A/N: Well, this is my first Bodyguard fic. It is very short and sweet, a little something that was running around in my head when I first noticed Rachel's lower half in this scene. It's where she's shopping and she's getting ready to go in the dressing room. If you look closely she has on what look like thigh-high stockings and a very short dress/skirt, and you can see some skin. Happy Reading!

As he stepped out of the limousine, Frank squinted at the glare of the afternoon sun. He headed to the back of the limo to open the door for Rachel. As she swung first one leg, then the other out of the car, Frank caught a glimpse of stockings and skin. Not bothering to show her gratitude, Rachel headed for the clothing store she preferred to shop at in the valley.

Through a silent look of communication, Frank let Henry know to stay at the limo with Tony. Frank caught up with Rachel, who had stopped at the entrance to the store because she knew Frank preferred to scope out all public places they went to. He opened the door and after doing a quick-but thorough-sweep he gestured for Rachel to come in. The lady sitting behind the counter hadn't bothered to look up when Frank opened the door. But when Rachel walked in and greeted the woman by name, she exchanged pleasantries with Rachel and proceeded to tell her about new merchandise she had.

Frank kept close to Rachel as she browsed around the store. As she settled on a rack near the dressing room, Frank turned his attention outside where he could see Henry and Tony fooling around with some local kids. All the while, he felt Rachel staring daggers into his back. She had been difficult since the beginning. What she didn't understand was that in order for him to do his job well, she would have to make some small sacrifices. As a former secret service agent, Frank did not take his job lightly.

"Hey Farmer," he heard Rachel call, "Wanna come in here with me? Just to be safe?"

She was taunting him again, making a joke about how seriously he took his job. Frank eyed what Rachel was wearing. She had on what looked like a dress that barely stopped above her knees with a long-sleeved silk shrug. On her feet were some type of flat shoes, but with a square heel that kind of reminded Frank of the shoes that Michael Jackson often wore. He gave her one of his 'looks' and turned back around but not before seeing the grin on her face as she went into the dressing room.

Frank wasn't quite sure what it was, but her little innuendo got to him. He scanned the store and out front quickly before turning on his heel and disappearing under the curtain where Rachel was trying on clothing. He decided he would call her bluff. She had continued talking so she hadn't seen or heard him coming. Her back had been to him, about to remove her top when grabbed her right arm and pushed her against the dressing room wall. The look of surprise on her face quickly turned to anger as she processed what was going on.

"Frank-" she began but he cut her off.

"I have to make sure there is nothing suspicious in the clothing," he told her, "Just to be safe," he added, throwing her words back at her.

Frank was sure a string of curse words were about to come out of her mouth. But before she could get the chance, he kneeled before her and placed his hands on her stocking covered legs. The stockings only came up past her knees and stopped mid-thigh.

Rachel would have never admitted it aloud, but when Frank grabbed her and pushed her against the dressing room wall, she was afraid. Afraid that whoever was stalking her was near. That changed the moment Frank placed his hands on her legs and slowly moved up until they came to her exposed thighs. Rachel's breath caught as both hands moved around to the inside of her thighs before they continued their journey up under her skirt. A rush of heat flooded her body as they moved up over her hips where he grasped her waist, then started back down, and moved over her lace-covered rear.

Frank slowly stood and dropped his head to her neck. His lips brushed her ear as he whispered, "All clear," and with a smirk quickly returned to his post in front of the dressing room. Frank smiled to himself as he had caught sight of the look on Rachel's face. If looks could kill, Rachel wouldn't need Frank to protect her. Rachel said nothing to him the rest of the shopping trip.