Scene 7: Through Calm and Storm

"Are we there yet~!" yelled Mika in a bored fashion as she sat on the Draco's head looking out towards the sea where their destination, Demon Island, waited for their arrival. Many of the crew, specifically Lena and Ryuudo, were starting to get rather annoyed with their captain's constant asking.

"Mika! Shut Up!" shouted Ryuudo and Lena getting rather frustrated by the woman's antics, Lena having yelled from the top of the crow's nest.

"But I'm boooored~, are we in the Calm Belt yet?" asked Mika in a casual manner unaffected by her nakama's yelling. Seeing as the question was for him, Drake took a good look around for the tell tale signs that they had entered the Calm Belt.

"I say we're just abooooout~..." drawled out Drake as he looked at the sails. The crew looked at the navigator at the helm, all sweat-dropping due to the man stretching out his sentence waiting for something to happen. Eventually something did, as the sails and flags dropped slack from the wind abruptly stopping. ""

"Finally." said everyone minus Nicole, Nore, and Denji looking at Drake like he was an idiot. Meanwhile, Denji also took notice of the sudden lack of wind and looked to the crew as he was confused.

"What just happened?" asked Denji as he pointed to the drooping sails to the crew in general.

"We've entered the Calm Belt, an area of the sea where no weather or sea currents occur and is a nesting for dangerous Sea Kings." informed Nicole as she walked up to Denji while the others took notice around the ship.

"Sea Kings?"

"Giant fish that can destroy fleets of ship and kill everyone!" shouted Mika excitingly as she ran up to the group explaining the next part gruesomely though playfully at the same time. Denji was taken back by the information as he immediately worried about his well-being on this trip.

"Hey don't worry!" Denji quickly spun around seeing Drake speak up once again as he walked down from the upper deck. "The area surrounding Demon Island has no Sea Kings around. We're essentially safe, despite not being able to move."

"Oh yeah that reminds me." The group looked over to Mika as she looked as if she had thinking about something and finally figure what that was. She then turned to Ryuudo as he was relaxing against the side, a very poor judgment. "Hey Ryuudo!"

"What?" said Ryuudo a bit worried as he saw the female captain come walking over to him wearing a big grin that he did not like. After the events of earlier today, Ryuudo was already being cautious of the female captain as she stopped right in front of him still wearing her huge grin.

"We need you to pull!" And almost instantaneously, Mika pushed Ryuudo over the edge causing Nicole to gasp in surprise while the rest of crew shook their heads and Denji just looked on stunned.

"Dammit Mikaaaaahhhh!"


"Shishishi!" laughed Mika as she enjoyed doing her job. Seeing this action, Denji's jaw dropped as he was amazed that Mika could push such a big fellow overboard. He quickly looked to the crew as he pointed to the action the young captain had done still looking as shocked as ever.

"He'll be fine." stated Akio showing no concern for his fish-like nakama as he leaned against the cabin.

"I was actually wondering when she was about to do that." stated Lena looking bored as she watched from above.

"But how is he-Whoooa!" Before Denji could finish his sentence, the Draco suddenly was jerked forward causing the black haired man to lose his balance, but catching himself before falling though stuck in a weird position. As he notice the rest of the crew, none of them seem to have been affected by the sudden movement of the ship causing Denji to blush in embarrassment.

"Shishi, don't be so weird Denji." chuckled Mika as she slapped Denji's back causing him to fully fall on to the deck.

"Since Ryuudo is a half-Fishmen, he is far stronger than a normal human, especially in water." informed Drake as he bent down to Denji's current ground level. Denji turned his head looking at the navigator with a shocked expression.

"Is that why he's..."

"Fish-like? Yeah."

"Sorry, we probably should have explained that better." apologized Nicole as she offered to help the man back up. Denji took the offered hand and quickly brought himself back up trying to retain any dignity left.

"How long do you think Ryuudo can keep this up?" The crew and Denji looked over to Akio as he had moved from his spot to the side of the ship watching as the ship sailed closer and closer to the oncoming island.

"Well, since there isn't an absolute rush to get there I wouldn't worry about it." stated Drake as he looked forward seeing the incoming landmass increase in size with each passing minute.

"We are on a time limit though." corrected Nore as he broke his silence re-informing the navigator of the last message from the vice admiral.

"No worries Nore!" smiled Mika as she walked pass the group heading back to her seat on the head of the Draco. Though as she walked up the stairs to the upper deck, she quickly turned back wearing a greedily smile. "After all there's my money at stake."

