Sorry that this took a while, but I just HAD to finish the story, and only now am in the perfect writing conditions, tired, hungry, and feeling creative :) I needed to finish this story not only for everyone else who might be reading, but for myself. It's hard to not write anything, it's like you leave this gigantic white void that just bothers you, but at the same time… There are just so many ways to take this story, and that's the challenging part.


Spencer's P.O.V.

Spencer decides that it's either forever questioning if that was really Freddie, or finding out. Even if it wasn't him, it was better than forever question, forever knowing that maybe, just maybe, that had been Freddie and he had missed his chance. Spencer gets up, placing his things into his arms, jacket and sketchbook in one, his smoothie in the other. Time to find out.

"Why, Hello there, I'm Spencer. I haven't seen you around here before, are you new?" Spencer asks, playing the part of the interested, friendly neighbour. It was a better approach than 'Freddie, is that you?', and the embarrassments of if it wasn't his Freddie.

"Hello, I'm….." The stranger in front of him said, taking a moment to decide if he was going to introduce himself or not."Leaving." He decided, before running out. Spencer was shocked, but decided that he should probably follow the stranger, because the desire, the crazy idea, that it was Freddie was stronger than ever, and as an excuse, the stranger man, whose name was in no way 'Leaving', had left his not fully drank smoothie.

"Hey, wait!" Spencer called out. The stranger, who he was tempted to call Freddie now, didn't stop until he reached a car. Standing beside the driver's door, he seemed to have problems, not finding his car keys, dropping them, being distracted by the fact that Spencer was getting ever closer to him. Spencer reached him just as he was on the verge of finding his keys. Luckily for him, the stranger didn't just find them and drive away.

"Hey, buddy, you forgot this." Spencer said, passing it to the other guy, their hands brushing with an electrifying tingle. He notices with amusement that the stranger, or 'Leaving' has dropped his keys again.

"Thanks." Fred- the stranger, answers.

"So… I'm sorry if I freaked you out, it's just you remind me of someone I haven't seen in a while." Spencer said, putting his sketch book on the stranger's car hood, to put on his jacket.

"It's alright." He answers, staring down at their feet.

"So, like I said, I'm Spencer, and I'm pretty sure your name isn't Leaving, or Stranger man." Spencer said, teasing the man in front of him.

"Yes, actually, it's Leaving." He jokes, laughing at the absurd idea of being named 'Leaving'.

"Well then, Leaving, you wouldn't mind me taking off your cap, would you?- I've been dying to find out who you are." Spencer asks, looking a little excited to see if this man really was Freddie.

"Sure." The guy answers. Lifting up his cap, Spencer is met with the familiar, if not slightly more mature, face of Freddie. He studied Freddie's face, memorizing and comparing him to his younger Freddie. Freddie gets a nervous look in his eyes, and begins to open his mouth to say something, and Spencer silences him with a kiss, full of his own need and desire to finally have his lips on Freddie's, just like in his dreams.


Freddie's P.O.V.

"Why?" Spencer asks, just that one word, is filled with so many feelings, months of longing. It was obviously the question that had tormented them both, why?- Why leave without telling them? Why not contact them sooner? Why did you kiss me back? Why did you leave me if you felt the same way?- that one word spoke all those questions and more.

"Because…" Freddie answers, unsure of what else to say. Because…. Because I couldn't handle it, Because I didn't want to, Because I love you, Because I didn't know. "If I had known, I would have stayed, Spencer."

"Then why today? Why today of all days?" Spencer questions. Freddie didn't come home for his 19th birthday, so what was different about this year?

"I don't know. I felt like it, I guess. I needed to be close to you again, I needed to be close to the building, to my mom, to Carly and to Sam. I needed something familiar." Freddie answers, staring out of his windshield. After the kiss, he and Spencer had gotten into the car to go to a little place Freddie knew of. A perfect place to explain himself, to talk about his barren life.

"Freddie." Spencer said in almost a whisper, almost if he couldn't believe that they were once again, together, having this conversation.

"Yes?" Freddie asks, with a sad sort of smile, both pleased to be beside Spencer again, surprised to feel his emotions at full, and a little sad that he was caught. Who knew what was different now? Spencer may have kissed him, but it had been a year, a lot of things can change in a year.


Hope you enjoyed :)

I know it's not super duper long, just two P.O.V's, but… What can I say? - I'll work on doing this steadily.