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Joy was desperate to get this chapter written, so much so that sweat was starting to form on her forehead. She was so tired from doing coursework and tests at school, she hardly had the energy left to write her story. Despite her acing body, she was determined to pull through and write her new chapter.

Joy Florence Martberg was about as average a girl as you could get on the inside; on the outside she had silky blond hair that reached down to her shoulders. Her skin smooth, her lips peach pink and her eyes a dark shade of blue. She was beautiful, yet she never used that beauty to get what she wanted at school. Not like those other prude cheerleaders with their big breasts and butts who would show off as much skin as they could to get their way with people. Joy was a nerd at heart really, preferring to spend her time with a quality book than a man.

Her love of reading quickly fashioned into a love of writing, and what better place to show off her creative literal skills then on . Never heard of it? Joy would think that person mad, or unlucky. She loved it, and it had earned her the so-called title of Queen of Scream from reviewers on the site, for her preference was the Scream franchise. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's horror masterpiece that revived the genre, four brilliant films (and yes that includes the third and fourth!) and possibly more on the way. Joy wanted to write her own story of it, so she did, and it had been going well.

Although tonight it seemed her good run had come to an abrupt end, she was no more than three chapters away from her finale, but she just couldn't work out how to write it. This was her first real case of writer's block and it was driving her insane. Grunting as she sat at her chair, computer desk in front of her with the screen fading to black because of lack of activity.

She was lucky to have a computer in her own room, then she wouldn't have to deal with her parents always interrupting her, and embarrassing her by reading what she had wrote (it's really awkward). Tapping at her desk, she looked around her room for some kind of inspiration to strike. Posters of all her favourite films, boy bands, and Taylor Lautner. Books lay out across the floor, thanks to a tendency of being lazy and just leaving them out.

RING! RING! Joy's phone started ringing loudly, good thing her parents were out tonight or World War Three would have gone down that night. She reached over and looked at the screen, it was an unknown caller. Ironic, in fact, she almost didn't want to answer it because of the on-going rumour with friends that if someone calls you when you're watching Scream or writing and talking about it, Ghostface would call you. Isn't that meant to be the Ring? Oh well, Joy shrugged her shoulders and answered anyway.


''Hello?'' A voice said on the other side. Hoarse yet calm, now Joy was a little anxious, was this guy trying to sound like Ghostface? She ignored that little paranoid girl in the back of her mind and carried on, it's probably just bad reception.

''Who is this?'' Joy asked once more trying to keep her nerve.

''Who do you want it to be?'' The voice replied with a dark playfulness, something again that was common with the character Ghostface.

Joy didn't like this one bit. ''I really don't care, I'm hanging up now!'' Quickly before the voice could say anything else, Joy shut down the call and placed her phone on the side of her computer cabinet. She sat in her seat, still tense from the little scare. It was probably just a prank call, but ironic considering what she was writing for and how the voice was…

RING! RING! RING! The phone went off again, vibrating and ringing along the cabinet. She looked on and watched, her hand wouldn't move to pick it up. Shaking her head and sighing, she thought of how stupid this was, thinking that it could really be Ghostface. Reaching for the phone, she answered. ''Okay buddy, what do you want?''

''Nothing, just a little talk, although if you hang up on me again I can be sure that your night won't be very pleasant!'' The voice became more sinister and threatening with every word.

Keeping her calm, Joy went on. ''Not much of a threat!''

''Why's that?''

''What can you do to me over the phone?''

''I can do plenty of things Joy!'' The voice said menacingly. Hearing her name across the line made her tense and nearly sick with fear. ''You still there Joy? Oh…surprised I know your name? That's not all!''

The words crawling out from her throat, she stuttered. ''W-What else?''

There was a brief silence before the voice spoke again. ''Where you live!''

At that moment, Joy quickly ran to her door, locking it instantly and barricading it with chairs and pushing her bed along to stop it from opening. As well as locking her windows and peeking outside to see if anyone was watching. Her breathing was frantic and wheezy now, and it was obvious the voice could hear all the commotion as he continued on with his threat. ''See, there's plenty I can do over the phone! Get you ready for the events to come!''

''W-What…what events?'' Joy questioned, afraid of the answer.

''Gutting you and stringing your insides all over the house!''

That was it for Joy, and she started to burst into tears. Her heart felt like it was on fire with the fear gripping her and chocking her, her sobs were near uncontrollable as she pleaded over the phone. ''P-Please just leave me alone!''

''Now why would I do that? The fun has only begun.''

''I-I'll call the police!''

''What are they going to do?'' The voice mocked.

''I'll call them…and if you come after me they'll get here before you can escape!'' She told him firmly.

''Go ahead call them…you know…it will take them a good twenty minutes to come after the call. I know from experience that's plenty of time for a slaughter and escape!'' Joy broke down in tears yet again, unsure of what her next move should be. ''Barricading your room won't stop me!''

Joy slowly raised her head and almost lost her breath hearing those words. ''H-How…''

''I can see you!'' The voice hissed. The terrified girl quickly looked out her bedroom window to see exactly where the caller was, however there was no one outside that she could see. Unless the person wasn't outside…

''Where are you?'' She whispered. Now looking around her room, could the caller possibly be hiding in here? The will to check was overshadowed by the will to just make a run for it and risk the bluff.

''I'll let you know in five…'' The caller muttered. ''Four…three…'' That was it, she wasn't going to wait and risk anything. Quickly, Joy moved everything out of the way of the door, unlocking it and ran out making a bolt down the stairs and trying to reach for the front door, hoping to run as far as possible. As she ran, the voice spoke again. ''I said you barricaded your room…I never said I was in it!''

That slight moment of hesitation was what done it for Joy; the fear made her freeze as she had just reached the bottom of the stairs. If only she had been more vigilant, she would have noticed the closest door right next to her, and that the door was open slightly. In a flash, the door was broken off its very hinges and Joy was tackled into the wall by a figure in black. SHINK! A sharp and unbearable pain struck Joy in her stomach; as she gasped for breath, her hand shakily reached for that region and she could feel the blood flow from the flesh wound. Her eyes were a blur, but she could just make out what was standing in front of her, in full mask and costume…Ghostface himself.

He pulled back the knife and struck again SHINK! The force of that strike was enough to push Joy down to the ground, her arms and legs were now so weak she couldn't even turn herself over to crawl away. As Ghostface planted on of his large black boots over Joy's head and raised his knife high once more, he used his other hand to bring some voice box device to the mouth of the mask and speak. ''You're the writer Joy…so you must know how this ends!'' And with that, Joy's life ended that night in a flash.

To Be Continued…