"Right." said most of the male crew as they all sweat-dropped from their captain's split personality change.

"Hey! Let's get these sails up! No point in having them down." commented Drake as he pointed to the sails individually. Both Akio and Nore nodded and quickly got to work with Drake joining along leaving only Mika, Nicole, and Denji. As the crew began their work, Mika had already taken her seat as she watched the ship move forward as Ryuudo pulled the ship. Once the male nakama had finished their task, they went off to do their own activity with Nore and Akio deciding to spar and Drake taking his place at the helm. Nicole seem to walk off as she attended the nearby garden that greatly surprised Denji as he had never seen such a ship, if he ever had, have a small garden. It was only Denji left now and, seeing as he could do nothing at the moment, he decided to observe the crew actions from his seat on the stairway up on Mika's side. Drake kept at the helm, though he rarely had to turn the wheel, and mostly looked over a map he had pulled out from one of his pockets along with an onigiri he was enjoying.

'Seriously, how much space do his pockets have?' Denji then moved on to the first-mate, to whom he felt that he didn't like him so much, and watched as he spared with the other black haired man. '….Nore, that's his name.' From what he saw of Nore, the weatherman seemed suspicious of him for some reason. He wasn't aware that he was a suspicious character, of course, it could be because he was a citizen of the 'Demon' Island everyone feared.

"Would anyone like anything to eat or drink?" Breaking from his thoughts, Denji looked up to see the one of three people that weren't naturally afraid of going to his "unholy" home. He was greeted with the cheerful smile of Nicole, who was apparently the crew's chef from what Mika had said, waiting for his answer.

"Uhh, I guess I could use something to drink?" said Denji a bit bashfully, not wanting to be a nuisance or be in the way.

"How about some mikan juice then." suggested Nicole as she waved over to the trees that stood in the garden. When he first boarded the small ship, he quickly took notice of the trees that bore orange-colored fruit finding it odd that there would be trees on a boat.

"Umm, sure." Nicole nodded then walked past Denji heading up the stairs and towards Mika. Denji decided the follow, at least to the stairs, as he watched the woman talk to Mika.

"Mika, mind if I use you're mikans to make a drink?" asked Nicole politely as she stood at the base of the dragon head's neck.

"Sure!" grinned Mika as she turned her head to Nicole accepting her request. "Grab a bunch so we all can have some."

"Thank you Mika." smiled Nicole sounding a bit more cheerful than before and hurriedly walked back towards Denji. She stopped, however, as she saw Denji look towards her curiously wondering what had happened.

"Oh! I should explain, the mikan trees come from Mika's family. They own a mikan plantation in another part of the world. They're quite precious to her."

"Really?" said Denji surprised as he looked over to the relaxing captain. He had heard from stories that pirates only had one interest, treasure. And usually that meant gold and silver, hearing that Mika, who not only an hour ago had swindled law officers into paying her one million belis, ('Whatever those are.' ), held a bunch of fruit bearing trees higher than money.

"Yes, I find it quite sweet. Her family has the same kind of design." Denji looked back at Nicole as he heard mention of Mika's parents. "Excuse me." Before he could even ask about the browny-red hair captain's parents or family, Nicole brushed passed him hurrying to pick mikans from the trees.

'That was… interesting?' thought Denji as he returned to his crew watching finding that Akio and Nore were already finished sparring. Akio was now relaxing underneath one of the mikan trees while it seemed that Nore was now practicing against the mast.

'Hold on, I'm missing someone?' Denji then looked up from the mast to the crow's nest where Lena was spying ahead with a spyglass while Biri slept peacefully probably tired from the panicking it did earlier with the marines. All in all, it seemed rather peaceful. Even Denji couldn't help but lower his guard and enjoy this peaceful moment. 'I wonder if this is what being a pirate it all about?' mused Denji as he shut his eyes completely enjoying this pleasure cruise.

"Hey Denji!" Denji quickly opened his eyes and jumped to his feet going into a stance that even he himself didn't fully recognized as the loud voice of Mika woke him. The whole crew minus Ryuudo and Nicole looked at the man curiously as he looked like he was about to fight. While most of them were confused, Akio seemed a slightly suspicious as the reaction time was almost as fast as his. Denji quickly felt awkward and broke stance then turned to Mika as she waited for him to notice her.

"Uh sorry, you scared me." said Denji rather bashfully with a faint blush over his face.

"Shishishi, sorry but I haven't seen someone jump that fast since Akio." laughed Mika saying that sentence rather bluntly causing Akio to blush from the memory.

