This is the re-write of the original one-shot posted; same concept and everything, but I thought I could do better. As always, please leave constructive criticism, etc. (Even the bad reviews helped - if anything, they made me laugh at their absurdity.)Anyway, enjoy!

The assassin set up camp almost exactly seven hundred meters from the target. All she knew was his description, but the name was implied - it was Alex Rider. Why else would they have shipped her off to England only to kill a minor? She hadn't been told why the CIA wanted him dead, but it wasn't too hard to guess. She was the American, female counterpart of Alex, but despite almost a decade of training, her success rate wasn't nearly as high as the golden boy of the MI6. Most likely they'd gotten jealous of his perfect success rate, and considered him a threat.

It wasn't just the Americans that thought of him as dangerous, either - even his own country, not to mention the rest of the world, had him on the top of their hit lists. He was even more dangerous than the terrorists peppering the Middle East - it was because he was a child, and could hide easily in plain sight. That paired with the insane ability to take down organizations the girl could only dream of touching made him the most lethal human weapon on the planet.

So, naturally, the world hated his guts.

Shifting her place on the roof just a couple of centimeters, the girl peered through the scope of the weapon resting gently in her hands. It was her lucky sniper - she never missed a hit ever since her teammates gave it to her as a gift for completing basic training. She could read the name of the school on the sign even from this far away, and started searching for the same boy she'd seen in photographs. If the intel was correct, he'd be on the second floor, third window from the left - aha!

And there he was, perfectly balanced on the windowsill, chatting amiably with some of his classmates. Interesting how they were probably around the girl's age, but she thought of them as children - and Alex Rider as just the mean to another paycheck. The price on this kid's head was high enough that maybe she could buy not only the targets she'd been eying, but the entire gun range.

Snapping out of it, the girl focused on the task, consciously slowing down her breathing until her heartbeat was steady and slow. She really wished she had a spotter; accounting for bullet drop, wind resistance, and a multitude of other factors was just plain annoying when she had to do it herself. Still, Alex Rider stayed at the window, almost as if looking for a bullet in his head.

Adjusting her position one last time, the girl took a deep breath. She waited for exactly the right moment, when the blood rushing through her veins wasn't jerking the gun, and pulled her finger back just a couple centimeters.

And in an instant the lead raced out of the barrel of the gun, leaving a trail of flames and a loud crack in its wake. The most lethal killer on the planet collapsed, the bullet grinding to a halt at his skull.

She couldn't stay to watch too long, though. The sirens were already starting to wail when the girl packed up. She wasn't all that worried - the police tended to underestimate children, especially girls. Hauling the black bag up on her shoulder with a strength that seemed out of place, the girl left the rooftop, her mind already wondering what she'd buy with that paycheck.