this story?" Henry asked me with a know-it-all smile .I got to give it to the kid, he sure is persistent.

"It's not that, Henry .I just think that there's more to the story than what's written" Why do I bother arguing this? It's just a silly tale.

"Are you sure? Cause you could tell us some of your perspective" Of course, they didn't know yet!

"Well, let's just say that you'll be seeing lot of me around here" I winked, just as Mary Margaret came in.

"There you two are! Come on, time for class" Both of them said goodbyes, running happily after I gave them the news.

"So, how did it go?" You couldn't not smile around Mary's presence. There's something about her that makes us instantly happy.

"I got it!" I exclaimed happily, hugging my friend "And I have you to thank Mary Margaret, if it wasn't for your advice, I'd never have the guts to do what I just did" And I meant it every word I said.

"Come on now, Charlie, all I did was give you a little suggestion .You did that all on your own. I'm proud of you" I hugged my friend when Mother Superior came in.

"Aw, Mary Margaret, I see that you've met your new assistant"

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