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Deep Down


Koneko Onee-chan




Okumura Rin sighed as he stepped down the large staircase in the 'celebrity school', as he called it. He didn't understand the point in attending normal school classes, dammit. He had a goal to become an exorcist, not sit at a desk cramming in studying for some pointless tests that had nothing to do with exorcism!

He gave another sigh, louder than the previous and closed his eyes as he continued his way down the steps. A small body crashed into him when he stepped off the very bottom step, a feminine-sounding yelp following suit and successfully jerking him out of his thoughts. He blinked, staring down at the small pink-haired teen that sat rubbing a sore spot on her head. The red ribbon tied into frilly bows either side of her head bobbed with the action.

Without thinking he reached out a hand, startling the girl until she looked up. His eyes widened slightly when the most perfect shade of green met him; the colour a striking resemblance to that of a jade.

"I-I'm sorry-! I wasn't watching where I was going!" She squeaked, a pretty pink blush staining her pale cheeks. She hesitated before her smaller hand brushed against his, the taller male hoisting her gently to her feet. Her books and notes lay scattered on the empty hallway, forgotten for the moment.

"Um.. No, it was my fault… Sorry." He mumbled with a slight blush of his own, his other hand rubbing the back of his head in mild embarrassment. The pink-haired girl giggled softly, extending her hand out towards him once again. "My name's Haruno Sakura, by the way." The pinkette, Sakura, smiled at him in a way that no one other than his brother and late father had. Rin snorted mentally. 'If she knew what I was –who I am- she'd be looking at me in disgust or fear.'

Shifting his eyes away from that smile that he thought too good to be used towards him, the son of Satan, he begrudgingly grasped her soft hand in his. "Okumura Rin." He mumbled, his dark blue eyes scanning the books and notes on the ground. Nearly every piece of paper was marked with an 'A+' or '100'. 'So she's a genius like Yukio.' He thought in awe. Just then the bell rang, signalling the end of the introduction day.

Sakura whipped her head around at the sound of bustling students coming towards them and darted for her papers scattered about on the ground. The action made the length of her hair brush against Rin's still outstretched hand, the texture like the fur of a cat. He shook his head, dismissing the stupidity of it all and going with the thought that she used a very good brand of shampoo and conditioner.

"Ah, I'm sorry but I'm in a rush," She flashed him a smile before scurrying down the hallway, shifting her papers to one arm as she waved to him. "Maybe we'll bump into each other again, Rin-kun!" She darted off before he could process the fact that she called him Rin-kun.

"W-wait, what?"


The school yard was empty, the students that had been walking about and filling the space most likely gone back to their dorms. 'At least it's peaceful,' Rin thought, shifting the sword on his shoulder. A bark caught his attention and he looked down to see a strange white dog looking up at him with its tongue poking out of its mouth.

"What's a dog doing here?" He thought out loud, raising his brow at the canine. Before he could continue walking again, the dog grabbed a hold of his trousers, pulling him in the other direction. "Ahh! What?" The dog let go, walking a few yards before turning its head back to Rin.

"You want me to follow you?" The only response he got was the dog running slowly down the path. It didn't take much to catch up to it. 'Why am I even chasing this dog in the first place?'

The navy-haired teen kept an eye on his surroundings, noting which paths they took so he didn't get lost on the way back. He stopped when the dog jumped up a lamp post, struggling slightly when it got to the top. A moment later a 'poof' was heard, the dog covered in a cloud of smoke.

"Lovely afternoon, isn't it, Okumura Rin?" It was that clown, Mephisto. Rin's eyes hardened slightly at the relaxed posture of the headmaster, despite the fact that he sat upon the uncomfortable looking lamp post. He ignored his question, or lack of, and got to the point.

"I thought the point of me coming here was to become an exorcist-!" He was cut off as Mephisto interrupted him.

