That's Not Funny

"Hey, Chatt!"

"Shh!" he replied.

The foyer of the Forest Metropolis was fairly still. Chatt couldn't tell what Marsha was weaving, but she was fixated on whatever it was. Coco never seemed to speak. Not to Chatt, or to anyone else. Hyann had passed out on the tabletop, the tools of his trade—some cards and dice—were scattered on the table in front of him. Serva was the only person to interrupt Chatt that morning. Interrupt what? Well, if the sporty dark elf hadn't interrupted, he might have noticed the honey-rich melody of a string instrument echoing from the landing upstairs. There was no percussion today, just the harp. Just Rika.


He lifted his chin from his knuckles and glanced to the sporty elf. "Hey."

"Thinking of your next big one, huh?"

His expression stiffened. He couldn't spend all his days playing tricks on people. They expected it of him, so he had to pace them carefully. But even so! There were more beautiful things in life right now than the looks on his kith's faces when his ploys were successful. When Serva frowned, Chatt realized he was daydreaming again and quickly grinned in response. The sporty elf smiled back, clapped Chatt on the shoulder, and made his way for the exit.

Chatt crossed his arms and leaned back on his stool. It was just an infatuation, some silly little crush. At least, that's what it had been a month ago. Now, every moment he spent in the brewery was spent thinking of her. He couldn't actually remember how long it had been since his last prank. It simply wasn't foremost in his mind anymore. Maybe, he thought, I should just tell her already. She would probably brush him off anyway, and then he could forget about her. He stood from his stool, and made his way to the landing.

He made it as far as that spot where the band normally played, and stopped. Rika smiled to him from where she knelt, her fingers deftly continuing to play while her eyes strayed from her instrument.

Yeah, this was a grand idea. Now what?

"Listen, uh, Rika..."

Chatt paused as the music-loving dark elf stopped playing. Her full attention was on him. Pranks were easy. They were short-lived, and he made sure never to hurt anyone. This, however, had to be the hardest thing he had ever done.

He inhaled deeply, and let it out slowly. And then he tried again. "Rika, I love you."

She stared at him. He stared back. She couldn't make eye-contact, the way his eyes were ever squinting, but she was trying to. Though at first it was faint beneath the tan of her skin, scarlet soon filled her cheeks. Chatt smiled. Rika's lips pursed before she averted her gaze. She seemed to consider his words carefully before she stood and stepped around her instrument.

She still wasn't looking at him when she told him, "That's not funny."

The smile fell. "No, Rika—"

"I know what day it is today."

Chatt didn't have the chance to stop her as she dashed for the room she shared with Martinez and Santos. The door slammed, and he was left beside still strings.

"Way to go, Chatt," grumbled Santos from somewhere behind him. As the dancer sidled Chatt, heading after Rika, he added, "I don't know who told you she likes you, but that was heartless. Even for you."


The door slammed for a second time.

It's not a joke.

Author's Note

One of my Radiata Stories OTPs. Today was perfect for posting something Chatt-related, so voila! Happy April Fools, guys. :3 Feedback is appreciated, but not necessary. Thank you for reading.