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Every night before she went to bed, little Amelia Pond would gaze up at the stars and make a wish, just one, and always the same one. She would wish for her Raggedy Doctor to come flying down from the heavens in his big blue box that traveled through space and time, and come back for her.

"Amelia! It's time to go to bed!" Aunt Sharon called from downstairs.

Amelia sighed as she turned away from the window and over to her bed, where she crawled under the covers.

It made her wonder if she had done something wrong to not deserve him. Was she not nice enough to everyone? She was sure she was, considering the cruel names they called her day in, day out. Did she not work hard enough? She always did her best in class. She even raised her hand despite that everyone would laugh at her answer. She didn't know why they laughed at her, what she said wasn't funny.

It made her wonder if she just wasn't good enough, because every night she'd pray to the stars for her Doctor to come back for her. And every night, he refused to show.

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