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Emmett- 10 years later

A lot had changed in the past 10 years. Our relationship with the Cullens was mended but we chose to stay a part of the Whitlock/McCarty Coven. We spent most of our time apart and doing our own thing but we always came together for a month or two a year.

Charlie became a part of the Denali coven but visited Bella as often as he could. Tanya had done a great job filling the role of mother for Bella as she could no longer see Renee.

Kate Denali finally found her mate in a nomad named Garrett. He was a human drinker but changed his diet for Kate, though he did occasionally enjoy a blood bag.

Bella and Rosalie were currently in Hawaii before they started college. It would be Bella's first time in college and she was excited. She did get over her aversion to gifts, fast cars and spending our money. I have no idea why they decided on Hawaii considering the sun, other than the fact they spent the last ten years travelling. They spent most of their time trying to see how many beds they could break anyway. Maybe they were trying to break beds in every state.

Esme had designed a house for the two as a wedding gift. The house is in New Hampshire only a few miles from Dartmouth so they didn't have to spend too much time with humans.

Edward finally found his mate. She turned out to be a girl Tanya and Charlie had rescued and turned. They were married last year and were honeymooning in South America.

Jacob imprinted on a girl that moved to Forks a few years ago. Last I heard they were expecting their first child. Seth imprinted on Angela Webber not long after they returned to La Push. They travelled for a while and were now married with two kids, Harry and Sarah.

Alice and Jasper were in Paris for a fashion show. Then they planned on going back to Texas to stay with Peter and Charlotte for a while.

As for me, I'm currently in Virginia. Alice texted me saying it was time to meet my mate. It had been ten long years of waiting for her while being surrounded by happy couples, but I was patient because I knew it would be worth it.

I was given no further directions then be in this tiny town in Virginia now. I know from watching my siblings that finding our mates in instinctual so I wasn't worried about missing her when I finally found her. I was worried about never finding her in this town.

I wandered through the streets not paying any attention where I was going. Luckily it was cloudy so I had no reason to worry about the sun or hiding. Apparently a sports team had won because I saw a lot of human males in lettermen's jackets. Most of the guys had a girl on their arm as well.

One couple in particular caught my attention. There was something off about them. I had taken a few classes in psychology over my years so I knew enough to know something wasn't right. The male was holding her close and she didn't look comfortable with him.

I glanced at the girl's face, hoping for some clue as to whether or not she was happy. One look at her face and everything had changed. This was the girl I had waited for my entire existence and I could see I bruise at the edge of her collar.

My fist clenched. This… human was abusing my mate. He needed to be punished. He needed to die. My phone vibrated and I was pulled from my murderous thoughts.

It's not him, Alice's message said. Don't kill him.

I sighed. Alice didn't deny someone was hurting her and if it wasn't the boyfriend it had to be someone else close to her. That meant someone in her family. It was most likely her parents. I had to do something. I couldn't allow this to go on.

With some difficulty I managed to walk away from my mate in order to plan. First thing was first, I needed the help of my family. My phone buzzed again.

We are on our way, Alice said. Peter and Charlotte are playing parents. Still hidden until they show up in two days.

Part one was complete.

I had to stay out of the way until Peter and Charlotte came here and bought a house. Then I can sign up for school and befriend my mate. I will protect her from whoever is harming her. No matter what the cost.