A Journey among the Stars

Notes: This story was originally formed as an RPG with various writers. But it turned out to be so good that I decided to collect the posts and turn them into a story. Thanks go to: John, Cyn and Darrin.


It was supposed to be a peaceful mission, an exploration and mending of relationships damaged between the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire. The year was 2369 and was filled with new discoveries like the Bajoran Wormhole but also with political intrigue, espionage, negotiations, tension and conflict.

Captain John Murdock and his crew, 60 crewmen and 15 officers, on board the Avenger Class Starship Endeavor were on their way to their latest expedition, far away from home. Many of the Chief Officers had not arrived yet and Murdock was a little concerned. They were going fast and Starfleet command had been clear about the importance of this mission, to patrol the alpha quadrant to make sure that the Borg would not come back.

He sat in his chair, looked across the bridge and went over the staff records. His Executive Officer, Commander Kristen Hunter, the Chief Science and Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Commander Kuros, the Chief Engineer Christopher Pine and Major James Costa, the Security and Tactial Officer were already on board. It was a strange combination, Hunter and Costa, both human, were married. Pine and Summer Williams, the not-here-yet ship's counselor had been a couple until 2349 when a deep familiar crisis over the death of their child had torn them apart. Murdock wasn't sure how those relationships would influence the flow of the work here on the Endeavor. Yet, all had excellent service records and recommendations. He would just have to wait and see, and trust his instincts.