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It was disgusting, the way he felt. It was irritating, not to mention ridiculous, and it was driving him mad. There was no reason for it, no purpose, and it simply made no sense. It was unnatural, strange, and unwarranted, and he pledged to himself in that moment, as he twirled a small twig between his fingers and stared across the lake at the spectacle, that he would put a stop to it. If it was the last thing that he did, he would end this freak show. By the end of the week, he decided, his attraction to the freckle faced, hot tempered, irritatingly attractive she weasel would be gone.

She was everything he hated. Coppery red hair and freckles on a girl who never wore nice clothes, never fixed her hair, and never wore makeup should not be attractive, but somehow it was. To top it all off, she had the trademark Weasley temper, and tendency to explode into fits of rage and send Bat-Bogey Hexes at people. From what he gathered, she could be very difficult and stubborn, also, although he never really spent much time talking to her. It wasn't in his nature to talk to Weasleys, as a rule, which was why these feelings he had were totally improper.

But, considering that he'd never really had much in the way of conversation with her, he did know quite a bit about her. She was a smart girl, but because she spent so much time in the company of the golden trio and in the shadow of Granger, she got very little recognition for it, even though she was taking sixth-year Potions in her fifth year. He also knew that she was popular, as she was seen talking to different people in all Houses. It was also obvious that she had a good sense of humor, and was a blast to be around. This he knew from simply observing her. But the thing that made her unattainable and irritating was that she belonged to him.

Maybe that's why he was so drawn to her, though. Maybe the fact that Ginny Weasley was Harry Potter's girl was the reason she was so attractive. Perhaps simply the prospect that there could be a slight chance of stealing her from him made her that more desirable.

He heart a rustle of leaves and then heard someone flop down in the grass beside him. Knowing instinctively who it was, he didn't even bother to turn and look at his best friend who was stretching out on the bare ground. "Hello, Zabini," Draco said, his eyes still glued to Ginny and a sneer still plastered on his face.

"Still checking out the Weaselette?" Blaise asked casually, noticing Draco's line of vision. It was humorous to Blaise that his friend thought his staring was discreet, and so he always made it a point to acknowledge it. "She looks nice today," he added as an afterthought. Blaise always did think she was attractive, at least for a Weasley.

Draco shrugged nonchalantly. "She's a Weasley," he replied casually. "I wouldn't waste my time looking at her."

Blaise rolled his eyes. Everyone who noticed Draco could see that he spent a good majority of the time looking at her, but he was quite used to the blond-haired Slytherin boy, and he knew by now that there was little sense in arguing the point. He knew that Draco had far too much Malfoy pride to ever admit it outside of his own thoughts.

The two Slytherin boys continued to stare across the lake in silence for a long stretch of time. Nothing interesting was really happening. Ginny and Harry were sitting together on a blanket on the opposite side of the lake. He was holding her against him, and they were staring up into the sky as sunset approached. Draco watched as Ginny began to shiver with the cold, Autumn air, and then saw the Gryffindor boy adorn his girlfriend's shoulder with his thick, black cloak. She looked up and smiled appreciatively as she snuggled back against him. Harry planted kisses against the top of her red head as they, together, looked back up at the sky. The whole scene disturbed Draco much more than he would have liked to admit.

Soon, dinnertime approached. The jealous boy continued to monitor the happy couple as they walked, hand in bloody Gryffindor hand, back toward the castle and into the Great Hall. It wasn't until they were only meters away from the entrance of their destination that something interesting finally happened. Ginny had just pushed Harry off of her and was currently standing before him, arms crossed over her chest, as she spoke to him so loudly that Draco and Blaise were both able to hear from a rather expansive distance away.

"Harry James Potter, I may be your girlfriend, but that does not give you the right to make decisions for me!" she shouted. "Believe it or not, I do have homework to do and classes to study for. I will be spending the evening at the library, not being paraded around on your arm at some bloody House party!" Her arms remained crossed, and she stared at him intently, daring him to reply to her outburst.

It was obvious, to everyone who was standing around watching in amusement at the scene unfolding, that Harry hadn't been expecting the sudden outburst. This alone was not enough, however, to deter the students who were now circling them from watching intently. Blaise, and Draco particularly, were also enjoying the show.

Harry put up his arms defensively. "Ginny, really, I wasn't trying to offend you," he told her, his demeanor much calmer than hers. "I just thought you might want to be my date. Besides, it is Friday night, and I have never seen you study on a Friday night before."

His statements did not appear to calm her in the slightest. "So just because I don't usually study on a Friday night automatically means that I won't be? I am your girlfriend, yes, but I don't need your approval before I go off and study." She laughed at herself, a loud chuckle escaping her lips. "It isn't like I'm going to sneak off and secretly meet up with Malfoy or something," she added.

The Gryffindor boy began to laugh, as well. Noticing that she was now appearing slightly less tense, he pulled at her arm and drew her in for a hug. She playfully resisted at first, but then she returned the gesture. The pair then proceeded to enter into the Great Hall, arms slung across each other's waists, and all of the tension had officially subsided.

From across the foyer, Draco was watching, his mouth agape. "Seriously!" he exclaimed, his words directed at Blaise, who was looking on as well. "All that bint has to do is mention my name and the two of them are all lovey-dovey again?" He turned to his friend, frustrated at his own thoughts. "And what in the bloody hell are you smirking at, Blaise? You think it's funny that my name gets tossed around like that?"

Blaise pinched the bridge of his nose. "No, mate," he said, not even attempting to hide his amusement. "I think it's funny that you are, clearly, obsessed with getting that girl, and in one second, without even speaking to you, she shoots you down in front of half of the school. Honestly, mate, don't you think you ought to just forget her? She is obviously in love with Potter and has no interest in you."

If only it were that simple, Draco thought as they sat down together at the Slytherin table. As he shoveled Shepherd's Pie onto his plate, he glanced up and noticed that the pair in question were in his direct line of vision. Suddenly feeling full, he stopped filling his plate. "I've lost my appetite," he said, watching Ginny giggle as Harry tickled her sides mercilessly. "I'll be in the library if you need me," he added, directed at no one specifically.

Blaise wondered to himself how much of Harry and Ginny's argument Draco had actually heard. If he had heard much at all, chances are he would not have been heading to the library, as the littlest Weasley had clearly indicated she would be there for the majority of the evening. He shrugged, but kept to himself. This should definitely be interesting.