Rosalie POV

The blood in the room was overwhelming to say the least. It was everywhere and it assaulted my senses like nothing I had ever experienced. The only thing keeping me, and my siblings, from draining what was left of Charlie was the fact that he was Bella's father and she would hate us. I couldn't do that to Bella and neither could my siblings.

I looked around the room after I finished biting him. I wiped the blood from my mouth. We didn't have much time. Alice had said we only had a couple of hours to get out of here and there was so much to do still.

My clothes were covered in blood as were Bella's. We needed to get changed and burn the clothes. That was just the beginning. "Emmett," I said turning to my brother. "Can you get Charlie upstairs and get him out of those bloody clothes?" Having a newborn wear bloody clothes was not a good idea. After Emmett was changed we left him in his clothes as we didn't have clothes for him and he destroyed the house trying to get to what was left of his blood.

Emmett nodded, pulled Charlie off the ground and took him upstairs. Bella watched Emmett leave with her father. We had about thirty minutes before the venom reached his heart and the pain began. Charlie had to be out of the house and on the road by then.

"Bella," I said turning to my traumatized mate. My dead heart broke at her reaction to Charlie and I would do anything to see her smile again, anything to get that haunted look off her face. "We need to get you out of the bloody clothes and into the shower."

"Rose I can take her," Alice said.

I shook my head. "I'll do it," I said. I could even bring myself to react to the idea of Alice seeing my mate naked. "Can you get me and Bella some clothes?" Alice nodded and ran out of the house, to Port Angeles for my clothes. I made a decision to call her and ask her to pack up what she could from my apartment so she would get a vision and already know. Satisfied that it worked I turned to Jasper.

"I'll get Charlie's clothes and anything he may want to keep packed up. Then I'll get some gasoline so we can stage his death," Jasper said. He was uncomfortable being around all this blood and was fighting his desire to drink it. I was proud of him. It seemed our practice did wonders for him.

Jasper left the room and I pulled Bella into my arms, covering myself with even more blood. I focused on her heartbeat and breathing so I wasn't tempted by the blood. The good part was Charlie's blood only held half the temptation to me as a normal human as his blood smelled very similar to Bella's. It wasn't quite as floral as Bella's. I would never tell Charlie, so he could keep his masculinity intact, but his blood was almost fruity.

I carried Bella to the bathroom and carefully shut the door so I didn't startle her. She hadn't spoken since she begged me to save him and it scared me. It was almost as if she were catatonic, like when I found her in the woods. "Don't push her," Jasper muttered from Charlie's bedroom. "She's still processing everything. She will talk when she's ready."

Emmett could be heard ripping Charlie's bloody clothes off and tossing them aside. He ran out of the room and filled a bucket with water so he could wash the blood away. Every few seconds he would run back to the kitchen to clean out the towel and bucket.

Leaving the bathroom door unlocked, as no one was stupid enough to come in here when I was taking care of Bella, I carried Bella to the shower. "Bella we need to get your clothes off," I whispered softly. The last thing I wanted to do was make her uncomfortable.

Bella didn't say anything, she just nodded. The clothes were already ruined and needed to be burned but I gently took them off and threw them aside with more force than necessary. I didn't want Bella to see Charlie like that but in a way it was good that she did, otherwise we might not have realized Charlie was alive in time.

I focused on my task, only slightly aware of how beautiful Bella was. Right now was about getting her clean of all the blood, not my desire to make her mine. I easily removed the rest of her clothes and gently sat her down in the bathtub. My plan was to fill the bathtub with water and let her wash the blood off herself as I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable then she already was.

I started to fill the tub and once it was done I got up to leave the room. Before I could move a step Bella grabbed my hand. "Don't leave," she whispered. If I wasn't a vampire I probably wouldn't have heard her.

"Okay," I promised, moving closer to her. I took off my shoes and socks and sat on the edge of the bathtub again with my feet in the water. Bella still had ahold of my hand and she gently tugged it. She wanted me to get into the bath with her.

I took my jacket off and climbed into the tub behind Bella. I felt her warm, naked body against my clothes and closed my eyes. It was comfortable here, despite still being dressed, which was probably for the best since I didn't want her to freeze.