"And that you shall, young Okumura. But before that, you must first follow the proper procedure; for the moment, you will be attending school. You just had introductions but lessons will not start until next week. However," Mephisto jumped down from the lamp post, landing perfectly on his feet. "Cram school starts today." A grin lit up his face at the disbelieving look on Rin's face. It only further widened at his next words.

"Cram school?" He knew by the look on the headmaster's face that he was testing him, and he didn't like it one bit. But before he could voice his thoughts, the purple-haired clown began talking once again.

"Yes, cram school. Otherwise known as an Exorcist cram school," He aimed his arm down, his forefinger almost touching the tip of Rin's nose. "I will show you the way there. But first I must warn you!" He moved his finger to point obviously at the pointed ears Rin's demon form had caused, then to his teeth that were only just hidden by his top lip. "Your identity as the son of Satan is a top, classified, secret! You seemed to have gotten the hint and kept your tail nicely hidden," He got a glare from that, to which he smirked at. "But while we can come up with an excuse for those traits of yours, those blue flames of yours are a completely different matter. You must, and I repeat, must keep them under strict control, as even I; Mephisto Pheles, cannot excuse your heritage."

Even though Rin hated to admit it, Mephisto had a point. He lowered his eyes and muttered out, "I understand."

"Good, good!" The white-clad man turned. "Though I still feel a little concerned, so I'll be keeping watch on you during the first session. Ein, Zwei, Drei!" Another cloud of smoke blocked out his form, leaving Rin to blink against the dust until the same small dog became clear.

"Well then, shall we go?" He began walking on all four short, stubby legs before stopping soon after. "I almost forgot," His voice was muffled slightly by an object in his furry mouth. "Here's the 'key to the school'." Rin crouched down in front of the transformed dog; discreetly thinking that it was kind of cute –not like he'd ever tell Mephisto that.

"'Key of the school'?" He asked, confusion blatant on his face. The dog sighed inwardly.

"This key has a very sufficient purpose. It allows you access to the Exorcism School by any door or entrance," He placed the key in Rin's hand. "All you have to do is use that. Try not to lose it, ok?" He began walking once again as Rin sunk his words in.



"So, this is the exorcism school?" The navy-haired teen asked as they stood before a large doubled door. Green, aged paint began flaking off the thick wood, and Rin knew that it hadn't been used for everyday use for a long time.

"Well, it will be once that key is turned. Like I said, you can use any door and it will take you there." Mephisto elaborated, waiting patiently for the young boy. Rin nodded mostly to himself and inserted the small silver key in the rusting keyhole, turning it until a small 'click' was heard. He pushed open the old door softly and felt a rush of cool air hit his face before he fully stepped into the darkened space.

"Woah!" His exclamation of surprise echoed down the long corridor, the torches lit upon the walls wavering in the slight breeze blowing in from the open door. "Amazing…"

"First year students have class in room 1106. This way, young Okumura." He obediently followed the headmaster-turned-dog until they reached a large door carved with the numbers '1106'.

"I'm getting kind of nervous…" Rin admitted, scratching his cheek. The white dog beside him stifled a laugh by hiding it behind a cough. "Just go on in, there's nothing to be nervous about. Everyone inside is a stranger to one another, though you might find the odd one or two that came here as childhood friends or such," Rin blocked out the rambling of the clown and placed his hand on the door handle, slowly edging it forward.

"It's… so messy. Completely different from the fancy classroom I was in earlier.' He thought, eyes scanning the perimeter of the classroom.

"So, you're called Sakura right? Mind if I call you Sakura-chan?"

The voice of a male brought his attention to the group of students huddling around a single person. She giggled, a pink hue dusting her cheeks at the attention and nodded shyly.

Rin's eyes widened at the familiarity of the girl. "Ehhh? Sakura?" Said girl looked up from her closed eye smile, her eyes widening at the sight of Rin.

"Ehh? Rin-kun?"

The class was silent, and Rin didn't know whether to find himself lucky that such a pretty girl was in his class, or find himself unlucky that he now had everyone's attention averted to him.

"Um... Hi there?"

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