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Why Bree and Hwin Never Married (Each Other)

"It's very simple, really," Bree remarks, rolling and snorting at the grass. He flicks his right ear toward the attentive Tarkheena who leans against the apple tree beside him. "You see, it was a matter of the lady's opinion of me. Doubtless my actions during our flight from that Accursed Desert Country (no offense intended to the country of your birth, my dear) have made Madam Hwin a little shy of the Great, Brave Warhorse she has come to see in me. It would be taking advantage of the lady's high (albeit mostly if not entirely accurate) opinion, and as you know, Tarkheena, this is something a Talking Horse and a warhorse and a subject of the Lion cannot allow himself to do."

"I don't know that Hwin really—"

"Of course I could never claim to know her mind. I would certainly not presume to go that far in my estimation of the lady's feelings concerning me. However, even a Tarkheena like you, Aravis, should know that it is better not to take risks when faced with an, ahem, delicate situation of this sort. You see what I mean of course?"

"You mean that you would rather—"

"Remain old chums and companions with Madam Hwin rather than see our relationship shattered by a false word to the contrary of her wishes." He glumly lets out a heavy sigh that sets the grass before him to trembling. "It is all so complex, my dear. I cannot expect you, a child and human, to understand the delicacies of tiptoeing about marriage and all that, but perhaps someday you may come to understand."


"Why didn't Bree and I get married?" Hwin throws back her head and lets out a long, horsey laugh, sending a few of the flowers the young prince has braided into her hair rippling off in the wind.

"If I wanted to spend the rest of my life in silence," she continues, eyes sparkling at the bemused Shasta/Cor, "I would have stayed in Calormen."


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