Bella played with the edge of my shirt and I wondered what was going through her mind. "Your clothes are bloody," she commented. I shrugged against her. I would take care of it later, after I took care of Bella. "You should take them off."

I stopped breathing. Was she really implying what I think she was? I didn't think so. I mean she hadn't even told me how she felt about me, though Jasper was convinced she loved me. Did she want sex or was it something else? Not that it mattered. Even if she didn't want to be with me, if she asked for sex I would do it. If nothing else it would give me one night of pure bliss.

"It's not what you think," Jasper's voice called. I didn't know whether to be happy or angry at him for interrupting this moment. "She wants closeness. She's scared and blaming herself for what happened. She's… I don't know how I can explain it without hurting you but…don't reject or it will break her."

Whatever it was Jasper wasn't saying had to be bad. He wasn't one to hold back information and it was possible Alice saw something and warned him. So I did what Bella suggested. I stripped my bloody clothes off and tossed them aside before climbing into the bathtub with her.

Bella leaned back against me. "Are you uncomfortable?" she asked.

I shook my head. I was anything but uncomfortable. I don't think I have been so comfortable in my life. Just sitting here with her, the feel of her bare skin against mine was unlike anything I ever experienced.

There was nothing sexual about this but I couldn't deny the intimacy of the situation. It was nice here, like everything going on didn't exist outside this room. It was as if the world stopped. I grabbed the soap and lathered up my hands before rubbing Bella's arms, removing the evidence of what happened to Charlie. "This is all my fault," Bella muttered. I don't think she meant for me to hear it but I did.

"No it isn't," I said fiercely, tilting her head up so she was forced to look at me. "You didn't know Victoria would go after Charlie and you have done everything you could to keep him safe."

"I'm sorry," Bella mumbled.

"Sorry for what love?" I asked, washing the soap off. She smiled slightly at the term of endearment and I made a mental note to use them more often.

"For forcing you to change Charlie, for asking you to stay in here, for making you have to leave again, take your pick," Bella said bitterly.

"Isabella," I whispered to her. "You have nothing to apologize for. I changed him because you asked and because I didn't want you to lose your father. I stayed in here with you because I wanted to and you are not forcing me to leave again and this time you are coming with me."

"What?" she asked shocked.

"Did you really think I would leave you in Forks?" I asked incredulously. She bit her lip and nodded. "Bella you are coming with us. I will never leave you behind again. Allowing Edward to run me out of town was the worst mistake I have ever made. I almost didn't go but I had to for everyone's safety."

"Are they listening?" Bella asked.

"They are trying hard not to but they can still hear us," I replied honestly. Jasper was paying closer attention than Emmett so he could focus on her emotions.

Bella blushed in embarrassment as she looked down. "I…" she couldn't get the words out.

I chuckled softly. "There's no need to be embarrassed love," I tried to assure her.

She ran her fingers down my arm. "But you're perfect, and I'm not."

"You are perfect," I muttered gently kissing her neck.

We sat quickly for a few minutes. The blood was off both of our bodies and I emptied out the water and replaced it with hot water. I was playing with Bella's hair when Jasper started growling. "She still thinks this is her fault," he told me.

Emmett growled from Charlie's bedroom. "It's not her fault," he said fiercely.

"I know," Jasper replied. He was tearing apart the house, as quietly and gently as possible, looking for things Charlie may want to keep. So far all he had were some photos and clothes. "But it's Bella. If a zombie apocalypse started she would blame herself for it. Alice will be here in forty-five minutes."

"What do we do now?" Bella asked me.

"Well Alice will be back soon with Emmett's jeep and some clothes for me. Jasper and Alice will take Charlie away while we pack your stuff, and any things you think Charlie may want to keep that Jasper missed," I began. "Then we will leave too. You will have to stay away from Charlie for a while until he gets some control. We can figure out, later, if he can be in the same room as you without trying to attack. Ah, damn." I realized Charlie needed an ID. We had Bella's all ready but I never thought about getting Charlie one.

I could hear Jasper phone buzzing from the kitchen. It sounded like he was getting snacks together for Bella. "Alice said she's taking care of it. The IDs and birth certificates will be sent to Peter and Charlotte's. They will arrive before we do."

"What's wrong?" Bella asked twisting around so she could face me.