"Shut up Mika." said Akio, embarrassed though looking unamused from the woman's comment. Mika snickered at her childhood friend's embarrassment along with Drake watching on as usual.

"She has a point there Big Guy." commented Drake adding onto the embarrassment. Akio quickly looked towards the upper deck giving Drake an evil glare telling him to shut it. The crew gave a very heart felt laugh at Akio's expense. Even Denji joined in.

"So what was that?" Denji soon stopped laughing as he heard Mika's question looking back at her seeing her head tilted curiously as she looked at him.

'Cute.' thought Denji as he slightly blushed seeing the girl's action. He soon shook off the thought and got back to Mika's question. "Uh what was what?"

"That stance, it looked weird." commented Mika as she tilted his head back in an upward position. The rest of the crew soon realized the same thing as they waited for the man to answer.

"I don't know." said Denji blankly as he stared at his hands like they were dirty. "I just... reacted… like instinct."

"Like how Mika steals all the food when we eat." shouted down Lena as she climbed down the mast wanting to be part of the conversation. Everyone minus Denji nodded their heads in agreement, when Mika suddenly realized that was a jib at her.


"The juice is ready!" shouted Nicole cheerfully as she opened the door with a tray of delicious mikan juice for everyone. Instantly Mika forgot about Lena's jab at her and made a beeline for the chef.

"Yeah! Juice is ready!"

"That didn't sound childish." said Lena making another jab at the childish captain. While Mika did here this, she already had her revenge ready for the young sniper.

"No juice for you." stated Mika in a serious voice much like an adult talking to a rude child. Lena's eyes widen as she saw the captain taking two glasses instead of one.

"Hey!" Lena rushed her way towards the older teen trying to grab her drink, only for Mika to keep her at leg's length while she held both glasses. Nicole found the two's childish squabbling comical and left them to their fight while she passed the drinks out to the rest of the crew.

"My money's on Lena to knock over both drinks." snickered Drake as he took the drink as he watched the 'kids' fight. Nicole shook her head finding the navigator's attitude unbelievably immature.


"No Way!"

"Here you go Denji." Taking his eyes away from the fight, Denji saw it was his turn for a drink leaving only two glasses and a large bowl left. He accepted the glass wholeheartedly seeing as the rest of the crew, minus the two arguing, were enjoying the drink.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." smiled Nicole before she turned away and walked over to the mast giving it a knock. "Biri!" shouted Nicole to the sleeping bird on the mast. The comical anime bubble, that is always produced when a comical character sleeps, popped waking the bird from its peacefully sleep.

"Biii?" squawked Biri groggily as he confused like left then right acting as if looking for someone.

"Down here!" shouted the female chef cheerfully before giggling at the bird's confused manner. Biri heard the woman and looked down seeing her with his special drinking bowl filled with delicious mikan juice.

"Biri! Bi ri bi!" cheered the yellow bird as he flew down from the mast, landing right next to the chef as she placed his bowl on the ground in front of him.

"Enjoy." Nicole then turned away from Biri as he began taking his sips from his bird bowl, walking to the rest of the group watching Mika and Lena still fighting. "Can one of you tell Ryuudo to come up? I'm sure he's tired by now." asked Nicole sweetly, ignoring the two younger women arguing.

"I will Nicolette." said Nore as he set his glass down on the nearby table. As he then walked to the edge, Drake tossed the man a rope attached to the mast already knowing what action the silent man would take. Looking away from Mika and Lena's fight, Denji and Akio watched as the other black haired man tie the rope around his waist and approached railing.

"Is he really gonna?" asked Denji looking to Akio for confirmation. Akio didn't say or do anything as he continued to watch Nore as he prepared to jump into the calm sea. As Denji turned back to the man, he watched as he did a light stretch on the railing preparing to jump. As he was about to jump, he immediately froze realizing something.

'The wind?' Nore quickly stood back up as he looked around as he could sense the presence of the wind… and something more. His eyes grew in quick realization and jumped off the railing turning back to the crew, minus the still arguing Mika and Lena, and Denji as they looked on surprised. "There's a storm coming!"

"Eh!" said everyone as they Nore shouted with volume that none of them had ever heard from him before.

"What are you talking about? We're in the Calm Belt, there's no way-"


"-there could be… a… storm?" Everyone went wide-eyed as they all heard the soft roar of thunder off in the distant. Everyone quickly turned towards 'Demon' Island, now far larger than earlier and even being close to the nearest coastline, as a storm appeared to be forming high above the bay that Drake had identified on his map. Everyone was stunned to silence, as they hardly expected a storm, including the navigator.

