They were watching him.

Odd knew it. He repeatedly warned his friends, but they dismissed it. Crazy. He was just crazy, they said.

"I think this is a little extreme, Odd, even for you," Yumi had said earlier.

"No," Odd had whispered back, eyes darting around. "No. They're following me. I know it. You see them, don't you?"

Yumi had only rolled her eyes. Fine then, let her ignore Odd's warnings. Too bad for the Japanese girl. They'd get her after they got Odd.

Everywhere Odd went, they were there. Following him. Watching him. Closing in for the kill.

Odd shrank farther into the bushes he was curled up in. It was 10:43pm. He hoped to hide, but knew they'd find him. They always did eventually, day or night.

"Come on."

Odd jumped at the sudden voice. A pajama-clad Jeremy stood in front of him, hands on hips, frowning down at Odd.

"Enough of this." The scrawny blond grabbed the even scrawnier blond and dragged him out of the bushes. Odd protested loudly.

"No! No! I can at least try to hide! It might take longer for them to find me!" he shrieked as Jeremy dragged him back to the dorm.

"Stop being stupid," Jeremy said as he attempted to shove Odd onto his bed. He only stumbled, easily withstanding Jeremy's little strength.

"No. They're waiting for me to go to bed so they can suffocate me in my sleep."

Jeremy shook his head. "Please, go to bed, Odd." Now he was pleading. Odd noted the bags under his eyes, the weary tone of his friend's voice, and broke.

"Fine. But if they get me, it's on you," he muttered venomously, climbing into bed. Odd quickly fell into a restless sleep, tossing and turning until he eventually woke around 2am.

There was something there.

Odd sat up and squinted into the darkness. There was a small, round outline of something on the desk. His heart sped up. He knew that shape.

With shaking hands, Odd slowly clicked the lamp on. Then he screamed.

The lamp threw light on a yellow, marshmallow chick. It was a peep. And it was peeping at him with black, target-like eyes.