"Nothing," I said. "Alice took care of it." Bella looked confused. "We need a new identity for Charlie. We have to fake his death here. There's enough blood in the kitchen to make it look like he bled out. Jasper will burn the house to the ground, so it can explain no body. We will do the same for you."

"What's his name going to be?" Bella asked curious. "And where will we go?"

"We are going to Texas," I announced. "Jasper's close friends live there and they will help with your dad. His name… I'm not entirely sure. Most likely Charlie, or Charles, Whitlock."

"It's going to be McCarty," Jasper told me.

"Never mind," I said dismissing my previous statement. "Jasper says it will be McCarty."

Bella frowned. "Why McCarty?" she asked confused.

"It was Emmett's human last name," I explained. "I used to go by that name when Emmett and I would go to college and pretend to be married."

"Do I get a new identity?" Bella questioned.

I nodded. "You won't be able to use Cullen, but I'm not too sure you would want to." She shook her head. "Jasper had several names made for you. One is Isabella Marie McCarty, then there's Isabella Marie Whitlock, Jasper's human last name, and finally Bella Marie Hale."

"Your name," Bella said stating the obvious. "Which one will I use?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure, most likely McCarty though as Jasper and I will probably use Whitlock this time around. I'll try to convince them to go back to school, if it works you, Alice and Emmett will be McCarty, adoptive siblings and Jasper and I will be twins again."

"So we could actually graduate together?" Bella asked.

"I guess so," I said. I hadn't thought about that. Bella shivered and I decided it was time to get out. "Come on, it's too cold in here for you." I could hear Jasper placing clothes for Bella outside the door. I had no doubt Alice texted him and told him what to pick out.

Bella nodded and struggled to stand up. I chuckled at my human and stood up, pulling her with me. She glanced at my body and blushed, as if she just realized we were both naked, which was possible as she was out of it for a while.

I climbed out of the tub and wrapped myself up with the nearest towel before handing one to her. While Bella dried herself off I pulled the door open and grabbed her clothes. Looking at them I sighed. It was a black halter top and skin tight blue jeans that Alice bought for her before we left. Along with the clothes Bella would never willingly wear was a lacy thong and matching black bra. I had to admit I would love to see Bella wearing this, and if it was under different circumstances I would have a hard time keeping my hands to myself.

I handed her the clothes, watching as her eyes widened in horror. "I can't wear these," she said shaking her head. She tried to hand them back but I wouldn't take them.

"Alice isn't going to let you get out of wearing those," I said. I wanted her to be comfortable but there was no way I could win an argument with Alice, not when she is like this, and now really wasn't the time to try.

Bella sighed and turned away from me so she could get dressed. "I'll give you some privacy," I said, exiting the bathroom before she could say anything.

I found Jasper in Charlie's room with Emmett and a quiet Charlie. "He hasn't made a sound yet," I said in awe. Emmett was the only person I had watched being changed but he had thrashed around, and screamed, for two days straight. I had screamed in pain during my change, though it was pointless. I couldn't figure out how Charlie was doing it.

"I've kept him unconscious," Jasper said answering my unspoken question. "We don't want him alerting the neighbors to what's happening. I'll hold it for as long as I can but I can't be with him the entire time, eventually he will feel the pain."

I nodded. Jasper was already doing more than I would have asked of him but it was much appreciated. "How's the packing going?" I asked.

It was Emmett who answered. "We got pictures and Charlie's fishing gear packed up," he said. "We're not sure what else he would want to keep. Jazz got some food set aside for Bella. We figured the sooner we got out of Washington the better. Who knows when we will be able to stop."

"When Alice gets here load the stuff in the jeep and go," I told Jasper. "We need Charlie gone as soon as possible. Emmett and I will get Bella's stuff together and take my car as soon as we can. We will meet you in Texas."

"Where will I stay?" Bella asked from the hallway. We turned around to look at her. I didn't even notice she had finished getting dressed. "My dad's staying with Alice, Jasper and his friends, so where will I be?"

I looked to Jasper. That hadn't been decided yet so I wasn't sure. I could buy a house or apartment close by for us. "You guys can use my house," Jasper offered. I had forgotten Jasper owned his own home in Texas, a home that Carlisle, Esme and Edward knew nothing about. If I wasn't mistaken it was his human home, and property, but Jasper had remodeled it. It wasn't as extravagant as the homes Esme liked to remodel but from what Alice said it was still very nice.