"Shit! This isn't good!" Drake quickly ran back up to the helm preparing for the inevitable that was approaching the Draco Bliss.

"Bi? Bi? Bi ri?" squawked Biri, seeming as confused as Nore and Drake were, as he stopped his drinking.

"What about Ryuudo!" shouted Nicole incredibly worried for the crew's half-Fishmen shipwright as she ran towards the railing, wanting to try and contact him.


"Hey guys! I've been hearing thunder. What gives?" Everyone looked towards the opposite railing seeing Ryuudo, soaking wet, as he looked at the crew and newcomer in confusion. Everyone looked surprised as they immediately ran over to Ryuudo, surprising him.

"There's a storm coming Fish-Face!" shouted Akio as he pointed to the black clouds forming as the Draco sailed closer to the island. Ryuudo looked in shock as he saw that the dark brown haired first-mate was right.

"What! How is that-"

"Yeah, yeah, we already know! Just prepare for the coming storm!" shouted Drake from the helm as the seas around Draco rocking the boat semi-violently. All the crew quickly got ready as the rain began to fall from the clouds and lightning danced among the clouds occasionally striking the island or ocean. Much like Nore, the crew and Denji tied themselves to the mast being sure that they were fastened tightly so no one could fall overboard.

"All lines fastened!" shouted Lena as the storm soon became more violent. Suddenly the ship began to sway violently with all the drinks Nicole had falling overboard and causing many of the crew to lose their balance, hitting the side of the railing with Drake holding on to the helm. As the rest of the crew hit the rail, Mika's rope unfortunately broke, causing Mika to tip over the railing right as lightning struck.



"Mika!" Before the captain could fall completely both Denji and Akio grabbed the woman's arms and brought her back on board, both being sure not to let go. Meanwhile the rest of the crew was caught by Ryuudo as he kept them from falling off.

"Hold on!" shouted Drake as he tried to turn the ship the opposite way before either his nakama fell off the ship or the ship itself would tip over. It took all his strength to turn the wheel finally bringing the Draco upward and allowing the crew off the railing.

"Phew! That was close!" As the crew breathed in relief, Mika seemed to have found the whole experience hilarious, not noticing that Denji and Akio still held on to her. However the two men did notice this and while both were relieved that Mika was okay, Akio looked at the man seeming unamused and a bit threatening towards the man. Denji caught the man's looks and immediately let go as did Akio.

"Are you okay Biri?" asked Nicole as she attended to Biri as he seemed less affected by the storm than usual.

"Bi." nodded Biri reassuring the female chef with a confident salute.

"Drake! Steer the ship better!" shouted Ryuudo sounding rather pissed as he looked towards Drake disdainfully. Drake wasn't able to reply as he was using all his strength and skill to keep the Draco from tipping over, crashing, or losing their heading.

"Need some help here!" shouted Drake as his strength began to fail, needing help immediately. Ryuudo quickly forgot his attitude and ran to Drake's aid, helping him in turning the wheel.

"What are we going to do?" shouted Nicole as she looked worriedly at the two men trying to keep the Draco floating while she held onto Biri for assurance. Neither Ryuudo or Drake could answer as they were busy doing their thing. Nicole looked to the rest of the crew for any answers. No one seemed to have some as they all looked worried, though Nore seem to be concentrating on something. "Nore?"

"We need the sails down." spoke Nore softly as he broke out of his daze and looked at Nicole blankly. Nicole wasn't sure at what the man was saying, and he didn't wait for her to figure as he quickly looked over to Mika with determination. "Namika!"

"Yeah!" waved Mika hearing Nore speak to her.

"We need the sails down!" shouted Nore causing everyone's eyes to widen in shock.



"Namika! We need the sails down now!"

"That's Crazy!" shouted everyone minus Drake, still trying to keep the helm from turning, and Mika looking at the man with wide eyes. As the whole crew shouted their complaints about Nore's idea, Mika just stared at Nore looking into his determined eyes. She then gave a smirk.

"Sails Down!" Most of the crew looked unbelievably at their captain as she had smirked confident in her decision. "I trust Nore." Before the crew could even argue they were immediately silenced hearing Mika's confidence in their nakama.

"Set The Sails!" The crew and Denji turned back towards the helm as the gasped hearing Drake agree with Mika. He gave a confident nod to Mika and Nore showing that he trust their judgment.

"Come on Denji." Denji was quickly yanked away from the group by Akio and brought to the mast, the whole way Denji looked flabbergasted.

