Scream For The Fans

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Note: The following is a rough outline of what was to happen in this chapter. I apologise for not being able to write the full chapter as intended, however, life has proven hectic and along with my plans to start writing original stories, I don't have the time needed to finish all my stories. I didn't want to leave them abandoned, so I decided to give a rough outline of the story's events so that you could see how it would have progressed and ended. I hope that you understand. Maybe one day I might come back and fully finish them as intended, but as that's up in the air, I thought that I'd end things this way rather than leave unfinished. Thank you for your time.

Chapter 2 (Rough Outline)

After receiving the vague, disturbing phone call, Michelle goes to her parents and they report the incident to the police.

Michelle's mind is rattled. She switches off her phone to prevent another unexpected call. She thinks back to the name that was mentioned by the caller, Joy Martberg. The name doesn't ring any bells for her, and even hours later, she refuses to search online for who Joy is. The rational part of her brain conflicts with her curiosity. She lies awake until the early hours of the morning before she switches on her laptop. Her hands hover over her keyboard, itching to type the name.

But, before she can do anything else, she notices dozens of messages from Lola. Switching on her phone, she sees many missed calls from her best friend, and also from Susan. Michelle calls Lola back and reaches her after a few attempts. Her heart races as she hears her friend's frantic voice, telling her that she and Susan received strange phone calls from someone telling them about Joy…a high school girl who was recently murdered.

Finally, Michelle does a more thorough search on who Joy was and she drops her phone when she discovers that Joy was the writer of Endless Scream.

She wakes her parents and informs them that Loa and Susan have also been victims of this strange caller. They families arrange for a meeting with the police for the following morning in the hopes of finding answers. However, their hopes are dashed when the police inform them that they are unable to trace the calls. But, they can confirm that the voice, though altered, is the same.

During this time, Michelle's calls and texts to Amy go unanswered.

Back at the school. as Bobby and George head to a meeting with their team coach, Bobby talks about the call that Susan received last night. George questions if that's why Michelle and Lola are also absent, but Bobby doesn't go into more details out of respect for his girlfriend's privacy, much to his best friend's annoyance.

Once they reach the coach's office, George is informed that he has been dropped from the team due to poor form in training. Despite Bobby's best attempts to defend his friend and even threatening to quit the team, the coach refuses, saying this was a unanimous decision. Gritting his teeth and staying silent, George leaves the office with Bobby following after him. When the two are alone, George asks Bobby if he'll really quit the team for him. However, Bobby appears hesitant with sticking to his word but insists he will try to win George's place back. Refusing to listen, George storms away without a word.

Later on, Bobby joins the rest of his team in the changing room for a practice session. He meets with the captain, Thom, and questions the decision to drop George, saying that if it wasn't for the years practising together, he would never have become the team's star player.

''I don't care about that!'' Thom silences Bobby. ''I care about who the best players are now. You've grown. We've grown. George hasn't. Simple as. If you're not happy about it, we can leave you on the bench and get someone else just as determined to be just as good.''

Bobby sighs and glances over at a picture hanging above showcases the medals and trophies that sit in the school cabinet. It was always a morale boost for the team before a game to show how much they've won and what they have to lose.

After a moment to contemplate, Bobby lowers his head and nods. ''Fine. You're the captain.''

Thom smirks. ''Maybe one day you'll be captain. Then you can pick the team with the coach. We'll see how that turns out.''

Feeling defeated, Bobby heads out to start his warm-up with the rest of the team. Everyone leaves the changing room except for Thom, who stays for a minute longer to quickly send his father a text concerning a lawyer. After sending the text, he hears a locker from the other side of the changing room slam shut.

''Who's there?'' he shouts.

There is no response. Thom goes to investigate but finds nothing. With his back turned, he hears another loud metal clang. He runs back to find his locker door damaged.

''Fuck this!'' Thom mutters and runs to the exit.

Before he can leave, someone pushes a locker over and it lands right on top of the football captain. Thom calls out for help while trying to push the locker off. Ghostface steps out into view and presses their boot on top of the locker, pushing it down harder to crush Thom. The captain's screams continue until he is silenced when Ghostface kneels and jabs a knife into Thom's neck.

Ghostface then rushes out of the changing room before someone arrives and finds Thom dead under a locker and in a pool of blood.

To Be Continued…