"You don't have to do that," I told him. That home meant more to him than anything, except maybe his Civil War memorabilia. It was the reason he never told Esme about it. He didn't want her to come in and change everything.

"I don't have to," Jasper agreed. "But I want to. It's next to Peter and Charlotte's house and it's in a good location. There is no one I would rather have stay in my family home."

"Thanks," I said gratefully. I turned to Bella. "You and I will stay at Jasper's house, with Emmett, assuming he can behave." Emmett grinned sheepishly.

"Peter and Charlotte can play parents for Bella," Jasper told us. Bella had to go back to school and I would join her since there was no where I would rather be than with her.

I heard Alice pull into the driveway with Emmett's jeep. It was show time. I looked down. Well show time was going to have to wait till I got some clothes on. Alice left the jeep running as she ran into the house. "Here," she said handing me some clothes. "I'll put the rest of your bags in the living room."

"Thanks," I said. I got dressed as Emmett carried Charlie to the jeep and Jasper loaded up his belongings. Bella stayed in Charlie's bedroom with me but avoided looking at me.

"I'm going to the house to get your car," Emmett told me just as I finished buttoning my top. "Then I can load up your bags while you help Bella get her stuff. Jasper and I will burn the place down."

"Sounds good," I said nodding. Hopefully the humans would assume Bella and Charlie died in the fire, body reduced to ashes, and wouldn't go digging. Suddenly Jacob Black's face flashed through my head. "Dammit," I hissed.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked concerned.

"The wolves," I replied. "I had permission to change you but I didn't have permission to change Charlie. The treaty…"

"Is void," Jacob said from the hallway. I didn't notice him come in. Damn, I'm slipping.

"Jacob," I greeted. "What are you doing here?"

"I was patrolling when I saw Emmett load Charlie into his jeep," Jacob replied. He didn't look like he was going to attack so that was a good sign. He walked into the room.

"Bella," I said turning to my mate. "Why don't you start packing up your things?" If a fight was going to break out I wanted to keep Bella of the crossfire.

Bella looked between us before nodding. "Don't fight," she told me. I gently cupped her face before kissing her forehead.

"We won't," I promised. It pained me to know I may not be able to keep that promise.

"Sam's on his way," Jacob informed me. Interesting, was it going to be a formal declaration of war or was it something else? Emmett, Jasper and Alice appeared behind him. Jacob raised his hands. "We don't want to fight."

"Then why are you here," Jasper asked.

"Let's move this conversation outside," Sam called from the stairs.

One by one we left the house. "What are you going to do?" I asked getting to the point.

"We don't want to fight you," Sam said. "But Charlie was a part of our tribe. We need to know why you did it. We may not want to fight you but the others will be out for blood."

"Victoria got to Charlie," I explained. "When we got back to the house Charlie was on the kitchen floor covered in blood. I thought he was dead until Bella noticed a heartbeat. She begged me to change him and I did."

Sam looked impressed that we resisted the blood. He took a deep breath. "Alright," he said. "I have no reason to believe you are lying. With that being said Charlie was dead either way and if anyone had the right to decide Charlie's fate it is Bella."

"You're letting us go?" Emmett asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Sam said. "But don't make us regret it and… I have a favor to ask you."

"Anything," I said honestly.

Sam spoke directly to me, never tearing his dark eyes from mine. "Don't come back to Forks," he said. "Vampires cause our tribe to phase. I want to spare the others the pain and suffering we are going through, so please don't come back unless you have to. We will continue to hunt the red head here but…"

"We will try not to come back," I assured him. I didn't want to come back if I could help it. "I can't speak for Carlisle, Esme and Edward though."

"Thanks," he said. "You better go before people start waking up."

Once they were gone Alice and Jasper loaded up the rest of Charlie's possessions and took off to Texas. Emmett went to the house to get my car and I helped Bella pack what she wanted, and needed to take. She found a hunting knife of Charlie's, given to him by his father, which her father treasured greatly.

Emmett and I loaded Bella's stuff into the car and I told Bella to get into the passenger seat. Emmett was going to burn down the house after Bella and I left and he would catch up with us. We didn't know how long before someone noticed and we didn't want my car spotted.

With one last look at the house we were on the road.