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Music is blaring from the car and into the beach. You'd wonder why a bunch of teenagers would go to the beach at midnight. Well, that's just how stupid we really, truly are. On the contrary, Clove thinks it's not a phase of retardation. It's "fucking awesome". I've told Clove about going back to New York. She didn't seem all that too happy. But she didn't go all "I hate you" on me. She accepted it, knowing it would pop up sooner or later.

Father has secretly called us "Teen Bunch." This group consists of me, Peeta, Clove, Gale, Cato, Demeter, Glimmer, and Dez. Am I missing someone? I barely keep track of it. Now that father has told me about it, it's not so "secret" anymore.

I've been thinking a lot about senior year in high school. There will be much more talks from my mom. I mean, the whole topic of sexual intercourse makes me want to throw bricks at someone's face thanks to Clove's latest conclusion.

"You wanted some of 'Peeta Lovin''", she said, laughing like a mental donkey.

Prim has been bugging me all the time when we're talking on the phone. Apparently, we have these new neighbors and they have a little girl who's like seven years-old. Prim was discussing, which in my case I think of it as arguing, about what's real and what isn't. Well, let's just say that little girl roasted Prim like a boss. And since then, Prim has been dying to murder that little "troll".

"Janice and I were talking about Santa. I told her Santa isn't real. And then she said my relationship with Zac Efron isn't either! That little troll can't stop laughing at me," Prim whines, as if I'd ever help her murder a seven year-old.

The use of the word "troll" is overexposed. Nowadays, no one around me can come up with a better insult.

Low-life losers…

Peeta removes his shirt and runs to the water like a little kid. I can't help but look at his body. Hearing laughter behind me, I stop and continue planning ways of revenge for making me watch Mary Poppins. Dez and Clove have been spending much time together. They might already be a couple. What makes me even more suspicious is the fact that Clove is a bit too happy lately. It's not that I don't like Clove's happiness, it's just weird when she's not her rude ass self. On the bright side, when Clove's happy, she's a retard. There's no doubt I could get back at her now.

"Hey, Kat! Come over here and stop looking at us like you are going to kill someone," Peeta shouts from the water, waving at me…shirtless.

I have no time to admire his wet body. I'm a complete fool when that's in my sight. Instead, I get up from the beach chair and remove my shirt and shorts until I'm in my bathing suit. Unwittingly, I wore a bikini. It reminds me of another time when Glimmer and Demeter forced me to wear it. Now, it's as if they haunt me in my sleep, saying, "Wear the bikini, wear the bikini!"

How can Peeta still be with me? After thinking that, I'm officially a nerd…and not the intelligent type.

I run to the water along with them. It's cold but refreshing since the air is so moist and hot during summer at night. At least I don't have to worry about music class, stupid prom, and any other worry that comes with high school. Senior year won't be able to top what happened to me this year…nothing can.

Who knows? Life isn't always on the right track for this troublemaker.

Peeta smiles and picks me up by my waist from behind, kissing my cheek and spinning me around. I laugh.

"I'm going to throw up, Peeta. Stop spinning me or I'll become the wheel of toxic," I say, laughing as he spins me faster.

He laughs and puts me down. "I could say so for myself, too. I'm a bit dizzy."

I raise an eyebrow. "Oh really?" Next thing you know, Peeta's drenched in salt water thanks to this girl.

Why do I keep referring to myself in the third-person?

How am I supposed to know? You're the one who's easily distracted by the stupidest things, my conscious snaps right back. I raise an eyebrow at myself. All of a sudden, my thoughts are a full anti-bitch mode. It's as if I'm angry at myself. The reason why? I don't know. But my conscious is really pissing me off.

We sit around after the damage is done to my body with water. I've thrown water balloons and I've gotten hit by them, too. But balloons filled with freaking water have never hurt like this. I have a few red marks left on me. Clove's got some serious problems when water balloons are a part of our current event.

Did you just realize that, idiot?

Yes, I think to myself.

I need to stop. I'm a bit worried for myself. Literally. Ever since Clove's gotten that thought in my head, I can't do anything but think the strangest things ever. Just today, Dez was sitting next to me in the car and he kept saying he thinks chicken is the best food. Well, you'll never guess what I thought of…

Oh, really? I like chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup

With a soda on the side

Since then, that song has been stuck on my head. Who knew a song that old would get stuck in an almost-there-senior-in high school? Like…really? I'm in the process of a phase I call stupidity.

Clove takes her meddlesome ass and sits down on a beach blanket with monkeys on it right next to me. I shoot her a look and she shrugs.

"I don't understand why you take everything I say so seriously. Calm down and live life, Katniss Everdeen!" She exclaims, throwing her hands in the air.

Hands in there like you just don't care.

Shut up, Katniss, I tell myself.

"You sound like a hippie," I say, earning a punch in the arm by the lovely Clove. "And are you asking me not to take you seriously?"

"I guess so," she shrugs.

I roll my eyes at her. The darkness of the hours sends chills down my spine. "Are you cold?" Clove asks me.

I shrug. "No." It's not true. I'm not cold; I just hate being out so late. It's a bit unusual, really. A teenager not wanting to stay up late and go out with his/her friends? Yeah…that's something. I guess I'm just a nerd. Basically, every adolescent my age would want to stay out. But me, the strange part of me, likes being at home and doing nothing. I like being a complete couch potato and you know what?

I might just even eat potatoes. And after watching Mary Poppins you'd think I'd be scarred for life.

I roll my eyes at myself and wish that this strange phase of stupidity would just go by in about seconds from now. Peeta lies down beside me, staring at the stars up in the night sky. His eyes have that cute, little shine in them mixed with a beautiful blue. I snuggle close to him and watch the skies with him.

"What's up with you lately? You've been acting…strange," he says.

Oh god, now I have to tell him. He'd laugh.

I give up on lying to him. I'll just kill Clove right after it. It's all in a day's work.

"Um…Clove has been putting these thoughts in my head. She thinks she's right, but she's wrong," I say. It's not enough with the details, and by the look on Peeta's face I can see clearly that he notices it, too.

He shrugs. "Clove's always getting people in to self-conflict. She's just…stupid like that," he says, looking as if he didn't like calling her stupid.

"Yeah…I guess she's that stupid," I say, barely over a whisper.

I finally have a plan, Clove. Get ready.