A knife sprouts from his back.


I refuse to think he is dead.


But he is.

"Leave him!" they are trying to take him.

"He is dead, Annabeth."

"No Malcom, he's not."

"He is still here."

"I understand that you loved him."

"Love, he is not dead."

"I know that you love him, but he would want you to move on, Thalia can you help her?"

I feel hands, cold hands.

I'm walking.


Familar voices.


"Annabeth, Annabeth can you hear me?"

I nod.

"He isn't coming back."

"He will."

"Annabeth he is dead leave him."



"Because, he cant be dead, he is the hero of olympus."

"Yes but everyone has a weakness."

There is warmth running down my cheeks.

I am crying.

"He is gone."

"I know Annabeth, but don't get caught up in his death, let him go. He would want that."

I'm tired.

I close my eyes and I see him.


"Annabeth, I love you."

"Are you alive?"

"No, I'm here to tell you that I always have loved you, but I want you to move on."

"Can't I stay with you?"

"No, Thalia is going to wake you up. You need her help."

I turn away crying but "Annabeth?"


"Don't forget to remeber me."



He is fading away.

"I love you, yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

I can't hear him any more, but he smiles and I lip read "I love you, Wisegirl."

"Seaweed brain."

He is out of sight.

Not gone.

Out of sight.

"I love you Seaweed brain."