"Wait me! But I-" Akio didn't allow him to finish as he gave him a serious look telling him that it didn't matter. He just had to help. Denji then nodded back as he followed Akio up the mast.

"Nore! Why do we need the sails down!" shouted Lena as looked at the crew's weatherman in confusion and tiredness from withstanding the storm. The rest of the crew, even Mika and Drake despite having taken his word, were all curious as to what the usually silent man had to say.

"A strong wind is heading our way." stated Nore sounding both calm and serious at the same, surprising the crew with the information he had. "The storm will calm, then start back up with a sudden gust strong enough to get us to the coast."

"Really?" gasped Lena and Nicole sounding quite shocked that something like that was coming. Nore nodded as he looked back up to the mast seeing Akio and Denji untying the sail. However right as they finished a sudden gust of wind blew and while Akio held onto the mast Denji was losing his footing.

"Denji!" shouted all the females seeing the black haired newcomer starting to slip. Immediately Biri took flight hoping to save the man from falling into the unforgiving sea. Meanwhile with Denji, the man was as scared as any as he thought he would pummel down to his death, however, something suddenly clicked in Denji's head. Before he could completely fall off, his one foot still on the mast somehow gained it's own grip allowing him to defy gravity and stop his falling.

"What the!" As Akio tired to reach for Denji, he saw this amazing feat and gasped in shock. And he wasn't the only one. Nore was also shocked seeing the man defying gravity with one foot. And soon two, as he was able to get the same grip that his first foot had.

"Biri! Bi bi ri biri!" As Denji held on to the mast regularly, losing the grip he had gained, he looked over to see the yellow bird flying near him. The bird sounded quite concerned for the man as said bird was once afraid of him.

"I'm fine, thank you." smiled Denji giving the bird a small wave reassuring Biri. The bird nodded happily and swooped back down with the rest of the crew.

"Good job Biri." said Mika giving him a thumbs up while the bird looked at Mika confusedly knowing he did nothing. With Denji and Akio finally climbing down, the storm suddenly went calm just as Nore predicted.

"This is the calm." said Drake as he and Ryuudo were finally able to let go of the helm, both very tired. As the crew and Denji looked around, it seemed that the storm had pushed into the bay, and they were roughly in the middle of it.

"Next comes..." said Nore but soon stopped as a low whistle of wind could be heard behind, including the sound of a low rumble of thunder falling behind it. All the crew and Denji looked back towards Calm Belt as they could see a curtain of rain and a strong wind heading right for them.

"The Storm!" shouted Mika as she, the crew, and Denji backed away to the middle of the deck with Drake and Ryuudo still at the helm.

"Brace Yourselves!" shouted Drake as he put all of his strength into holding the helm along with Ryuudo as the wave of rain and wind was about to hit. "-Because This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride!"


"Ahhhh!" screamed the whole crew as the ship was caught in the wind and rain. It rocketed forward towards the island at a speed that could be matched with the speed of torpedo. All the crew on the lower deck was forced back crashing into the cabin, unable to move. The situation on the upper deck was the same though Ryuudo and Drake were able to withstand the force and keep at the helm making sure that they weren't off course. As the two helmsmen looked out to the now blurring sea, they opened their eyes as wide as they could, seeing that they were almost at the island.

'Crap!' thought both Drake and Ryuudo knowing what will occur with the Draco does not stop soon. As they waited for the inevitable, the two soon saw and felt the wind lift, allowing the ship to finally slow down enough to allow free movement.

"Akio!" The dark brown haired first-mate heard Ryuudo's yell and opened his eyes wide finally able to move. However he knew that his nakama wanted him more than just for confirmation, but something more important. "Drop The Anchor!"

"Mach Step!" Using his superior speed and taking the chance of free mobility, Akio made his way to where they had hanged the anchor on the side of the ship. Not taking the time to actually unhook the anchor, seeing as they were hurdling towards the oncoming shore at a fast pace, Akio attacked the stump holding the anchor. "Mach Jab!" With one hit it broke sending the anchor into the sea and began slowing down the ship. Akio then quickly looked back, the crew recovering from the lack of mobility earlier, but focusing more on Drake and Ryuudo. "The Anchor Is Down!"

"Brace For Impact!" shouted Drake as he pointed at and past Akio.

"Akio!" Akio heard Mika's voice calling out his name as he turned to see the incoming island before finally.


Author's note:

Sorry guys, this will be the last update for a while on this story. Dan hasn't been online in a while and haven't given me my edits. But like I said, I'll have some other stories update. :)

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