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Mika Da Monkey in

Monkey in the Middle

The scene opens with several gunshots being heard off in the distant of forest as two figures appear from the horizon, one chasing the other. Their figures soon grow to reveal a female monkey, with browny-red fur wearing a white shirt with two blue stripes and an orange skirt, looking like she was having fun, and a shorter jet-black haired girl, wearing the typical Elmer Fudd outfit fitted for a girl and a holding two pistols, that looked determined to capture the monkey.

"Come back here, you Screwy Monkey!" shouted Lena Elmer as she fired several more shots at the monkey girl. The shots seem to have missed as the monkey kept running with a grin on her face. She then immediately stopped at looked to the reader.

"Don't worry folks, I get to you in a minute." spoke Mika thus breaking the fourth wall. However, before she could move, her face cartoonishly met with Lena's pistol shocked at first.

"I got you now, Monkey." smirked Lena believing she was triumphant. The monkey quickly stepped back, looking incredibly relaxed as she looked down on the huntress.

"Yo! How's it going, doc?" spoke Mika casually as she pulled out a banana and eat it showing no fear.

"I'm about to have a delicious monkey dinner." spoke Lena as

"Monkey?" repeated Mika sounding confused. "I'm not a monkey."


"I'm a mouse see!" smirked Mika as she suddenly pulled out whiskers from her face and then started to squeak around much like a cartoon mouse would. Lena just looked on in confusion as he lowered her pistols.

"But...You're so big."

"I was a very healthy child, ate all my cheese." stated Mika as she pulled out a wedge of cheese and ate it in front of Lena. "Besides, you don't want no monkey dinner."

"I don't?" Mika nodded as she wrapped her arm around the huntress and began walking in a random direction, Lena willingly following along and clueless of what Mika was doing.

"No, what you want is a nice wolf lunch." stated Mika with a grin as she pointed off screen. Lena followed the finger, as did the camera, revealing a black wolf (Nore) doing several kicks and punches on a tree nearby. "See all that tender meat just ready to eat."

"Yeah!" said Lena sounding excited as she head up her pistols ready to hunt.

"Well then go on get him!" encouraged Mika as she pointed to the wolf, Lena quickly and cartoonishly running towards the wolf determined. With the huntress gone Mika turned away from the scene chuckling to herself as slowly walk away in the opposite direction. "Shishi, what a maroon. What a ig-no-ramus. What a-"

"Grrrrr." Mika immediately stopped as she saw that the black furred wolf she had pointed out was now growling at her threateningly. Mika knew she was in trouble now and quickly turned around only to meet Lena's pistols.

"Eh~ hehe, I guess you're not into wolf then." nervously chuckled Mika seeing the glare from the huntress. All she got as a reply was Lena cocking her pistols. "Yipe!" Instantly, Mika ducked as Lena shot, hitting Nore instead, and took off as fast as possible.

"Blast it!" Lena soon followed behind the monkey girl as she left the burned wolf standing. Quickly shaking off the black ash from the gun blast and gave chase as well. Although in trouble, Mika still had a smile on as ran from her pursuers. Then she had an idea. Mika quickly jumped into a tree soon followed by Lena and Nore.

The camera scrolled up only showing the top of the trees, where Mika popped her head out of tree, looked around, then drop back down. On a tree to the right Lena did the same soon followed by Nore on the tree on the right. This pattern was soon mixed around as each character kept looking for each other until they all ended on the same tree looking away from each other not noticing the other. That was until they turned, still searching, around spotting each other.

"Uh oh!" spoke Mika then quickly disappearing underneath the soon followed by Lena and Nore. Soon the tree was erupting with fighting as it appeared as Mika, Lena, and Nore were fighting with each other. However, a munching sound could be heard, causing the camera to scroll out to reveal Mika safely eating a banana watching the fight ensue. Taking the opportunity, Mika decided to take her leave , but was far from unnoticed. On a tree above, a little yellow bird with a rooster's crown on his head looked out of his nest seeing both the fight then the monkey.

"I thought I saw a monkey?" The monkey and the fight soon froze as they heard Biri Bird speak. Lena and Nore stuck their heads out as they quickly noticed the lack of a monkey. Oddly enough, a cat with brown and yellow spotted fur (Drake) also poked his head out, but out of Biri Bird's tree.

"Shishi, bye~." smiled Mika as she quickly took off in a blur with Lena and Nore following in suit causing a large gust of wind to blow all the leaves off Biri Bird's tree, as well as the fur off of Drake, while Biri Bird was unharmed.

"I did! I did see a monkey!" spoke Biri Bird ending his sentence with a smug smirk. Continuing with the chase, Mika was weaving through trees with her pursuers following the same path until.

"Uh oh." Mika stopped as she found herself cornered.

"We got you now simian!" shouted Lena as she and Nore had the monkey cornered. Mika looked back to her only escape route looking scared, sweating up a storm as she waited for her hunters to capture her. "Any last words, Monkey."

"Can I have a lawyer?" joked Mika seeing as she really didn't have any chances of escaping. Her hunters then walked closer as the readied to take the primate.

"Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhh!" A Tarzan-like scream could be heard gaining everyone's attention as another monkey, dark brown, came swinging in.

"Yeah! Akio!" cheered Mika believing she was finally saved. Unfortunately, Akio the Monkey was a bit short and missed hitting the rocky cliff. "Ah Akio." said Mika looking defeated and unsatisfied as she watched her fellow monkey slid to the ground then fall on his back.

"That was weird." stated Lena as both she and Nore let their guard down seeing the pathetic attempt from the other monkey. Nore nodded his head agreeing with the huntress, but quickly returned to capturing Mika and her new companion.

"Thanks for trying Akio." said Mika not sounding pleased with the males attempt.

"Don't thank me yet." spoke Akio as he stood back up looking even more nervous then Mika. "Because I brought a friend."

"Raaaaaaaw!" Everyone stopped in fear as they hear an inhuman roar coming from the forest. All the cartoons looked back to the forest as trees were being tossed left and right as a huge red furred monster appeared before them.

"A friend!" shouted all the cartoons to the male monkey looking very neutral and unresponsive. As the monster (a red furred Ryuudo twice his usual size) breathed heavily, a smaller figure walked out from behind him revealing a young brown haired women in a doctor's outfit.

"No, it's okay." spoke Dr Nicole as she gave the group a warm smile then waved to the monster unafraid. "Ryuudo-mer just wants to be friends."

"Eh!" shouted all the cartoons stuck in the corner of a rock formation looking dumbfounded.

"Raaaaw!" Ryuudo-mer then charged forward and dust cloud formed as the cartoons tried fighting their way from the red-furred monster. Dr Nicole looked worriedly at the scene as she started to second guess her decision.

"Maybe I should regulate the playtime?"

"Nah~." Dr Nicole looked to the side to see Mika standing next to her unharmed and watching with amusement. "This is just how guys are." The female doctor wasn't sure what to make of the scene, especially since Lena is a girl, but didn't seem to bother to question. "Hey! Do you want to get something to drink?"

"Sure." smiled Dr Nicole as she took Mika's arm and the two started skipping off into the sunset leaving the cartoons to Ryuudo-mer.

'We're done here, readers!'

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